Minecraft 1.15 Supported

Login using 1.8 or 1.15!

No need to switch from your favorite version! Play together with friends on Hypixel using Minecraft version 1.8 and above.

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by Hypixel at 10:16 PM
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We will be doing a quick maintenance tonight to improve performances.

Starts at 10:30PM Sunday EST, should last about 10 to 15 minutes.
Your stats might not have been saved within the last hour, as the alerts were saying on the live network.

Update: Maintenance Done

We are almost ready to launch the server on the new Datacenter! I'll write up details soon.

Update #2: Move completed, official news in a bit.

by Hypixel at 1:57 PM
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November's Double Coins Weekend coming up!

Starting Friday the 22 November at 11:59pm US Eastern Time and ending on 11:59pm US Eastern Time on Sunday the 24 November.
That means regular users will get 2x, VIP 4x and VIP+ 5x the coins in all minigames.
Tell all your friends and see you this weekend!

We will add 2 or 3 new Blitz maps and new classes to Walls 3.

Boosters works with Double Coins Weekend, make sure you get one to get more coins and also support the server here: http://store.hypixel.net/category/93850

Why are we using base mutiplier ?

Example 100 coins is the base earned per win.

base * (DCW) = 200 coins
100 * (2) = 200 coins

base * (DCW + VIP) = 400 coins
100 * (2 + 2) = 400 coins

base * (DCW + VIP+) = 500 coins
100 * (2 + 3) = 500 coins

base * (DCW + VIP+ + Booster) = 700 coins
100 * (2 + 3 + 2) = 700 coins

base * (DCW + VIP+ + Booster + AchievementProc) = 900 coins
100 * (2 + 3 + 2 + 2) = 900 coins

As you can see, sometimes instead of getting 100 coins, some of you you could actually get 900 coins!
Now if we didn't use additional multiplier, that number would be 2400 coins, giving us a nightmare to balance every shops in the game or making it impossible for regular players. That hopefully explains why we went that way.

Walls 3 will be released next week if testing this weekend goes well. Yes, double coins weekend applies to Walls 3 and you do keep your coins when it releases. Unfortunately we couldn't get our game fully ready for public release in time for double coins weekend, we still have to finish up classes and an extra map for it.

by Hypixel at 9:39 PM
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We just updated to a new main lobby!

As you might see, there are some extra portals around, I'll let you wonder what they are for!


Built by Mithrintia

by Hypixel at 2:53 AM
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We are pleased to announce that the server is now supporting 1.6.2, 1.6.4 and 1.7.2!
I would like to thank to our good friend Monsieur Apple, he has helped us tremendously and you guys should definitely go thank him on twitter, because of him we have more time to work on new stuff! :D

With that being said, we soon will be pushing a BETA of a new game within the next 3 days. Along with that, we are releasing a new Main Lobby and many maps for other games in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Halloween Coins Sale! 50% - This is the best way to support the server and stay away from monthly fees, thanks.
Click here to go to the store!

Another good news would be about new potential upcoming developers! We were a bit overworked from the past few weeks so this will help a lot to finally put out projects that we've put aside for months and finally deliver quality games. There will be a big lobby coming up with a LOT of fun games!

For Minecon a lot of our staff and developers will be attending and even participating to panels, so make sure you tune in to the stream or go see them live! I'll be giving more info on about that later on this week! Unfortunately I will personally not be attending.

(We did some visual changes to the achievement menu to prevent crashes using 1.7, that's why we removed redstone torches and lamps)

Server Icon by JBDrawing: [​IMG]

by Hypixel at 4:42 PM
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We are hiring!
The deadline to apply for a position is Nov 21 at 3PM US Eastern Time.

We are looking for talented Bukkit minigame developers to expand our team for future and current projects.
Flexibility to work on a variety of project is necessary, you must be experienced and willing to put at least 20 to 45 hours a week.
Working at the Hypixel Network is fun, challenging and you get to see thousands of players appreciate your work. This opportunity will only last for a few weeks, good luck!

This is a paid per hour position and we are only accepting people over 18 years old. However, if you have the talent and experience you can still email us, we can work around it.
Send your résumé at [email protected] - please also state your age, your Github account, a sample of your work and an explanation why you want to work at Hypixel.
I may repeat myself, but we are looking for people with experience only.
I might not be replying to emails for rejected applications, sorry in advance.

by AgentK at 5:12 AM
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This is a combination of two patches' notes, as we've been very busy and didn't have time to write up patch notes for the previous patch. Changes include:
  • Added boosters
  • Added achievements
  • Imported old stats (except Coins) into achievements
  • Introduced Quake v2
  • Added support for parties who join games being automatically put in the same team
  • Fixed VampireZ sword exploit
  • Added 5 new maps. 3 new Quake (Woodstone, Sero, DigSite), 1 new Paintball (Juice), 1 new Blitz (Citadel)
  • Introduced first player-submitted map, Frostbite (TNT Run), by arskanen
  • Removed backwards compatibility with 1.6.2. All clients must now be 1.6.4
  • Began work on Halloween secrets
  • Began work on 3 new Minigames
  • Removed Apocalypse's ability to damage leaves in Blitz
  • Made Cold War free in Quake
  • Introduced Halloween Pet Pack
Since the achievement update, these minor changes have been rolled out:
  • Fixed Add 25 Friends achievement
  • Fixed golem achievement
  • Fixed 'IMPOSSIBRU' Blitz achievement
  • Fixed 'Bloody Bulldozer' VampireZ achievement
  • Fixed 'DiamondZ' TNTGames achievement
  • Fixed 'Kevin Kool'd' Walls achievement
  • Fixed 'Gem+Sticks=Kills' Walls achievement
  • Fixed 'Simple Things' Quake achievement
  • Fixed 'Herobrine Returns' VampireZ achievement
  • Fixed Nether Portal Walls achievement
  • Fixed constant double kills in Quake
  • Fixed typos in Achievements menu
Several known bugs still exist, and we are working to resolve them:

  • 'Hoarder' Blitz achievement
  • Internal Server Error kick after certain combinations of clicking in Achievements menu
  • 'Shield Wall' Blitz achievement
  • 'Billy Talent' Blitz achievement
  • 'Solo Survivor' Walls achievement
  • Paintball wins achievement not using previous wins
  • Walls podiums aren't updating
  • Staff spectators in Quake aren't invisible