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by Cryptkeeper at 9:55 PM
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Update Changelog (5/6/14)
I've decided to nick name this update the "oh god why" update, why? Because spiders. This is the Update Changelog for 5/6/14, we're (only somewhat) sure you're going to love it.
  • Arena
    • Changes
      • Healing Totems now remove all debuffs when healing.
      • Explosive skills no longer set off mines.
      • Freezing Breath now does 200 damage instead of 220.
    • Additions
      • Brand new "Broodmother" ultimate skill!
        • Requires you to be level 10 to unlock.
        • Summons a large spider that will chase down and poison the targeted enemy player, dealing 200 damage over 6 seconds. When slain, the Broodmother spawns 4 spiderlings that deal 5 damage each per attack.
        • This is why you don't let Cryptkeeper make skills.
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Proximity Mines not properly disappearing after 2 seconds.
      • Fixed Tree of Life team colors sometimes not disappearing.
  • Walls
Also, here's a sneak preview of the new all-in-one shop headed to Quake!
We've got so much more content headed your way, stay tuned!

(And there may or may not be new maps on their way to Paintball. Maybe.)

by Cryptkeeper at 8:10 PM
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We've been locking bug reports left and right to bring you this latest update while working on some new content we think you guys are gonna love!
  • Arena
    • Fixes
      • Boulder Toss sometimes got a bit sassy and just decided to freeze mid-air.
      • Fixed the inability to place Healing Totems near other structures.
      • Fixed chat sometimes not showing up when it comes to 4v4.
      • Fixed structures such as Barricade not taking into block data when sampling.
        • Instead of red clay for example, it would just have clay.
      • Fixed hats such as the "hypixel Hat", not having names.
      • NPC related fixes.
      • Fixed the ability to place Barricades in midair.
      • Fixed Bone Shield being damaged by spectators/teammates.
    • Additions
      • Added team wool colors to Tree of Life.
      • New ultimate skills soon!
      • 4v4 released (but you probably already knew that.)
  • VampireZ
    • Fixes
      • Blocked workbenches to prevent abuse.
      • Updated /vampire to work better.
      • Fixed vines growing in lobbies on certain maps.
      • Fixed the Lobby Selector item containing bedrock.
    • Additions
  • Adventures
    • Fixes
      • Fixed inventory items being in weird slots.
  • Paintball
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Squid Hat being too cool to remove the squids sometimes.
      • Fixed "Leroy Jenkins" returning the improper cooldown message.
    • Additions
      • Team color now shows up on scoreboards.
  • Quake
    • Fixes
      • Made the "Railgun Customizer" item name consistent with other items.
      • Fixed up some weird menu sizes.

by AgentK at 10:28 AM
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We're investigating the cause of various connection issues that are being reported to us, but here's some things you can do to help:

  1. Try rebooting your computer first. Often times, players' issues connecting to the server are caused by something on their own home network, such as their own computer.
  2. Try rebooting your router. Your router/modem connects your house to the internet, and if it's having issues, it can intermittently block certain traffic.
  3. Try running Minecraft from a different internet connection. Sometimes internet providers block certain video game connections because they don't like the extra strain on their network, so try from a friend's house if possible
If none of these help, please email us at [email protected]. Include your in-game name, your IP address (the big blue text on http://whatismyipaddress.com/ ), the operating system you are running, the Minecraft version you are running, include "Connection Issues" in the subject, and:
  • If you're on a PC, open 'Command Prompt' and type 'tracert mc.hypixel.net'. Copy-paste or screenshot the output of that, and include it in the email.
  • If you're on Linux or a Mac, open 'Terminal' and type 'traceroute mc.hypixel.net'. Copy-paste the output of that, and include it in the email.
The traceroute should help me to determine if it's caused by something larger, like an internet provider being down, or if it's something on our end. I'll investigate each one of them and try to fix them, but, depending on how many I get, I may not be able to reply to all of them. Keep trying to connect for the next few hours/days after that, as the issue may resolve itself. If it spontaneously starts working again, please reply to the email you sent and say that it spontaneously started working again.

by Cryptkeeper at 9:52 PM
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News: Sorry for the lack of changelogs lately, from now on I'm looking to post one every week or two (depending on the content) about recent changes made to games to help keep you guys in the loop and help is hear suggestions on the latest changes. Thanks!

Arena Changelog (4/22/14)
  • Skills
    • Bull Charge
      • Increased cooldown to 40 seconds from 30 seconds.
    • Tree of Life
      • Increased cooldown to 40 seconds from 30 seconds.
    • Holy Water
      • Decreased heal amount for nearby teammates to 50 instead of 100.
    • Lighting Strike
      • Increased damage from 150 to 165.
    • Life Leech
      • Decreased the heal amount per hit to 60 from 100.
      • Increased max hits to 12 from 8.
      • Increased duration from 6 seconds to 9 seconds.
    • Snowball
      • Increased damage from 50 to 55.
    • Tree of Life
      • Increased duration from 6 seconds to 7 seconds.
    • Shield Wall
      • Decreased damage reduction to 50% instead of 60%.
    • Berserk
      • Now gives you Speed II instead of Speed I.
  • Powerups
    • Added "Magical Key" powerup.
      • Gives you one "Magical Key" when activated.
      • 10% chance of spawning, only spawns once per match.
      • See above!
  • Hats
    • Doubled chance of finding a hat.
    • Added over 10 new hats, including new "EPIC" ones!
  • Fixes
    • Minor rating issues when a player doesn't damage anyone.
    • Effects sometimes not removing on respawn.
Tons more coming soon to Arena!

by Hypixel at 6:13 PM
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Now while playing blitz, you have a chance to encounter this chest :)

by Hypixel at 5:36 PM
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We are currently rolling out updates to allow 1.7.6 and 1.7.7 clients to connect to the server.
(1.6.2 to 1.7.7 will be able to connect!)

However, Mojang's sessions servers are so unstable today that we are having trouble to know if our patch is stable enough, so in the next few hours you might be able to connect with 1.7.6 and 1.7.7 for short period of times, until we know for sure that it's stable we won't go 100%.

edit: 1.6.2 to 1.7.7 can now log on the server!

edit#2: apparently it's being blocked, working on a fix

edit#3: people can now connect once again with 1.7.6 and 1.7.7

edit#4: 1.7.8 broke things again... working on it...

edit#5: 1.7.8 now works but severely broken, please use 1.7.5

edit#6: 1.7.8 now works please report bugs!

Thank you for your comprehension.