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by Cryptkeeper at 11:38 PM
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This is Captain Keeper speaking, please fasten your seat belts as we prepare for takeoff. We’ll be launching this announcement covering the latest Mega Walls update and the (massive) changelog for 6/1/14. We’ll be flying at a cruising altitude of awesome with an expecting landing time of never. If you need help, please hit the button above your seat to ring one of those brand-spanking new Jr. Helpers and get it all worked out. Let's go to it, yee-haw!

Mega Walls just got two amazing new maps, Frozen and Kingdom, however only one is prime for building a snowman as it turns out. Additionally, the brand new Golem class was introduced. Golem requires network level 4 and has these knockout abilities:
  • Active Ability: Iron Punch - Creates a hexagon causing damage to enemies.
  • Passive Ability I: Iron Heart - Upon killing a player you get absorption hearts for 5 seconds.
  • Passive Ability II: Iron Constitution - When hit by an arrow you get Damage and Knockback Resistance for 2-5 seconds.
  • Gather Ability: Momentum - Grants Speed I when you break a block.
We've also introduced a spot for the Blaze kit, along with two new mystery slots. Make sure to stay tuned to what those could turn out to be in the near future, there's no way anything could go wrong with a Blaze class! Now onto the changelog for 6/1/14 which I think is our largest one yet...
  • Arcade
    • Additions
      • Uh, everything? Not a big deal or anything but we just launched 5 new minigames (and one of them is somehow made of minigames) with tons more close behind.
      • Added a /blood command in lobbies.
      • Added a blood toggle option inside the Shop.
      • Added Throw Out.
      • Added Bounty Hunters.
  • General
    • Additions
      • To help with stalking your friends, we’ve introduced a brand new Spectator system. Right click to compass to browse players to spectate or filter by team.
        • Old school kind of guy? Just left click to cycle like the good old days!
      • Added a “Return to Lobby” item, just right click to return to the lobby.
        • Right click again to cancel the teleport!
      • Made tons of progress on our real-time cheat monitoring system.
        • Staff can hunt down hackers before you even know they’re hacking!
        • Keep in mind, the system doesn’t dish out punishments on its own.
      • Parkour courses are now timed, compete with your friends to see who can get the best record or just time to one-up yourself!
        • Just step onto the plates identified by the holograms to start!
        • Coming soon to all parkour courses in all lobbies! (only in the main lobby for now until we have fully tested the feature.)
      • Everyone can now spectate regardless of rank.
    • Changes
      • /who is now consistent network-wide. You’re welcome.
        • Except for Arena and Arcade, they’re special.
    • Fixes
      • Fixed users being able to rename items using anvils in lobbies.
      • Fixed friends list showing “unknown realm” for some lobbies.
  • Mega Walls
    • Additions
      • Added the Golem class.
        • Requires network level 4.
        • Active Ability: Iron Punch - Creates a hexagon causing damage to enemies.
        • Passive Ability I: Iron Heart - Upon killing a player you get absorption hearts for 5 seconds.
        • Passive Ability II: Iron Constitution - When hit by an arrow you get Damage and Knockback Resistance for 2-5 seconds.
        • Gather Ability: Momentum - Grants Speed I when you break a block.
      • Added a /team command like Walls and Paintball.
      • Added a /blood command in lobbies.
      • Added a blood toggle option inside the Shop.
      • /lobby mw is now a valid command for Mega Walls.
    • Changes
      • Shaman class changes.
        • Wolves deal 50% less damage.
        • Wolves have a 2 second spawn cooldown.
        • Vortex radius was reduced by 35% (from 5.0 to 3.25 blocks radius.)
      • Skeleton class changes.
        • Bow gets Unbreaking I and II enchantment on kit level 8 and 9.
        • Chain Helmet (Projectile Protection I) on kit level 7 and 8.
        • Diamond Helmet (Projectile Protection II) on kit level 9.
        • Damage of explosive arrow does the same damage on all affected targets (2 - 6.5 damage.)
        • Upon hitting a player with an arrow you have a 10-90% chance to get your arrow and one saturation point back.
        • Duration of Agile was slightly reduced, but Speed is now level II and also grants Regeneration I.
      • Revamped the start and end game messages to match Arcade’s.
      • Wither bar shows IP address pre and post game.
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Enderman dupe glitch.
  • Blitz
    • Additions (Coming Soon)
      • Added a /blood command in lobbies.
      • Added a blood toggle option inside the Shop.
      • /who now shows dead and alive players.
    • Changes (Coming Soon)
      • You don’t loose hunger as quickly.
      • Several kits were updated in the latest rebalance, check it out!
  • VampireZ
    • Additions
      • Added an item to volunteer as vampire when the game is waiting to start.
    • Changes
      • Vampires are no longer invisible.
        • This is so you can see usernames when reporting.
      • Removed message about the /vampire command.
  • Quakecraft
    • Fixes
      • Fixed issues with default items being equipped in the Shop.
  • Paintball
    • Additions
      • Added team selection items like in Mega Walls.
    • Changes
      • Removed message about the /team command.
  • TNT Games
    • Additions
      • The last 2 deaths in Bow Spleef now give 3x coins.
  • Walls
    • Additions
      • Added team selection items like in Mega Walls.
      • Added a /blood command in lobbies.
      • Added a blood toggle option inside the Shop.
  • Arena
    • Fixes
      • Fixed the Broodmother skill messages saying it requires level 9 instead of 10.
      • Fixed the Broodmother being able to kill spectators (oops!)
Besides slapping you in the face with tons of new Arcade games, older games like Paintball and TNT Wizards are going to be updated shortly to take advantage of new Minecraft features such as holograms, boss bars and other fancy effects as well as some new maps to breathe some life back into them, along with some new shops for the games that haven’t received them yet already.

Now, go play. Or don’t, but it is a double coins weekend. ;)

by Hypixel at 2:03 AM
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We are ready to start the VIP BETA of The Arcade Games!

We are going to start this testing phase with 3 minigames;
  • Creeper Attack
  • Party Games 1
  • Ender Spleef
In the next few days we are going to release;
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Mob Hunt
  • Party Games 2
  • Throw Out
  • Sky Wars
  • Mini Walls
The VIP beta will last a few days and then we are going to let non-vip test it out when we feel confident about the games stability. I don't think we will need a lot of testing since we are not having shops/upgrades for the games, they are pure fun games and not much progression so you can just play with friends and have a blast, perfect for the summer!

Quests and achievements will also be added to The Arcade Games in the next few weeks.
This update is meant to have fun and we are going to also update all older games to reflect the new message/feature system to make everything more user-friendly and give you guys a better server.

by Hypixel at 5:35 PM
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Help me out - pick the best Arcade Lobby!

A: [​IMG]
by HPBT and Zumulus

by KiwiCreations


[​IMG]by deershark, SpazzyShaq72 and pipzerz

You guys have a few hours to pick a winner!
If our in-house build team HPBT/Zumulus wins, we are going to let the 2nd place to replace one of our old lobbies for another gamemode and give them the winning prizes.

by AgentK at 12:52 AM
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Hey guys! Some of you may have noticed that the Adventure Lobby is currently offline for maintenance, and I wanted to explain what the maintenance is and why we had to take the system offline rather than release the update slowly in the background.

First, let me start off by saying that the old system was VERY old and written in a rush at the start of the server, and had tons of problems with crashes and random dropouts, especially since the 1.7 update. Because of these problems, we decided to completely scrap the old system and write a new one that works differently, in a much more efficient manner. Cryptkeeper was tasked with this, and he's come up with an excellent new system that allows us to have a lot more flexibility with what we can do now in Adventures.

Unfortunately, the new system was not compatible with the old system, so we had to completely shut down the old system before even setting up the new system. The rewrite also required some updates to BungeeCord, which get released slowly over the course of 12+ hours so that we don't have to kick players off the network. Because of this, we won't have the Adventure Lobby back online until Tuesday afternoon/evening EST, but when it's back it should be much more stable and with no lag.

by Cryptkeeper at 1:17 AM
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So, this is the second time I've written this changelog (closed the tab the first time by accident) - so we're gonna skip the fancy and only-somewhat-comedic introduction and get straight to what you guys want to see and give you a quick overview of what you can expect to see headed your way.
  • Arena
    • Fixes
      • Fixed issues where knockback could occur.
      • Fixed effects glitching out your screen, applies Slowness 5 now instead.
      • Fixed incorrect coin information in the shop emerald.
      • Fixed Broodmother sometimes not spawning Spiderlings (what a shame.)
      • Fixed Broodmother's tracking being a bit too hostile.
      • Fixed scoreboards sometimes freezing.
      • Fixed issues with fireworks sometimes not appearing.
    • Additions
      • Bull Charge has a chance to say "Mooove out of the way" when used.
        • Why wasn't this added before?
  • Quake
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Muzzle particle effect sometimes not showing.
      • Fixed Speed 2 effect not being infinite.
      • Fixed death messages sometimes having an improper coloring.
    • Additions
      • Overhauled the shop to create a new all-in-one shop, check it out!
      • Added new hats!
      • Added new armor kits!
  • VampireZ
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Zombies doing double damage (thanks 1.7!)
      • Cleaned up chat formatting to match the network.
      • Cleaned up Shop labels to match the network.
      • Fixed issue where Herobrine skulls could sometimes be Steve.
      • Fixed helmets being replaced by pumpkin scare.
    • Additions
      • Added /blood command inside lobbies.
      • Added blood toggle inside the shop in the lobbies.
  • Mega Walls - Thanks to hcherndon for some of these!
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Feather Falling enchantment related damage issues.
      • Fixed an exploit using /surface.
      • Fixed bugs related to using /kill.
      • Fixed client crashing after your final death.
      • Fixed spectators being able to spam the spawning of Shaman wolves.
      • Fixed wolves being able to attack really quickly.
      • Fixed spectators activating Zombie and Arcanist abilities.
      • Fixed several formatting issues in messages and items.
  • Blitz
    • Additions
      • Overhauled the shop, make sure to check it out!
        • "Taunts"? What could those be?
  • Paintball
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Normal hat sometimes not activating fireworks (I'm so sorry.)
    • Additions
      • Now informs you about the /team command when you join.
      • Moved Perks into their own page of the shop.
  • Walls
    • Fixes
      • Fixed /team command having an old chat formatting.
  • TNTGames
    • Fixes
      • Fixed issues in Bow Spleef where bows could visually glitch.
      • Fixed issues where bows would not fire as fast as they should.
  • Achievements
    • Fixes
      • Fixed some items having an empty line of lore randomly.
      • Fixed some achievements have a negative progress.
As always, report any bugs as you find them and they might just end up here next time. We're working on tons of new content (read: Arcade, Vanity Shop, Arena) and reviving older games (Paintball and TNTGames, I'm looking at you.)

And if you haven't had the chance to checkout the awesome new Quests system (always worth a second look), make sure to check it out along with the new Blitz balancing changes.

by AgentK at 8:59 PM
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Hey guys! This morning, we released Update #23, the Miscellaneous Update. We called it that because there weren't any big changes or new feature introductions, just tweaking of things. Three major changes have been made:

Blitz Kit Update #1:
We've released the first major Blitz Survival kits update! There were a lot of changes, and it's easier to list them in spreadsheet form, so you can see our Google Spreadsheet here. The lobbies haven't all been rebooted to reflect these changes, but most have and the rest will be rebooted to load the new changes shortly.

Experience per game:
You now get experience for playing games, whether you win or lose. The amounts of experience are as follows:
  • 5 per win, 2 per loss in Arena, TNTGames, Quakecraft, Paintball, Blitz, and VampireZ
  • 10 per win, 5 per loss in Walls
  • 15 per win, 5 per loss in MegaWalls
To get the experience, you must stay till the end of the game!

Experience per hour:
You now get experience simply for being on the Hypixel Network! At the moment, it's 50 experience per hour that you're online, but we may tweak this in the coming days.
For information about what experience is and what you can do with it, see my previous patch notes.

Coming up feature:
We managed to implement quest progression into tooltips, it is currently being tested in the VIP lobby and will be rolled out everywhere soon!

edit: We can confirm that Blaze kit will receive a buff in the next few days after some testing.