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by Externalizable at 8:10 PM
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Hey hey,

Today, we've released an update to Bed Wars which adds a new time-limited Lucky Blocks dream mode! In this update we are also removing the Solo modes for Rush and Ultimate from future rotations due to their lack of players.

Continue reading to learn more about the new mode!

Introducing Lucky Doubles & Lucky 4v4v4v4
Bed Wars Lucky Blocks is heavily inspired by the existing SkyWars Lucky Blocks mode. Most of the migrated effects & items had to be adjusted to properly work within Bed Wars without changing the core concept of them. For example, items that previously destroyed any blocks in a given radius have been changed to only destroy player-placed blocks outside of protected zones.

If you've been playing Bed Wars within the month of December or January, you are no stranger to the Weekly Item Rotation system! Here is a recap of the items we have released:

Thanks to your feedback, we have been able to collect anonymized information about the usage and player interest of these items which helped shape the unique effects and items of this update!

by ConnorLinfoot at 8:11 PM
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We're back to celebrate the new Lunar Year with some new maps and cosmetics! The team has come together to celebrate Year of the Pig with some exciting content for you to enjoy.

Lunar New Year Main Lobby
The Lunar main lobby is back once again, inspired by our Chinese players.


Continue reading to see more about the event!

by codename_B at 7:49 AM
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Over the past month Housing has been getting some much deserved attention, this post will attempt to sum up the changes received for those who missed them.

Back in October, we undertook a massive rewrite to the Housing code which lowered the total maximum players available on Houses but made it much simpler and faster to work on updates for Housing in general.

You can read about the changes we did here: https://hypixel.net/threads/housing-maintenance-announcement.1857070/

General Updates
  • Player location saving
  • Redstone partially enabled, including dust
  • 3x3 slime launch pad (with toggle)
  • Automatic door/gate resetting
  • Pro-tools (worldedit)
  • Pets in Housing(!)
  • Buttons for guests
  • Building for guests
  • Language tags for social house discovery
  • Companions in Housing(!)
  • Cloaks
  • Particle Packs
    • The menu for these items is still WIP, please leave feedback!
Major Bug Fixes
  • Bans fixed
  • /nick ranks correct and work in tab and most commands
  • Fixed needing to relog when given resident permissions
  • Fixed some houses crashing on join
  • Fixed 1.13 and end/nether skies crashing players
  • Fixed theme swapping being broken
What's Next?
We've been working hard to bring even more content to Housing, these are the next planned features on the road-map.
  • Furniture Test(!)
  • Parkour checkpoint saving
  • Rework of block unlocking
We hope you enjoy these changes to Housing and look forward to seeing your continued creativity!

by Likaos at 7:27 PM
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A new patch has been released for TowerWars, including:
  • Ranked and Matchmaking systems
  • Towers balancing
  • New Monster abilities
  • Gameplay changes
  • Bug fixes
Check out the details below:

Matchmaking and Ranks
We deployed a new ranking system and a matchmaking system when you join a game. Here is how it works:


There's a total of 28 ranks, 1 rank for all monsters in the game. Everyone starts as a SilverFish and can go up to the highest rank, Death Rider!

To progress from one rank to another, you need to get stars. You get stars by playing the game and the change in your stars will depend to your place at the end of the game:

First place: +3 stars
Second place: +1 star
Third place: +0 stars
4th to 6th: -1 star


You can not lose any stars before reaching the Wolf rank (rank 23).
From rank 18 and above, the first place only gains +2 stars.
Death Rider is the last available rank and has no stars limit!
The game is still in the Prototype lobby, so ranking might be reset!

The Matchmaking System
Whenever a player joins a game, the system will only queue players of similar rank. If it can't find any players, the range will quickly increase until the match is full.
In Team Mode, however, teams will be matched around the average level of their party.

  • Nerfed the cost of Tier 2 and 3 Archer towers, from 10/100/1500 to 10/80/1250.
  • Nerfed the cost of Tier 1 and 2 Slime towers, from 100/1000 to 50/600.
  • Nerfed the cost of Tier 1 to 4 Magma towers, from 200/2500/15000/60000 to 125/1500/12000/50000.
  • Witch debuff duration is increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Sniper towers now target in priority monsters above 50% health and deal double damage to them.
  • Ghast:
    - Income to evolve into death rider increased from 200 000 to 400 000.
    - Health buffed from 300 000 to 900 000.
    - New special ability: Ghasts will now act as a shield, and absorb damages and effects of nearby towers.
  • Guardian:
    - Replaced by a Squid.
    - New special ability: Squids will now blind all nearby towers for 5 seconds, reducing their chance to hit by 33%.
  • Killing monsters will now increase your income by 2% of the monster's cost.
  • Some effects now display a floating text over the head of the monster.
  • Right-clicking a tower with a tool in hand, won't open the tower menu anymore.
  • At the end of the game, each tower in the winning plot now shows their total kills above their heads.
  • High priest icon changed, not to be confused with the Priest icon.
  • You can now sell a tower for its full price the first 5 seconds after placing it, after 5 seconds you will only be able to sell it for 50% of its global cost.

  • Fixed a bug in the chat in solo mode and added team prefix, like in team mode.
  • Fixed a bug where Death riders were immune to damage from Teleport towers, weakness debuff from Witch towers and stun from Volcano towers.
  • Improved a few tower descriptions.
  • Countdown in the scoreboard and the middle screen is now correctly synchronized.

by Nitroholic_ at 5:53 PM
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Hey all!

Today we have released a new mode in Duels, UHC Deathmatch, available to play now in the Duels Lobby. Read on below for a full list of changes and additions or play it right now by clicking the Duels Lobby NPC, game menu icon, or using the command /lobby duels.

UHC Deathmatch
UHC Deathmatch is an 8 player free for all UHC mode, based off of the popular gamemode UHC Meetup, with randomly generated gear, in which the last player standing wins. With each game, all players will start with a different combination of equally weighted gear, keeping each game interesting and unique.

UHC Deathmatch includes some unique features to improve your gameplay experience, such as:
  • Weighted gear which ensure every player in the game has equal gear,
  • Anti-cleanup mechanics to give you time to loot your opponent after a kill,
  • Combat-tagging mechanics to allow you to fight your opponent without getting teamed on,
  • A map tailored to give an authentic UHC experience.
We look forwards to hearing your feedback and suggestions for this mode!

by Likaos at 3:26 PM
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Hello everyone!

Today we are releasing a new game in the Prototype Lobby - TowerWars!

TowerWars is a PvP Tower Defense type of game. If you like strategy games, this might be the game for you! Notably, this game was developed during our recent Content Jam -we liked the concept and decided to develop it further for PTL release.

Continue reading to find out more about TowerWars!