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by Cryptkeeper at 2:08 AM
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We welcome you on the changelog safari, I’m your guide Mr. Keeper. We’re currently riding through the dense and mysterious jungles of 7/1/14. If you look to your left, you can currently see a wild pack of “Arcade public beta players.” And if you look very quickly to your right, you can see a “new command” resting by the waters over yonder beneath a shady tree. We better get on with this changelog before we’re attacked by a wild exploit.

As the guy who’s been attempting to control the Bug Reports section, I’m thrilled to introduce the newest command at the Hypixel Network that’s sure to make everyone’s lives just a bit easier - /bug. This command is a part of a system named Backpack (and it’s pretty sexy looking if I do say so myself). Backpack tracks any exceptions that occur anywhere on the network and report them to the development team in real time along with any user generated reports.

When you do /bug, we automagically gather data from the server so you don’t need to provide any information other than a description. Once reported, the system will give you a “ticket number” which is used to address your issue specifically such as if you want to make a thread concerning the issue. Thanks for your continued help in squashing those bugs!
  • Vanity Shop
    • Additions
      • Added a new “Fireworks” category, you’ll know more soon!
      • Added the Vanity Shop into all lobbies, network-wide.
    • Changes
      • Moved Particle Packs into the Vanity Shop.
      • Moved Wardrobe Builder into the Vanity Shop.
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Pet Hat not showing the ability to remove the pet as a hat.
      • Fixed entities glitching into the ground when riding.
  • Arcade
    • Additions
      • Added Dragon Wars and Farm Hunt, two sexy new Arcade games.
      • Also launched Arcade into public beta, make sure to check out that post here if you haven’t already (and I know you have.)
      • Opened the Coin Conversion shop, you can now easily convert Arcade coins for any other game type on the network!
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Farm Hunt Animals being able to spawn Explosive Sheep (don’t ask.)
      • Fixed being able to see potion effect particles on other animals in Farm Hunt.
  • Arena
    • Fixes
      • Fixed relogging while using Shadow Step skill giving you Speed II permanently.
      • Fixed Broodmother being able to kill players more than once.
      • Fixed Polymorph being able to jump to avoid slowness.
      • Fixed Polymorph being able to attack players.
      • Fixed Polymorph debuff sometimes not removing automatically.
      • Fixed nametags sometimes appearing as red no matter the team.
      • Fixed Polymorph disappearing when attacking an enemy.
      • Fixed ranked matches not becoming “unranked” when a player quits pregame.
      • Fixed debuffs removing themselves on logout.
  • Mega Walls
    • Changes
      • Chat in the pre-game lobby is now disabled.
    • Fixes
      • Fixed spectators sometimes keeping their inventory after death.
      • Fixed Golem getting an iron block from mining castle’s protected logs.
      • Fixed Herobrine getting strength before the kill.
  • Blitz
    • Changes
      • Temporarily removed speed buffs from kills in attempt to help hitbox issues.
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Baker giving Resistance 3 potions when it should’ve been Resistance 2.
      • Fixed Rogue VIII’s Diamond Sword having Sharpness III instead of Knockback.
      • Fixed Necromancer Bow having Power instead of Punch.
      • Fixed issues with Potions displaying as generic potions.
      • Fixed Wolves having 15 hearts instead of 5.
      • Fixed Snowman giving Carrot Seeds instead of Carrots.
      • Fixed Horsetamer spawning the Horse with a saddle.
      • Fixed “instant item use” fence exploit.
      • Fixed mobs spawning from eggs when interacting with blocks.
      • Fixed Deathmatch sometimes not starting.
      • Fixed Horse sometimes not spawning properly.
      • Fixed owned mobs attacking each other.
  • Quake
    • Fixes
      • Fixed “Instant Respawn” toggle saying “Enable” instead of “Click to enable!”
      • Fixed ability to relog and swap out Railgun components.
  • Paintball
    • Changes
      • Limited coin gain to 2,500 coins per game.
      • Limited game time to ten minutes.
  • TNT Games
    • Fixes
      • Fixed “instant item use” fence exploit.
      • Fixed odd quit message formatting in Bow Spleef.
      • Fixed spectators not receiving items in TNT Run.
      • Fixed Triple Shot in Bow Spleef.
      • Fixed issue in TNT Wizards where some areas wouldn't claim correctly.
  • VampireZ
    • Fixes
      • Fixed an issue where you sometimes couldn't open doors.
  • Spectators
    • Additions
      • Added ability to hide other spectators when spectating.
      • Added ability to select a speed level when spectating.
  • Adventure
    • Fixes
      • Fixed “current queue” counter being off by one.
  • Party System
    • Fixes
      • Fixed regular members having an extra space before their name.
      • Fixed /party list having an extra comma at the end.

by Hypixel at 7:48 PM
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Everyone can now help us test the Arcade Games!
Please report bugs here: http://hypixel.net/forums/server-bug-reports.35/

by NoxyD at 4:20 AM
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Hey guys! We are giving out not one.. but two QUAD BOOSTERS! To anyone who wants them!

All you need to do is visit one of the two following urls! and "Like" Hypixel's Facebook Page. Then click "Get your Booster!"

For PC / Mac / Linux users: Click Here
For Mobile Users: Click Here

Please note, your can only redeem one of these codes to your character this way, and we may end this without any prior notice.

Once you have the code, type /redeem YOURCODE on the server to add the boosters to your account. Don't worry, they don't get activated immediately.

To activate the boosters, you need to stand on a booster pad in one of the lobbies or type /booster . They last for 3 hours each, and you get two of them, so save them for a time when you are feeling pumped and ready to kick some butt!

If you get an error saying page not found, use the Mobile Users link!

Happy Gaming everyone!

by Hypixel at 2:52 AM
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New Arcade Game: Party Games 2
We just released the Party Games 2 on the server, please report bugs here.
Dragon Wars and Mob Hunt are 95% ready!
Blitz UHC, Day:One and the Coins Exchange are still in development.
The public release is getting very close, sorry it took longer than expected, there's a lot going on.


Mega Walls Changes and Balances
Golem was recently released and most recently balanced out.
Herobrine and Dreadlord received some fixes.
Currently working on Blaze, Cow, Pigman, Spider and balances to current classes.

Blitz Survival Games - Balance #2
The balance phase 2 has been rolled out, as previous discussed in this topic here, we made changes based on suggestions and testing. Please be aware that there could be BUGS with kits, so please report them here.
Rogue still need changes but we are waiting to change up the deathmatch system to accommodate the changes.

About the EULA
As some of you know, Mojang recently released a post about servers concerning how we make money to cover the costs of servers. They changed the EULA so that we can't sell some specific things with a server. Those changes might hurt the server community and might need to make sacrifices. Those rules have been written by people who do not understand how we operate our servers at the scale we are at. The top servers are the most affected by those changes, when in fact those changes were meant to be targeted at smaller servers abusing the Minecraft community for money.

The top biggest servers have been working together and to understand our stance you can read Sterling's letter here. One concerning issue that we have is that, in the past, we were told that our server was 100% fine and even invited to Minecon where we had a panel and talked about how to monetize your server to survive. Because we were led to think we were accepted, we built our lives around it; hired friends, left school and paid for the best hosting we could. If we were told that we couldn't do it, we would have adapted, but after 16 months of having this server, I would have appreciated a chat before doing those changes.

As I have mentioned in other topics, I do agree that our server has some "Pay to Win" aspects, just like League of Legend, where you pay to save time or play a different class that is not more powerful than others but rather offers a different gameplay. In fact, I was planning to make some classes/kits/perks changes to allow some non-vip to use them already.

The good news is we knew that day was coming, we were well prepared for it. I truly believe within my creativity to find ways for us to pay our bills, however, like the letter says, I feel like I will spend more time making cosmetics than actually making games... you know, cool stuff. Instead of making the next Mega Game, I might spend more time making cosmetics in hope for us to keep all our developers.

But you know what is depressing ? Herobrine adventure maps, The Walls, my server, giving them maps for Realms... everything original and doing my best to push the limit of Minecraft and they released this EULA without even talking to us. I feel a bit... used. I know their intention wasn't to hurt our work, but by attacking those servers pushing the limits, they are hurting the whole server community and targeting us to set an example, because we are bigger. Did I ask to get in the top 3 servers in the world ? No, in 16 months I didn't put a single ad other than my own accounts like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and PMC. I did not get involved in paying YouTubers to advertise or did vote websites. I didn't push to get there, the community wanted me to get there.

Anyway, if you buy something before August 1st 2014, you will not be affected at all, in fact... your account might even gain value over time, because you will keep your ranks, coins multiplier and everything that goes with it.
However the bad news is that, we might need to rely on other monetization methods to keep paying our developers/servers and other expenses, therefore we might need to relocate our servers, downsize our paid staff and slow down our production if people are not generous enough.

It is not allowed to make topics about the EULA.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy the updates.

by codename_B at 5:17 PM
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You said you wanted us to crack down on hackers and we delivered.

We tried automated bans, but that doesn't work (trust me).
People lag and there are false positives.
A machine can never be as good as a human for making split-second decisions.

So what's the solution?



Our staff are now plugged into every single minigame server on the entire network, without even having to spectate, and are aware of hacks before you even have time to report them.

You should still report hackers, as there is a chance that they might slip under the radar in a busy period, but overall this means only good things for the quality of play available to you all on the server.

I've been working hard on enhancing our detection tools to pick up the slightest hints of hacks.
This has three effects:
  1. A lot more false positives are generated.
  2. A lot less people get away with hacks that would otherwise be undetectable.
  3. Staff can effectively spectate every single game at once using this page.
The key element here are our highly trained (and now surgically modified) staff members, who are working harder than ever to make sure that your gameplay experience is unhindered by hackers.

So what does this cyborg staff super interface look like? It's pretty simple actually!


Check is the ID that we assign to the particular kind of hack that we detect, level is an abitrary number, essentially "how hard are they hacking/lagging?", higher is obviously, worse.

Counter is just the number of times that player has been reported in the last "snapshot" of information.

You can view it for yourself here: http://violations.hypixel.net/

Edit by Noxy: Remember folks, even if someone appears on here, its not a 100% guarantee they hack. They will be checked out however, but innocent until proven guilty!




by AgentK at 3:09 AM
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Okay guys! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m AgentK. I’m the lead network developer, and I handle things like friends, parties, guilds, and tournaments. As some of you may know, I’m only 17, so I am….or rather I was in high school. This meant I was only online in the evenings and during a few classes that allowed technology.

As of two days ago, I’ve graduated, meaning that it’s time for me to get to work on a whole slew of updates to the network. I’d like to hear what YOU guys want me to work on first, so reply to the poll on this thread with what you want me working on, and I’ll use that as the basis for my TODO list.

Blitz Tournament Preparations - We’re preparing to do a Blitz Tournament! Not sure when yet, but some code changes have to be made to prepare for it.

Arena Tournament Preparations - We’re preparing to do an Arena Tournament! Again, not sure when yet, but we need to plan out logistics and make some code changes to prepare for it.

Friends System Rewrite - Rewrite the user-interface for friends, add timed ./friend accept, etc (no friends will be removed or anything, just changing commands)

Party System Additions - Dunno, make some suggestions?

Guild Phase II (and then eventually III) - Guild Tags, Guild Parties, and more advanced Guild statistics.

Interactive Pregame Lobbies - While you’re waiting for players to join, try to parkour or something else interactive instead of sitting around waiting.

More Lobby Parkours (and features?) - Add the parkour system that we have in the Main Lobby to all the other lobbies? Add a leaderboard?

Anti-Hack revamp - Add in reporting commands as well as more advanced monitoring of possible hackers.

Weekly Leaderboard Revamp/Trophy System - Give all games weekly leaderboards and give players trophies for being on the leaderboard at the end of the week

More Quest-related things - Add super-secret one-time quests? Add more quests?

Disguises and Gadgets for Vanity Shop (releasing later this week) - Currently contains the new Pet Shop, focus on adding Disguises and Gadgets?

Sign System Rewrite - Add a queue system for all games? New sign format?