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No need to switch from your favorite version! Play together with friends on Hypixel using Minecraft version 1.8 and above.

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by Hypixel at 2:03 AM
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We are ready to start the VIP BETA of The Arcade Games!

We are going to start this testing phase with 3 minigames;
  • Creeper Attack
  • Party Games 1
  • Ender Spleef
In the next few days we are going to release;
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Mob Hunt
  • Party Games 2
  • Throw Out
  • Sky Wars
  • Mini Walls
The VIP beta will last a few days and then we are going to let non-vip test it out when we feel confident about the games stability. I don't think we will need a lot of testing since we are not having shops/upgrades for the games, they are pure fun games and not much progression so you can just play with friends and have a blast, perfect for the summer!

Quests and achievements will also be added to The Arcade Games in the next few weeks.
This update is meant to have fun and we are going to also update all older games to reflect the new message/feature system to make everything more user-friendly and give you guys a better server.

by Hypixel at 5:35 PM
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Help me out - pick the best Arcade Lobby!

A: [​IMG]
by HPBT and Zumulus

by KiwiCreations


[​IMG]by deershark, SpazzyShaq72 and pipzerz

You guys have a few hours to pick a winner!
If our in-house build team HPBT/Zumulus wins, we are going to let the 2nd place to replace one of our old lobbies for another gamemode and give them the winning prizes.

by AgentK at 12:52 AM
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Hey guys! Some of you may have noticed that the Adventure Lobby is currently offline for maintenance, and I wanted to explain what the maintenance is and why we had to take the system offline rather than release the update slowly in the background.

First, let me start off by saying that the old system was VERY old and written in a rush at the start of the server, and had tons of problems with crashes and random dropouts, especially since the 1.7 update. Because of these problems, we decided to completely scrap the old system and write a new one that works differently, in a much more efficient manner. Cryptkeeper was tasked with this, and he's come up with an excellent new system that allows us to have a lot more flexibility with what we can do now in Adventures.

Unfortunately, the new system was not compatible with the old system, so we had to completely shut down the old system before even setting up the new system. The rewrite also required some updates to BungeeCord, which get released slowly over the course of 12+ hours so that we don't have to kick players off the network. Because of this, we won't have the Adventure Lobby back online until Tuesday afternoon/evening EST, but when it's back it should be much more stable and with no lag.

by Cryptkeeper at 1:17 AM
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So, this is the second time I've written this changelog (closed the tab the first time by accident) - so we're gonna skip the fancy and only-somewhat-comedic introduction and get straight to what you guys want to see and give you a quick overview of what you can expect to see headed your way.
  • Arena
    • Fixes
      • Fixed issues where knockback could occur.
      • Fixed effects glitching out your screen, applies Slowness 5 now instead.
      • Fixed incorrect coin information in the shop emerald.
      • Fixed Broodmother sometimes not spawning Spiderlings (what a shame.)
      • Fixed Broodmother's tracking being a bit too hostile.
      • Fixed scoreboards sometimes freezing.
      • Fixed issues with fireworks sometimes not appearing.
    • Additions
      • Bull Charge has a chance to say "Mooove out of the way" when used.
        • Why wasn't this added before?
  • Quake
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Muzzle particle effect sometimes not showing.
      • Fixed Speed 2 effect not being infinite.
      • Fixed death messages sometimes having an improper coloring.
    • Additions
      • Overhauled the shop to create a new all-in-one shop, check it out!
      • Added new hats!
      • Added new armor kits!
  • VampireZ
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Zombies doing double damage (thanks 1.7!)
      • Cleaned up chat formatting to match the network.
      • Cleaned up Shop labels to match the network.
      • Fixed issue where Herobrine skulls could sometimes be Steve.
      • Fixed helmets being replaced by pumpkin scare.
    • Additions
      • Added /blood command inside lobbies.
      • Added blood toggle inside the shop in the lobbies.
  • Mega Walls - Thanks to hcherndon for some of these!
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Feather Falling enchantment related damage issues.
      • Fixed an exploit using /surface.
      • Fixed bugs related to using /kill.
      • Fixed client crashing after your final death.
      • Fixed spectators being able to spam the spawning of Shaman wolves.
      • Fixed wolves being able to attack really quickly.
      • Fixed spectators activating Zombie and Arcanist abilities.
      • Fixed several formatting issues in messages and items.
  • Blitz
    • Additions
      • Overhauled the shop, make sure to check it out!
        • "Taunts"? What could those be?
  • Paintball
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Normal hat sometimes not activating fireworks (I'm so sorry.)
    • Additions
      • Now informs you about the /team command when you join.
      • Moved Perks into their own page of the shop.
  • Walls
    • Fixes
      • Fixed /team command having an old chat formatting.
  • TNTGames
    • Fixes
      • Fixed issues in Bow Spleef where bows could visually glitch.
      • Fixed issues where bows would not fire as fast as they should.
  • Achievements
    • Fixes
      • Fixed some items having an empty line of lore randomly.
      • Fixed some achievements have a negative progress.
As always, report any bugs as you find them and they might just end up here next time. We're working on tons of new content (read: Arcade, Vanity Shop, Arena) and reviving older games (Paintball and TNTGames, I'm looking at you.)

And if you haven't had the chance to checkout the awesome new Quests system (always worth a second look), make sure to check it out along with the new Blitz balancing changes.

by AgentK at 8:59 PM
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Hey guys! This morning, we released Update #23, the Miscellaneous Update. We called it that because there weren't any big changes or new feature introductions, just tweaking of things. Three major changes have been made:

Blitz Kit Update #1:
We've released the first major Blitz Survival kits update! There were a lot of changes, and it's easier to list them in spreadsheet form, so you can see our Google Spreadsheet here. The lobbies haven't all been rebooted to reflect these changes, but most have and the rest will be rebooted to load the new changes shortly.

Experience per game:
You now get experience for playing games, whether you win or lose. The amounts of experience are as follows:
  • 5 per win, 2 per loss in Arena, TNTGames, Quakecraft, Paintball, Blitz, and VampireZ
  • 10 per win, 5 per loss in Walls
  • 15 per win, 5 per loss in MegaWalls
To get the experience, you must stay till the end of the game!

Experience per hour:
You now get experience simply for being on the Hypixel Network! At the moment, it's 50 experience per hour that you're online, but we may tweak this in the coming days.
For information about what experience is and what you can do with it, see my previous patch notes.

Coming up feature:
We managed to implement quest progression into tooltips, it is currently being tested in the VIP lobby and will be rolled out everywhere soon!

edit: We can confirm that Blaze kit will receive a buff in the next few days after some testing.

by AgentK at 5:35 AM
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Hey guys! We just released update #22, The Quest Update! This update introduces Quests, as well as EXP/Leveling and Vanity Tokens! Quests reward you for completing specific objectives after activating the quest. Some quests have objectives like killing a certain amount of players, winning a certain amount of games, or even just playing games and having fun! The quest system is still in beta and will change and have new features added to it over time, but here’s some info on what’s included in this update:

Quest Log:
The Quest Log is where you go to check up on the status of the quests you’ve started, as well as find and start new quests. You can find it in the Game Menu compass in the lobby:

Inside it, you can browse available quests and see quests that you’ve already started:

Quest Rewards:
EXP - All quests reward some amount of experience points, varying from 1250 EXP for the smaller quests to 5250 EXP for the larger quests. This EXP contributes to your Level, which you can read about below.

Vanity Tokens - Some quests will reward you with the new network-wide currency, Vanity Tokens. These Vanity Tokens will allow users to purchase various rare items, such as lobby perks, pets, and more! We haven’t fully planned out everything that can be purchased with Vanity Tokens yet, but make sure to save up so that you can buy things once we open the Vanity Shop!

EXP contributes to the new ability to level up on the network! Higher levels unlock special perks and shop items. For example, in Arena Brawl, you can only purchase the Broodmother Ultimate Skill if you’re level 10 or higher. You can view your current level on the EXP bar, just like you would in regular Minecraft:
You can also view how much EXP left until you level up on the Character Info item in the Game Menu, next to the Quest Log:

How do I start a quest?
You can start quests by right clicking your compass and selecting the enchanted book labeled ‘Quest Log’ that you will see at the bottom of the Game Menu, once you access the quest’s menu you will be able to see the name of a quest and what you must do to complete it, to select a quest, simply left click or ‘select’ a quest.

How can I view my progress?
Click on the ‘Quest Log’ via the instructions in the question above. It will print in chat all of the objectives for that quest, as well as how many of that objective you’ve completed!

How can I see how many Vanity Tokens I have?
You can view your Vanity Tokens by hovering over your character information in your game menu which you can access by right clicking your compass.

What can I do with exp/levels?
With EXP, you can level up. With levels, you can unlock new perks and items in shops? For example, the Arena Brawl Broodmother Ultimate Skill requires that you be Level 10.

Do quests have to be completed in a certain amount of time?
No, you can take as long as you need to finish quests! We may eventually add timed quests, though, where part of the challenge is to finish all of the objectives within a certain amount of time.

Do I have to get all of the requirements of the quest in one game?
Nope, you can take as long as you want!

Can I have more than one quest active at a time?
Sure! Just activate both quests and any kills/wins/plays you acquire will apply to any quests that you have active at the time!

Can I redo a Quest after completing it?
Quests have a cooldown varying from 23 hours to 168 hours, depending on the quest. This cooldown starts after you finish the quest, and as soon as the cooldown is up you can start the quest again by clicking on it in the ‘Quest Log’, so make sure to check back daily to keep getting more EXP.

What happens if you do not complete a quest?
The quest stays in your ‘Quest Log’ until you complete it. You can take as much time as you want and it won’t impact your gameplay.

I found a bug with quests! What do I do?
If you found a bug involving quest’s and wish to report it to the Admin’s so they can fix it then you can. Just report it here on the forums by creating a thread in the Server Bug Reports section. The format you should use can be found here.