Minecraft 1.14 Supported

Login using 1.8 or 1.14!

No need to switch from your favorite version! Play together with friends on Hypixel using Minecraft version 1.8 and above.

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by Hypixel at 11:36 PM
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Hey guys!

Because of the issues we had with the official Minecraft logins this weekend, we decided to do another Double Coins Weekend early october! Why not next weekend ? Well because the login issue might not be fixed by then, so to make sure the next DCW works, we will wait a few weeks and see how it goes! Also, instead of ending the DCW at midnight today, we are going to extend it by 8 hours. The DCW weekend will end on Monday 8:00 AM US Eastern Time.

On a bright note, we hit 11720 players online right before the login crashed! Breaking the our old world record of 11550! Thank you for playing and hopefully next time we won't have any issues :D

Do you guys like events like this on the server ? Let me know in the comments and I'll consider making more!

by Hypixel at 12:31 AM
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We decided to brighten up your weekend with some fun perks to forget about your stressful school week!

Starting Friday the 20th at 11:59pm US Eastern Time and ending on 11:59pm US Eastern Time on Sunday the 22nd.
That means regular users will get 2x, VIP 4x and VIP+ 5x the coins in all minigames.
Tell all your friends and see you this weekend!

Play now at mc.hypixel.net

Minecraft logins/sessions are DOWN!
Because of the current issues with the official Minecraft Login/Session servers, we are going to have another Double Coins Weekend in early october. A date will be announced within the next few days. Thank you.

by AgentK at 12:39 AM
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We're really proud of our network, so we figured we'd release some numbers.

1 Network:
  • 1,723GB of RAM
  • 6,120GB of SSD hard drive
  • 13 Bungeecord instances
  • 16 Minigame lobbies
  • 55 Dedicated servers
  • 725 Minigame instances
  • 360 Adventure instances
  • 1,626,186 unique players
  • 176,340 friendships
6 Games:
    • Blitz Deaths: 27,073,026
    • Paintball Deaths: 74,082,423
    • Quake Deaths: 141,560,198
    • TNTGames Deaths: 26,146,604
    • Walls Deaths: 6,866,552
    • VampireZ Deaths: 2,995,192
  • ALL DEATHS: 278,723,995
    • Blitz Kills: 20,764,981
    • Paintball Kills: 72,132,856
    • Q Quake Kills: 141,564,664
    • TNTGames Kills: 17,394,344
    • Walls Kills: 4,852,579
    • VampireZ Kills: 2,527,970
  • ALL KILLS: 259,237,394
    • Blitz Wins: 736,971
    • Paintball Wins: 2,631,972
    • TNTGames Wins: 2,985,535
    • Walls Wins: 2,522,896
    • VampireZ Wins: 23,342
  • ALL WINS: 8,900,716
1 Weekend:

  • 72TB of data transferred
  • 20,040 new friendships
  • 78,703 players joined for the first time
  • 417,789 players visited
  • 1,683,751 logins

by Hypixel at 6:21 PM
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Hey guys we are finally back up and running!​
But for now, just go try out our new game VampireZ!​

by Hypixel at 11:37 AM
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Hey guys,

Our maintenance is almost over! Sorry for the delay we had a bunch of issues and bad lucks along the way. It started up with a severe security issue regarding one of our former employee, then we had to wait on the Datacenter to change our hard drives and re-install everything. What we had to do was not simple, basically we redid our whole network, over 45 dedicated servers (around 800+ servers), in less than 24 hours.

UPDATE #3: ETA Changed, we ran into issues, can't give an ETA at the moment.

UPDATE #4: Working on one specific issue then we can move on to testing stuff.

UPDATE #5: Fixed the nasty bug! Can move on to easy things, might give a real ETA soon.

UPDATE#6: Making good progress, staff testing right now.

UPDATE #7: Now testing with VIPs while we fix stuff, then we go public in a few hours. IP: MC.HYPIXEL.NET

This eta might change. I'll keep you updated as fast as I can.
In the meantime, we need your help here; http://hypixel.net/threads/achievement-system-new-feature-in-the-works-need-your-ideas.17462/

Right now we are finalizing the last details of our network to make sure it's stable and making VampireZ public.

Sorry this is taking so long, this is not within our control. I could point fingers for this incident but I would rather not.

This maintenance had to be done one day or another, now that it's almost over we can't wait to get back in making new games and updating the current ones. We also have 2 new developers to speed things up!

If you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.
We do not have a specific ETA, but hopefully it will be back up and running today (EST).


by Hypixel at 5:41 AM
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Hey guys!

We added new The Walls and VampireZ maps on the server in the last 24 hours and we will be adding more very soon!

Unnamed Map - by Mithrintia
Aztec - by Mithrintia

The beta testing of VampireZ is almost over, thanks for helping us out!