Minecraft 1.15 Supported

Login using 1.8 or 1.15!

No need to switch from your favorite version! Play together with friends on Hypixel using Minecraft version 1.8 and above.

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by Hypixel at 4:00 PM
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Hi, I bring good news!

We will be releasing the new Mega Walls class Shaman this weekend and also I'm doing a fan art contest where you can win 30,000 coins of any games, just tweet at me: https://twitter.com/Hypixel/status/431816876599963648

We also started interviewing people for the developer job and it's going very well, so hopefully we'll be able to release Arena and Arcade Games very soon :)

Oh, almost forgot... new website coming up soon!

Have a great weekend <3

by Hypixel at 4:40 PM
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If you want to work with talented, driven, and creative people to create the best Minecraft experience ever, now is your chance! We favor diversity, creativity and the desire to succeed as a team. If you’ve got the skills and drive, you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of our amazing adventure.

Job Offer: Bukkit Minigame Developer
  • Applicants should obviously have experience with Java and Bukkit.
  • We are looking for advanced developers.
  • Must be able to put at least 35 hours a week.
  • No network experience is required.
  • Advanced gaming experience is a plus.
  • We currently only accept people over 16.
  • Must be able to speak english and use voice communication.
  • This is a paid position, hourly rate will be based off your experience and skills.
Send your resumé/CV along with information about yourself, your schedule, gaming experience and links to any work you have done at [email protected]t

We will only reply to applications that we are interested in and it may take up to a month for us to reply.

If you have questions, you can email us at [email protected] but make sure to title the email as “Question”.

by xmannj2 at 9:22 PM
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Guild Update - Phase 1

Lots of new features have been released today! First of all, guilds are finally out, so let’s celebrate! Also, new items have been added to the compass which include two new upcoming games, quest log, character information, and guild information.

What are guilds?

Guilds are our version of clans/factions on the server. You can earn Guild Coins through participating in mini games. Guilds are a great way to meet new people and create new friendships within the server. Get your guild together and earn guild coins to get ready for future updates. More guild features will be coming soon such as guild ranking, guild pvp and guild related events.

All guilds start off with a maximum limit of 25 players per guild but you can upgrade by using Guild Coins. You can also purchase perks with Guild Coins, some could also assist you in mini games.

You can check out the new guild features by going on the server now and using /guild help. In order to create a guild you must be a VIP+ or higher, but anyone can join a guild!

The Guild information when you type /guild info updates faster than the information on the compass, so do not worry if you see two different stats.

Recruit members for your guild or join a guild in the Guild section in the forum. There are already plenty of guilds to choose from.

This is Phase 1 of guild update, there will be many phases for the guild, but we needed to release it so that we could see all the bugs pop and fix those!

Guild ranks and what they do:

Guild Master
- Promote guild members to officer
- Demote guild officers to members
- Change guild settings
- Upgrade things from the guild shop
- Transfer the guild to someone who is VIP+ or higher
- Disband the guild

Guild Officer
- Invite players to the guild
- Kick players from the guild

Guild Members
- Use guild chat
- Earn coins for the guild by playing games
- Leave the guild

New Commands:

Here are a few new commands that have been added:

/guild - Shows you basic guild commands.
/guild create [Name] - Allows you to create a guild! (VIP+ only)
/guild members - Shows a list of all the members (A green dot on the right of their name means they’re online, and a red dot means they’re offline)
/guild info - Shows you how many coins your guild has and the daily limit
/chat [Guild, All, Party] - Allows you to toggle between the various chats.

Upcoming Lobbies:

- The Arcade Games is a combination of games that we’ve been working on but didn’t feel that they were worthy to have their own individual lobby, we have lots of them! You will be able to exchange Arcade Coins for any other games, let’s say 1000 coins for 100 mega walls coins.

- The Arena game is a very competitive pvp based game and it’s never been done in Minecraft. The game itself isn’t directly related to guilds. More information about this game will be coming soon.

Future Updates:

In the future there will be guild ranks, guild pvp and other guild related events. You will be able to use Guild Coins to buy the guild fortress upgrade which allows you to build a fortress with your guild. The guild fortress will be upgradable and usable in guild pvp games.

- There will be housing related to guilds with the ability to build yourself some parts.

- As of right now, we are very early in development for guild fortress and it will take a few months to complete.

- Network Leveling is an upcoming feature that will work alongside Quest Log, you will be able to gain Levels on the server, to unlock special kits, skills and items from games on the network, from old games and new games. More info will be given in the next few weeks about it.

Here are a few screenshots of the guild update:[​IMG]

Feel free to give some feedback below on what you think about the new update. Help us out by reporting bugs in the Server Bug Reports section in the forum.
Have a great day!

by Hypixel at 3:28 PM
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New maps has been released on the server!
2 Blitz Survival Games
1 Mega Walls


Make sure you check up the upcoming update for guilds here: http://hypixel.net/threads/sneak-peek-at-guild-update.50961/

by AgentK at 9:05 AM
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So, we've actually had tons of other updates since the last patch notes, but never wrote up patch notes for them. Here's a general idea of what's happened since update #18:
  • Removed Limbo
  • Added Lobby routing to prevent kicks
  • Introduced MegaWalls for VIP beta testing
  • Released MegaWalls to the public
  • Began upgrading the VIP lobby
  • Added hundreds more minigame servers
  • Introduced new Main Lobby
  • Added cool compass animations
This morning, January 17th, we introduced update #19, The Party Update! Changes include:
  • Fixed Limbo (again)
  • Reworked kick handler (You shouldn’t always get sent to main lobby anymore)
  • Made Limbo editable on the fly
  • Introduced the Party Update:
    • New looks! Everything is shiny!
    • “/party PlayerName” to create a party and invite PlayerName to your party
    • “/chat party” to toggle sending chat to your party
    • Rewritten from the ground up to be more efficient
    • “/party warp” to teleport all members of your party to you (leader only)
    • New “/party join” menu, no more having to remember “herobrines_ret” or some other technical name!
  • Fixed Party Join Signs sending you to the wrong map
  • Removed buggy auto-bans
  • Tweaked NoCheat configurations. We'll continually tweak these over the next few days to give the best gameplay experience while also stopping the most hackers.
  • Made preparations for our next tournament.
  • Migrated to private network cards for the majority of our traffic
  • Fixed a crash in the database code
  • Made The Laws of Physics optional
  • Added technical end of the MVP+ survival world. Just have to set up the spawn and a few other things and then we should be able to release it
  • Preparation for Herobrine 3:
    • Updated backend for the Adventure Network
    • 1.7 is now required to play any Adventure Map
    • Tweaked queue system (in preparation for a complete rewrite)
  • Cached ranks (efficiency!)
  • Condensed network traffic (efficiency!)
  • Lowered timeout value for bungee<>server. This may require some fine-tuning to keep players from getting Limbo’d during a lag spike, but it can now be changed on the fly.
  • Fixed many of our administration commands
  • Significant work on Guilds
  • Added functionality for multiple main lobbies during heavy usage times
  • Made the network sentient
  • Gave the network the ability to text admins on their phones
  • Updated MegaWalls:
    • Disabled pistons temporarily due to exploits
    • Disabled dispensers temporarily due to exploits
    • Rebalanced Dreadlord a bit
    • Fixed Dreadlords always having max regen perk in the code
    • Fixed Skeleton block break ability
    • Blocked structure growth
    • Fixed ghost bug when a Zombie accidentally healed an already-dead player
    • Implemented a new respawn system to help with the above
  • Updated Blitz:
    • Allowed flint+steel
    • Re-added /blood
    • Fixed a spectator bug where you would step on a pressure plate and get teleported to the next player
    • Reworked deathmatch death mat
    • Fixed enchantment achievement
    • Fixed using assassin while on a horse
    • Fixed wobuffet, ninja, robinhood, and first blood achievements
  • Introduced scrolling emerald text in all lobbies
  • Began work on the GameStream framework
  • Began work on another new minigame
  • Fixed putting the network into a different mode of maintenance
  • Fixed chat in Adventure Servers (again)
  • Added “/spawn” as an alias of “/lobby”
  • Fixed getting achievements in the test network breaking the main network
  • Made it impossible for staff to avoid getting punched >=D
  • Updated Paintball:
    • Minor performance fixes
    • Rezzus hat should no longer target spectators
  • Updated Walls:
    • Gave moderators the ability to send chat to their own team only
    • Fixed “/shout” bypassing mutes
    • Fixed vehicles bypassing region checks
  • Updated Pets:
    • Fixed pets overwriting each other
    • More optimization!
  • Fixed spectators getting blindness in VampireZ
We hope you enjoy this content/bugfix update and have fun playing at Hypixel :D

by Hypixel at 10:55 PM
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1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Congratulations! All of you won 350$, a Squid Pet and your heads will be placed in the next Mega Walls map :)

I also decided to give something to the two videos that didn't make top 3, a 150$ on the Hypixel store!

4th place
5th place

Winners will be contacted within the next 24 hours on the forum with the coupon code to spend on the store.

Thank you all for participating in the first short video contest, make sure you go check out the other videos in the contest topic here, a lot of them are awesome and I wish I could have picked more winners!

Do you guys want more contests ? LET ME KNOW! :)