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by AgentK at 5:35 AM
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Hey guys! We just released update #22, The Quest Update! This update introduces Quests, as well as EXP/Leveling and Vanity Tokens! Quests reward you for completing specific objectives after activating the quest. Some quests have objectives like killing a certain amount of players, winning a certain amount of games, or even just playing games and having fun! The quest system is still in beta and will change and have new features added to it over time, but here’s some info on what’s included in this update:

Quest Log:
The Quest Log is where you go to check up on the status of the quests you’ve started, as well as find and start new quests. You can find it in the Game Menu compass in the lobby:

Inside it, you can browse available quests and see quests that you’ve already started:

Quest Rewards:
EXP - All quests reward some amount of experience points, varying from 1250 EXP for the smaller quests to 5250 EXP for the larger quests. This EXP contributes to your Level, which you can read about below.

Vanity Tokens - Some quests will reward you with the new network-wide currency, Vanity Tokens. These Vanity Tokens will allow users to purchase various rare items, such as lobby perks, pets, and more! We haven’t fully planned out everything that can be purchased with Vanity Tokens yet, but make sure to save up so that you can buy things once we open the Vanity Shop!

EXP contributes to the new ability to level up on the network! Higher levels unlock special perks and shop items. For example, in Arena Brawl, you can only purchase the Broodmother Ultimate Skill if you’re level 10 or higher. You can view your current level on the EXP bar, just like you would in regular Minecraft:
You can also view how much EXP left until you level up on the Character Info item in the Game Menu, next to the Quest Log:

How do I start a quest?
You can start quests by right clicking your compass and selecting the enchanted book labeled ‘Quest Log’ that you will see at the bottom of the Game Menu, once you access the quest’s menu you will be able to see the name of a quest and what you must do to complete it, to select a quest, simply left click or ‘select’ a quest.

How can I view my progress?
Click on the ‘Quest Log’ via the instructions in the question above. It will print in chat all of the objectives for that quest, as well as how many of that objective you’ve completed!

How can I see how many Vanity Tokens I have?
You can view your Vanity Tokens by hovering over your character information in your game menu which you can access by right clicking your compass.

What can I do with exp/levels?
With EXP, you can level up. With levels, you can unlock new perks and items in shops? For example, the Arena Brawl Broodmother Ultimate Skill requires that you be Level 10.

Do quests have to be completed in a certain amount of time?
No, you can take as long as you need to finish quests! We may eventually add timed quests, though, where part of the challenge is to finish all of the objectives within a certain amount of time.

Do I have to get all of the requirements of the quest in one game?
Nope, you can take as long as you want!

Can I have more than one quest active at a time?
Sure! Just activate both quests and any kills/wins/plays you acquire will apply to any quests that you have active at the time!

Can I redo a Quest after completing it?
Quests have a cooldown varying from 23 hours to 168 hours, depending on the quest. This cooldown starts after you finish the quest, and as soon as the cooldown is up you can start the quest again by clicking on it in the ‘Quest Log’, so make sure to check back daily to keep getting more EXP.

What happens if you do not complete a quest?
The quest stays in your ‘Quest Log’ until you complete it. You can take as much time as you want and it won’t impact your gameplay.

I found a bug with quests! What do I do?
If you found a bug involving quest’s and wish to report it to the Admin’s so they can fix it then you can. Just report it here on the forums by creating a thread in the Server Bug Reports section. The format you should use can be found here.

by Hypixel at 12:56 AM
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May’s News Letter

It has been a hectic month, as any month that passes by us is the same! Only a few minor updates happened last month simply because we are getting ready to drop 1.6 and move on to only using 1.7 in preparation for the 1.8 update! Here’s a small look-in into how it will go down:

1.6 to 1.7!
It is finally happening, we dropped support for the old 1.6 support. However, we are expecting a lot and it’ll be a rough few days for us to sort them out and fixing them, it is up to you guys to help us detect them also, so we will be reading the bug section of the forums day and night until everything is more stable!

Arcade Games
As seen a few days prior, I have released a contest to see who can come up with the best Arcade Lobby out of all of you, the contest ended and we are currently picking a winner! The Arcade beta is set to be released within the next few days/weeks, with over 4 gamemodes implemented and a bunch more to come in the following months! The Arcade framework took us quite a bit of time to work on, but now that it's done we can literally make minigames in less than a week! It's gonna be a CRAZY summer.

Arena Updates
New skills and more bug fixes. However we are still looking to perfect the game and make the skills as balanced as possible for your enjoyment! We always look at suggestions on what can be implemented, whether it’s in the Magical Chest, a buyable or a new upcoming way of getting it, read on to find out! We have fixed some major issues with Freeze Breath, and if all needs more balancing we will try our best to get on to it. Development on the Utility skills is still underway, as well as a few extra other skills, like a couple new Ultimates and a new Support one!
Note that the "beta" season will end very soon, so stay tuned!

Yes, the long awaited quests are about to release! With the upcoming new skills in Arena, workings on Blitz 2.0 and a few new upgrades in quake, this will be a perfect time to release quests. The system itself will not be a huge brain scratcher. It’ll currently cap out at level 20, we are going to slowly release more and more quests as time goes and with quests you can unlock:
- Vanity Tokens
- Experience to higher levels
- New items in each minigame!
- Like the new ultimate in Arena (Brood Mother)!
The quests are a little something that will make the server as a whole feel like a huge RPG and with time we gonna improve the system and make it very awesome!

Shop Reworks
As you noticed, Paintball and Walls have received its style of shop just like Arena has. In fact, we are planning to rework most shops to look the same, currently with Quake next in line. You can follow MrCryptKeeper’s twitter on updates of how he’ll rework the shops, as it’s mainly him doing them!

New Leaderboard System
As mentioned a little earlier, I am planning on reworking the leaderboards to drop “Seasonal” and making them Weekly. With this system you can receive trophy points, which will be trackable on the future new website as well as in-game! The trophy points system is still in early development, and really is only used for bragging rights for now. More information will be released soon.

Blitz Survival Games - Balance Patch #1
Some of your least favorite kits are getting some buffs.

Hypixel Upgrade
We recently got some more admins to speed up the production of minigames and updates, it's gonna be quite epic. I'm very excited to get back to work on new stuff and I can only say that you guys will have a lot to do on the server and will never get bored :)

Make sure you follow me on Twitter and Facebook for sneak peak and fun stuff!

by Hypixel at 1:56 PM
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We are updating all games/lobbies to 1.7 and officially dropping support for 1.6 versions of Minecraft in preparation for the Arcade and Quests.

Please report any new bugs to the appropriate section here: http://hypixel.net/forums/server-bug-reports.35/

We should be done fixing most of the major issues by tonight.

Thank you for your patience.

by Hypixel at 1:10 PM
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Good news for Blitz Survival Games players!

For the past few months I've been having issues with Blitz SG updates because most of the admins don't have much time to play so the balancing was slow and painful. I went ahead and made a group "Hypixel Elites" that will be helping me balance not only Blitz but also all games on the network.
Since yesterday I've been consulting and we decided to start off with some buffs to some underpowered kits.
Note that if you are one of the top players on the server, you might get invited to the "Hypixel Elites" to help us balance the team, however we do not accept applications, we only invite people that we feel comfortable working with.

The first kits to receive changes are;
Wolftamer, Creepertamer, Baker, Meatmaster, Blaze, Archer, Troll and Armorer.
You can see a list of the upcoming changes here.

The changes are being worked on right now and you should expect the changes to be rolled out within the next few days.

Big thanks to Pr0lin3 for this one!

by Cryptkeeper at 9:55 PM
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Update Changelog (5/6/14)
I've decided to nick name this update the "oh god why" update, why? Because spiders. This is the Update Changelog for 5/6/14, we're (only somewhat) sure you're going to love it.
  • Arena
    • Changes
      • Healing Totems now remove all debuffs when healing.
      • Explosive skills no longer set off mines.
      • Freezing Breath now does 200 damage instead of 220.
    • Additions
      • Brand new "Broodmother" ultimate skill!
        • Requires you to be level 10 to unlock.
        • Summons a large spider that will chase down and poison the targeted enemy player, dealing 200 damage over 6 seconds. When slain, the Broodmother spawns 4 spiderlings that deal 5 damage each per attack.
        • This is why you don't let Cryptkeeper make skills.
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Proximity Mines not properly disappearing after 2 seconds.
      • Fixed Tree of Life team colors sometimes not disappearing.
  • Walls
Also, here's a sneak preview of the new all-in-one shop headed to Quake!
We've got so much more content headed your way, stay tuned!

(And there may or may not be new maps on their way to Paintball. Maybe.)

by Cryptkeeper at 8:10 PM
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We've been locking bug reports left and right to bring you this latest update while working on some new content we think you guys are gonna love!
  • Arena
    • Fixes
      • Boulder Toss sometimes got a bit sassy and just decided to freeze mid-air.
      • Fixed the inability to place Healing Totems near other structures.
      • Fixed chat sometimes not showing up when it comes to 4v4.
      • Fixed structures such as Barricade not taking into block data when sampling.
        • Instead of red clay for example, it would just have clay.
      • Fixed hats such as the "hypixel Hat", not having names.
      • NPC related fixes.
      • Fixed the ability to place Barricades in midair.
      • Fixed Bone Shield being damaged by spectators/teammates.
    • Additions
      • Added team wool colors to Tree of Life.
      • New ultimate skills soon!
      • 4v4 released (but you probably already knew that.)
  • VampireZ
    • Fixes
      • Blocked workbenches to prevent abuse.
      • Updated /vampire to work better.
      • Fixed vines growing in lobbies on certain maps.
      • Fixed the Lobby Selector item containing bedrock.
    • Additions
  • Adventures
    • Fixes
      • Fixed inventory items being in weird slots.
  • Paintball
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Squid Hat being too cool to remove the squids sometimes.
      • Fixed "Leroy Jenkins" returning the improper cooldown message.
    • Additions
      • Team color now shows up on scoreboards.
  • Quake
    • Fixes
      • Made the "Railgun Customizer" item name consistent with other items.
      • Fixed up some weird menu sizes.