Minecraft 1.13 Supported

Login using 1.8 or 1.13!

No need to switch from your favorite version! Play together with friends on Hypixel using Minecraft version 1.8 and above.

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UPDATE 5th September: Server is now 100% ready for 1.8, but we still recommend 1.7 - please report bugs on the forum.

Hey guys!

No doubt many of you are aware than the 1.8 update for Minecraft is now live.

We are doing the final touches of getting the server ready to accept 1.8 clients and we don't think it will take much longer.

In the meantime, you will need to use a 1.7.x client to join the server

I have created a short and basic video guide for anyone who doesn't know how to roll back their Minecraft to an earlier version.

1.8 Brings a bunch of exciting features that we can use for current and upcoming games!

This post will be deleted and replaced with something else that has more detail and other news when we are fully 1.8 compatible :)

Thanks and sorry about my Irish accent ;)!

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The Blocking Dead... Out now!

The Blocking Dead is a new Arcade mini-game, 100% free and 100% fun! You can join it via the Arcade Lobby sign board!

It features some new technologies that we will be making use of in the future, including a serverside texture-pack system. Once you join the game, you'll be prompted for the texture pack. You must press accept when prompted or the server will send you back to the lobby.

Due to the content of the game, the recommended age is 15 and above, however this is just a recommendation, not a requirement!

We've tried out some new ideas and processes with this game and we hope you enjoy it! Let us know in the comments if you do, we might consider more games with this style in the future! Likes for the trailer etc are good indicators for us as well! It's in your hands!

Having problems with joining because of the texture-pack or such? Check out this awesome thread by our helpful moderators!

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We have rolled the very last part of the "August Mega Update" live!
New cosmetic additions to Mega Walls!

  • Mutations, Alternate Skill Effects and Warcries were added.
  • This update is aimed at cosmetic upgrades just like Blitz Survival Games received.
    • A dedicated balance update is to follow, however we did do some initial nerfs to Pigman in this patch.
  • Miscellaneous section was added to the Lobby Shop, where you can unlock /surface /shout and pick axes.
  • A small bug fix to Arcanist
  • /who in Mega Walls now shows Team Member Counts rather than a list of names to lessen targeting
  • Increases to base coin amounts (Note we seem to have a last minute bug to deal with for these, I will update the posts with the new amounts once that is fixed.)
  • and more.. read on for info!
We are sorry by the way that we were not able to release this alongside the initial"August Mega Update" patch to the network a few days ago. Thank you for your patience while you waited. There were some last minute bugs to fix which was the cause for the delay, we hope you enjoy these new features - we had a lot of fun with them in testing.

These are one of the most awesome sets of additions. Once unlocked and activated - any time you use your class skill, other players will see you transform into a different model. For example they will see you as a creeper when you start to explode!

Alternate Skill Effects
These can be used to customize your favorite classes, they replace the default effect of your skill. For example for the Shaman... his skill effect adds some cows that will fly around in his tornado!


There are 11 different Warcries added. They last for 30 seconds once you type /warcry. They activate when you hit opponents, and they will see your fearsome words of choice as you are battling them.

Miscellaneous Perks

Pickaxe / Shout / Surface commands are now purchasable by everyone.

Remember if you had VIP/VIP+/MVP/MVP+ before August 1st , you will already have your corresponding unlocks.

There is also a new awesome cosmetic ability called "Firework : Player" that summons a firework that writes your name in the sky for all to see. This command is MVP+ only, and the switch that unlocks it will be flipped after some final testing.

Final Kills and Finishers


These cosmetic unlocks are coming soon to Mega Walls and Blitz Survival Games, these will available only to our MVP and MVP+ supporters. These perks allow you to finish off your opponents in style! The screenshot above should give you a good indication of what to expect!

Quick notes on Class Balance

We have another of our larger balance updates coming up soon! Our Hypixel Elites team has provided us a list full of good suggestions, before that however we wanted to do some immediate changes to address balance concerns after listening to feedback on the forums and in-game.


Reduced Burning Soul's Strength 1 duration from 2.5 seconds to 2.0 seconds.
Reduced Burning Soul's damage from 4.0 to 3.5 Damage per second (at Maximum Rank, lower ranks have smaller reductions)
Increased Pigman weakness from 2 to 4 while using burning soul.

More changes are likely follow in regards to Pigman (and to other classes as we work to balance the game as much as possible) - but we wanted to do an immediate nerf to make the Pigman at least a little less powerful, we think they will still a hero class to contend with however, so Pigman mains do not despair!

Arcanist, Shaman & Dreadlord

For our Arcanist, Shaman, and Dreadlord players, we had some major bugs to deal with for their alternate skill effects, as a result aren't able to release them with this post. These will come in the next few days. (Not with the next balance patch which may take a little longer)

There was a bug with the Arcanist where the beam could sometimes damage the person who cast it, this should no longer be happening.

As always, thanks for reading the patch notes, and be sure to report any bugs you find to our bug forum.


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The August Mega Update has Arrived!

Todays Update Status
Blitz Survival Games: LIVE
(New Map: 'City' is Out! So are Auras / Taunts / Victory Dances)
Mega Walls: LIVE
Coins Mastery: LIVE
Coins store closure: LIVE
Other games: LIVE
Gadgets: LIVE
Hypixel Credits: LIVE
Veteran Reward: LIVE
Network Booster: LIVE

The Summary (For those that don’t wish to read this big long post!)
  • Major changes are happening because of requirements set by Mojang that must be in place by August 1st
  • No one is going to be losing anything they have unlocked already.
  • Everyone; Donor and Non Donor alike can still play together in ALL games.
  • There will be no access fees for the server, ever.
  • All gameplay affecting content is now unlockable by all ranks. Kits and such.
  • All users who supported the server by getting a rank on or previous to August 1st are getting Veteran Rewards (Check below for information!)
  • Coin Mastery has been added to the server (those already with ranks will get a starting value)
  • New and cool cosmetic gadgets have been added to the lobbies, MVP’s get a lot of these unlocked with their ranks!
  • The store has been entirely overhauled. The coin shop is being closed and we’ve added Hypixel Credits and soon Network Boosters! Check it out at http://store.hypixel.net
  • All games have either received, or are receiving in the next few weeks, large updates that add more cosmetics as well as fun and fair features to ensure that the ranks are still worth getting.
  • Blitz and Megawalls specifically already got huge updates (Read below for info!)
For more information on all of these awesome changes, read on below You can also read the post from a few days ago if you would like more information on why the changes are happening.

A Special Message from the Hypixel Development team
Before outlining the changes, We the dev team just want to say how proud we are all of our community - the reaction to these changes has been overwhelmingly positive. This positive energy is really what fueled us to be able to change so much so quickly, without the backing of the community we would be nothing.

1 month ago when the new requirements were announced, everyone seemed to have a negative outlook. The view however has been turned around 180 degrees.

There were times that we felt insulted as developers when people would dismiss our server as “Pay2Win” and not look at all of the amazing things beyond that. This is no longer a problem, and we are very excited and ready for an even better future. The entire team is hungry to get back to work as normal, and hopeful that your reaction will be even more positive after seeing these changes!

So thank you for this amazing support that we received! Donor and non-donor alike. We are very honored that the reception has been positive from both!

Coin Mastery
Everyone can now unlock 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x coin multipliers by achieving network levels!

Those who already had ranks with multipliers before or on August 1st, will already have their corresponding mastery level unlocked.

After Aug 2nd, ranks will no longer come with coin multipliers, but we’re adding a ton of stuff to make being a VIP/MVP still awesome.

To unlock Coin mastery, you need to achieve network levels.

Level 25: Coin Mastery II (2x)
Level 50: Coin Mastery III (3x)
Level 75: Coin Mastery IV (4x)
Level 100: Coin Master V (5x)

Quests will be added over the next few weeks that will adjust the rate of progression to obtaining these unlocks. Achieving “Coin Mastery V” is a reward only intended for the very best of our players.

The picture above is an example of one of our new cosmetic gadgets called the Rainbow! Other examples include the Poop Bomb, The Trampoline, The CATapult among more.

These are fun non-gameplay affecting items you can use in the lobbies to wow your friends and show that you went the extra mile supporting the server by getting Hypixel Credits

We have over 25 NEW gadgets so far, with more to come! MVP and MVP+ rank holders get a bunch of exclusive cosmetic gadgets included with their rank!

(There is actually a page 2 of these already lol! How quickly we’ll be able to add page 3?!)

Veteran Rewards
With these changes, we know that some of the exclusive rank unlocks are being made available to everyone else (like some kits being rank based). As an extra thank you for those who supported the server before the changes, we are additionally giving the following as “Veteran Rewards”.

The details are as follows:

VIP: 3,500 coins in all games. (Total of 31,500 coins)
VIP+: 8,500 coins in all games. (Total of 76,500 coins)
MVP: 12,500 coins in all games. (Total of 112,500 coins)
MVP+: 18,000 coins in all games. (Total of 162,000 coins)

VIP: 1,000 Hypixel Credits
VIP+: 2,000 Hypixel Credits
MVP: 3,000 Hypixel Credits
MVP+: 4,000 Hypixel Credits

These will be added to your account on August 2nd to allow time for all last minute rank purchases to process.

Network Boosters
A new way to support the server has been added! You can now get Network Boosters at the store.

These special items appear in your inventory just like normal boosters, but when you activate them... These boosters provide double-coins (2x) to everyone on the whole Hypixel Server for the specified mini-game for 1 hour.

Your username will be shown to players in the coins gained message while playing.
Example: “+20 Coins (Double Coins! PlayerName’s Quakecraft Booster)”

You will get a shoutout in the game lobby when you activate the Network Coins Booster.
Example: “AgentKid has purchased a Global Quakecraft Booster! Double Coins for everyone for the next 60 minutes!”

The booster is added to your booster inventory and activated like other boosters. To activate it, you can step on a "Booster Pad" in any of the game lobbies or type the command /booster in game.

If there’s a Network Booster already active, it will be queued. The message thanking you will still appear when it’s time for your booster to be activated.
Example: “Your Network Booster for Quakecraft was queued. It will activate in 3 hours 12 minutes.”

All Games
All games are receiving huge overhauls and upgrades, there over 23 in total, so its a lot of stuff. We’ve completed major upgrades to Megawalls and Blitz, we will outline the exciting changes for them below.

Vampirez, Paintball, TNTGames, Quakecraft and Arena Brawl
These games have not yet received their full upgrades, but we have improved their stores to ensure that all game-play affecting perks, kits and stat boosters are unlock-able by all ranks.

In most cases, if an unlock was rank exclusive before and now isn't - the price has gone up.

Cosmetic effects and items remain rank-based if they were before, you keep all items that were already unlocked.

Arcade Games
No immediate changes were required for the Arcade Games, as they had no perks / unlocks. We are considering adding visual effects in the future.

Mega Walls
Mega Walls has received a full cosmetic upgrade! Be sure to check in game for the full list!

Final Kill effects, Skill Effects, Warcries and more have been added.

Final Kill Effects (Deliver the final blow in style!)
Skill Effect (Change how your skills appear, add cows to your tornados as shaman!)
Warcries (Strike fear in to the hearts of your enemies with your “NOM NOM” warcries among others!)
and more! (Such as being able to unlock Shout I, II, III and better pickaxes for all ranks! If you had any of these unlocked before, you will still have them unlocked!)
Blitz Survival Games

Blitz too has got a full upgrade! Check in game to see all the changes.
Taunts, Visual Auras and Victory Dances have been added so far!
We also have made a number of general changes to improve the game,
Kit customizers and Finishing Moves will be added in an upcoming update.

New Deathmatch System
When the Deathmatch is triggered on Blitz, the players will be taken to a small arena chosen at random. In each of them, there is between 1 and 5 chests, and after 10 seconds of deathmatch having started, one of the chests will have a Power II & Punch 2 Bow with 10 arrows.

For testing and feedback purposes, the new Deathmatch system will only be on the new map “City” for now (Teaser shot of City map included below!), it will be added to all maps if approved.

General Changes
  • Added a random kit choice, you get 10% more coins when playing as Random.
  • All player names in the tab menu are now yellow to help prevent rank targeting.
  • Spectator chat now turns to public after a player has won,
  • (The winner will be able to see GG’s etc)
  • New options for developers to configure how and when Deathmatches occur, our intent is that the pace and action of the game is increased in the middle section. For example we could trigger the 3 minute deathmatch warning when there are 8 players now.
  • Player nameplates are now yellow ingame. Note that chat and kills/deaths are not affected.
Visual Auras
Victory Dances
Coin Shop
The coin shop is now permanently closed. You can’t get gameplay affecting changes in exchange for real world money anymore.

If you made a payment during the last day and somehow encountered a problem or didn’t receive your coins. Our support team will ensure that we honor it. Please contact [email protected] if you are in this position.

Hypixel Credits
We’ve added “Hypixel Credits” to the store, these are a way to fund your Hypixel account, and can be used to purchase cosmetic-only items and abilities in exchange for your support of the server.

You can spend Hypixel credits on the following categories, we will be expanding this in the future.
  • Pets, such as the chicken, sheep or even a villager!
  • Gadgets, such as the Disco Ball or the Rainbow!
  • Custom Fireworks for the lobbies!
  • Disguises (Coming Soon! These change your appearance entirely in the lobbies! Be a Creeper!)
These credits replace Vanity tokens. All vanity tokens you had were converted to Hypixel credits, at a rate of 1 Vanity Token = 100 Hypixel Credits


Rank Based Achievements, and other things like MVP+ pickaxes.
Just to add as a general note, if you had any rank based achievement or any general perk related to rank. They are now unlock-able by everyone, in most cases we have increased the price and you get to keep that which you have already unlocked.

Closure of VIP Lobby, Creation of the Events Lobby
The VIP lobby had to be closed… but we’ve converted it into the ‘Events Lobby’! This new lobby will only be open for certain periods such as holidays like Halloween - and other special events. You might even be able to join a special themed mini-game from inside there ;-)! Stay tuned!

Lobbies in General
We have started a project with our build team to revamp all lobbies with new designs. This is a big project that will take a while, but we want our lobbies to now feel more open and more fun to just generally hang out in. We may run some contests to assist the build team with this, more information coming soon!

We’ve had to temporarily shut down MVPLAND for now, but it will be making a return as soon as we can set it up in its new home! The address will be mvp.hypixel.net

Beta Testing Servers
Beta testing will still be something our VIPs and above can do, but you will have to connect to another server to do this. The IP will be beta.hypixel.net

Upcoming Blitz Map - City
Here is a teaser of a new Blitz map coming out in August called “City”

The Blocking Dead

‘The Blocking Dead’ is the next Mini-game coming to Hypixel, releasing during August - this Player vs Monsters game features a cat and mouse style survival experience.

It has weapons, resource gathering, and a last stand scenario. Will you be able to complete this difficult game? Will you choose to keep all your ammo, food and health for yourself or share it with your teammates? There is no PvP, but it is up if you wish to be a team-player or a lone wolf!

We will be putting it in the Arcade Lobby, we are hoping to make you to jump out of your seats with the up-close-and-personal sneaky zombie AI!

The blocking dead will also have a cinematic trailer that will be released alongside the game, a snippet below!

2D Animated Short - “Fisherman Vs. Ninja”
In August, we will also be releasing a 2D animated short titled. “Fisherman Vs. Ninja”, we won’t reveal much of this yet beyond this teaser image. Can you guess who the FIsherman and Ninja will be?

Note on bugs and such
Despite a lot of work already having been done, we are still working on some areas. We ask that you have patience if you encounter any bugs as the list of changes is vast. If you find any problems, please be sure to make a post on our bug forum for our devs to read! Link to bug forum

A personal note from Hypixel
Wow! There are a lot of changes! Well done if you managed to read and absorb everything.

I believe however that with these adjustments, the server has a brighter future and will be a better, fairer place for everyone while still rewarding those who have made contributions immensely.

The Hypixel server is here to stay, things are looking very good.

Thank you for coming with us on our journey!

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Hello friends!

As some of you may know, Mojang recently released new commercial rules for Minecraft servers and we have decided to comply to these changes. This post outlines the majority of the changes required to do so.

Starting on August 1st, players will no longer be able to purchase Coins, Personal Boosters and Vanity Tokens on our store.

Please take the time to read this post, we know there is a lot of information and changes. Our firm belief is that we can create a better, fairer server for everyone, and we will achieve that while staying true to the things which makes Hypixel a special and unique place.

The good news; All coins, tokens, boosters and ranks (including coins multiplier) purchased or earned prior to August 1st will remain on your account. Additionally, our community moving to the new EULA means that Mojang have declared networks like ours appropriate, so there will be no future uncertainty regarding the legitimacy of such networks.

The bad news; The server income might become limited which will result in delays regarding the development of future features and minigames. Our platform being Minecraft, we are quite restricted in our ability to develop cosmetic features and as a result, we will need to find creative ways to fund the server. However, we are confident that we will be able to continue running and updating the server for everyone. We are currently in the process of updating all of our minigames in order to add a lot of cosmetic and fun features that do not interfere with the gameplay or its balance. More details on those awesome new updates below!

If you buy a rank before August 1st, you will keep everything related to it, including coin multipliers, unlocked kits and perks.
If you buy a rank after August 1st, you will not get coin multipliers or anything that affects gameplay such as kits, perks and classes. All of these will be unlockable via normal gameplay instead.

We know that the coin multipliers were one of the best things about getting a rank, so we are doing a ton of work to make ranks even better than they were before. You will definitely want to have a rank on Hypixel after the “EULA Update”, and we are very happy to confirm that ranks are STILL permanent!

Coins Mastery (Coin Multipliers)
To ensure that everyone is able to unlock the coin multipliers, we will be adding a new perk called Coins Mastery which will be accessible from your compass. You will be able to unlock coin multipliers by reaching certain levels and then spend coins earned from minigames. In order to make it fair to the people who previously paid for a coin multiplier, it will be extremely hard to achieve and only the very best and most dedicated players will be able to unlock this feature.

There will be 5 levels of Coins Mastery; 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x. You will start at the level your rank multiplier was already at if you held the rank before August 1st.
For example, anyone who had MVP+ prior to the “EULA update” will have their Coin Master set at 5x, which is the highest anyone can get.

Vanity Tokens
All existing Vanity Tokens will be converted into our new currency system called Hypixel Credits. These credits can be spent in-game to unlock features on the Hypixel Network or saved for later use.
As an example, for 1000 Hypixel Credits you can unlock a cosmetic gadget on the Hypixel Minecraft server.

Once we make the Vanity > Hypixel credits conversion, everyone will have their vanity tokens converted to Hypixel credits. 1 Vanity token will be worth approximately 100 Hypixel Credits.

Current methods of Vanity Token gain will be disabled.
The only way to get Hypixel Credits will be via the store at http://store.hypixel.net/

FREE STUFF for Veterans!
In addition to all ranks receiving starting coin mastery levels. We will be giving out a one-time gift of Coins and Hypixel Credits as a thank you to everyone that has supported the server so far in the past by purchasing a rank before August 1st 2014.

The details are as follows:

VIP: 3,500 coins in all games. (Total of 31,500 coins)
VIP+: 8,500 coins in all games. (Total of 76,500 coins)
MVP: 12,500 coins in all games. (Total of 112,500 coins)
MVP+: 18,000 coins in all games. (Total of 162,000 coins)

VIP: 1,000 Hypixel Credits
VIP+: 2,000 Hypixel Credits
MVP: 3,000 Hypixel Credits
MVP+: 4,000 Hypixel Credits

Unfortunately, we need to remove the coin bonuses in the achievements because some achievements require a purchase to be made. We will find another way to reward players that like to complete achievements, don’t worry!

Minigame Changes
All minigames are currently being upgraded with more fun and cosmetic features that will be available to players with a rank in order to keep the incentive for players to obtain ranks. Our goal is to make the minigames balanced while still offering tons of cool features to the players who want to support the server.

Here are some of the specific changes we are making to comply with the new regulations. We will not have time to visit all the changes in this post but this will give you a good idea of what we are intending to do.

Blitz Survival Games
As for the VIP and VIP+ kits, a price will be set for each of them. However, if you are currently a VIP or VIP+ (or MVP/MVP+) before August 1st, you will have the kits unlocked by default, saving coins. For example to unlock the Toxic kit you will need about 100,000 coins, the Horsetamer will be at around 350,000 coins and require level 30. The kits won’t be easy to unlock as we want to keep them limited to dedicated players.
New features will be added for players with ranks such as: Auras, Finishers, Taunts, Kit Customizers and much more.​

Mega Walls
The Herobrine and Enderman classes will be available to everyone for a coin price. However, if you have a VIP or VIP+ (or MVP/MVP+) rank before August 1st, you will have it unlocked by default.
We will remove the upgrade restrictions in the shop.
Everyone will be able to /surface and have protected furnaces/chests.
New features such as Mutation, Warcries, Alternate Skill Effect and much more will be available to players with ranks.​

All minigames will receive new features in the next few weeks to make sure our ranks are still worth buying . More details will be revealed as the team progresses. We are confident the games will be better than they were before.

Global Coin Boosters
We are going to let players buy boosters that will temporarily increase everyone’s coin multiplier for their favorite minigames. Let’s say player NoxyD123 buys a Blitz Survival Games booster, for 1 hour everyone playing Blitz will receive 2x coins and see the message “Boosted by NoxyD123’s donation!”.

Gadgets, Disguises and more!
We will be adding tons of gadgets, disguises and more for lobbies! Some will require Hypixel Credits and others ranks.

Free Gadgets for MVP/MVP+!
The following gadgets are only unlocked via having MVP or MVP+. Note that these are given out whether you had the rank before August 1st or not.

Stats Inspector: Allows you to view stats for any player in any game type of your choice.
Pyromaniac: Ignites you into a ball of fire for 10 seconds, before cooling off.
Magic 9 ball: Learn the answers to your problems through some of the world's greatest leaders.
Railgun: Straight from Quakecraft, it's the basic railgun ready to fire at will!
Cryptotube: Freezes you inside ice, great if you're planning on surviving any random apocalypses.

MVP+ included Gadgets
Cowboy: Allows you to ride the nearest player! Create towers by riding pets and then riding other players!
Roll Over: Causes your pet to roll over, allowing you to rub their belly.
iPixel: Allows you to open a music player where you can select from various C418 hit singles to play.
Map Selector: Allows you to instantly join any map for any game anywhere on the network.
Teleport stick: Allows you to teleport anywhere in the lobby by right-clicking and pointing with this magical stick.
When Pigs Fly: Spawns a flying pig with you riding it into battle!
CATapult: Attack your enemies with their worst fear, cats! Launches 4-6 exploding cats in the direction you aim.​

It’s possible that we will add more gadgets to MVP/MVP+, we always intend to keep adding value to having a rank.

Access fees
There will not be access fees on the Hypixel Server.
Non paying and paying players will ALWAYS be able to play together, we are 100% committed to you always having the option to play with your friends, whether they have already supported the server with a rank or not.

We will remove Vanity Tokens from quests rewards to avoid hybrid currency, however we will be adding more quests and new rewards in the near future.

MVP Land will still be around. Unfortunately, due to the word formating of the new commercial rules, we can’t let players use a command to teleport to a server, so you will need to join via a new IP which will probably be mvp.hypixel.net.

Unfortunately, due to the requirements, we must shut down the VIP lobby until further notice. This issue was taken out of our hands I’m afraid. We are going to work on a new and better lobby system in the near future. The VIP lobby was never as populated as we hoped for and will be putting our efforts towards housing and guild housing.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we will be updating the post’s FAQ section.

I would like to thank you all for your support, please understand that Mojang is doing this to ensure that servers follow their vision of what Minecraft should be. Despite not agreeing with every single one of the changes, we hold no ill-will towards Mojang, and we would be greatly disappointed to see if any members of our community did so as well.

To reiterate what we said earlier our firm belief is that we can create a better, fairer server for everyone, and we will achieve that while staying true to the things which makes Hypixel a special and unique place.

The future is very exciting, we have great new projects coming up like the next unannounced Mega Game, “The Blocking Dead” (formerly known as Day:One) and the inevitable Herobrine 3 to name just a few, as well as our own desire to create a non-minecraft game.

Myself and the admin team look forward to continuing this exciting journey with you - our community. Thank you for your attention!

-Hypixel and the Hypixel Network Team.


FAQ Section

1. Why are all these changes happening?
On June 12th, Mojang posted information about upcoming changes. They outlined modifications that were going to be made to what is called the “EULA” this is the End User License Agreement. We have had to make these changes to comply to the requirements set out by Mojang. This new “EULA” comes into force on August 1st 2014.

2. Will I keep my current coin multiplier after August 1st?

3. If I buy a rank on or after August 1st, Will I get a coin multiplier?

4. Will I still be able to get coins in games?

5. How are coin mastery levels unlocked?
They are purchasable via the ingame shop with in-game earned currency and levels.
We will state again that coin masteries will be the most difficult things on the server to get. After the update comes into place on August 1st, the last opportunity to get Coin Mastery via rank will be gone forever.

6. Will Helpers / JR.Helpers / Mods, get free Coin Mastery?
No, not even new Jr.Helpers / Helpers / Mods will get Coin Mastery.
They will have to earn it just like everyone else, via pre-August ranks or earning them.

7. What if the Hypixel Network doesn’t make enough?
We have a team of creative people that will find ways and already have a bunch of cool features that can be used to help if needed. Worst case scenario we will deliver content at a slower pace. The server will never shut down.

8. Will the facebook quad coin boosters remain?
Yes, in the future you can actually expect us to do more stuff like this, as its a way we can still give you boosters in return for your support that doesn’t actually require a purchase, we understand that not everyone can make online payments and are only able to support by doing things like sharing videos, liking posts and retweeting tweets..

9. If I currently have a rank, do I get future features regarding that rank?

10. What will happen if i upgrade my VIP to MVP+ after August 1st?
You will unlock all MVP+ features, but your coin multiplier will stay 2x, since kits will be accessible by all, you will not unlock any special kits either.

11. Will there still be giveaways of coins, boosters and such?
Yes, also good to mention that Double Coins Weekends will still happen too.

12. What does “Cosmetic” mean?
This means, something which does not affect gameplay balance, for example a hat. A rail gun weapon color, etc.

13. Will everything happen by exactly August 1st?
We have about 31+ minigames to update and it could take a bit of time, but fear not, according to information we've seen, Mojang appear to be some flexibility on the date. As long as we are clear on our store and on here that this process is happening and we will be EULA compliant.

14. Will the VIP/VIP+ only perks in X game remain?
Gameplay affecting perks will become available to everyone at a higher price. Previous owners will keep their progress.

15. Will some perks go from non-VIP to VIP?
Yes, for example Quakecraft and Arena Brawl shops have a lot of their cosmetics features moved to rank based.

16. What happens if I already earned something as a non-VIP that is now rank based?
It will be unavailable to use and/or might see the coins be refunded if needs be.
You will also lose achievements related to it.

17. Do you have anything else planned to help fund the server ?
Yes of course! Not only we have ideas to incentivise players to help support the server, but also can work with sponsorship partners. These discussions are already taking place, and in the next few weeks we plan to unveil a very exciting partnership with a famous and well respected T-Shirt and other merchandise supplier to give an example.

We are also working on ideas that can allow you to help support the server without having to contribute financially, the first example of that was the “Like Hypixel on Facebook for a Quad Booster” program.

18. Can we pay monthly for ranks instead?
We currently have no plans to have monthly payments. All ranks will be permanent.

19. What will happen to the vanity tokens I already earned/bought?
They will be converted into Hypixel Credits for free. 1 Vanity Token will be converted into 100 Hypixel Credits.

20. I bought the Snowman pet and kit, will everyone be able to access it?
The snowman pet will be available in the pet store for a price close to what you paid for.
As for the kit, it will be available at a high coin amount and limited to high levels.
If you bought the Snowman pack before August 1st, you will have it unlocked by default.

21. What will happen to my boosters bought before August 1st?
You keep them.

22. What will I be able to do with Hypixel Credits on the server?
You will be able to unlock pets, gadgets, disguises, custom fireworks and much more.
The Hypixel Credits is basically your account wallet to spend on cosmetic stuff so that we don’t have to put everything on our website store.

23. What is the conversion rate from Vanity Tokens to Hypixel Credits?
We will transfer every Vanity Token to 100 Hypixel Credits for free.
Example: 100 Vanity Tokens to 10,000 Hypixel Credits.

24. Will I be able to earn Hypixel Credits in game?
No, Hypixel Credits are a way to fund your account from the store.

25. If I bought a rank before August 1st, what do I get?
Read the whole post, tons of stuff!

26. Will there be ways in game to acquire boosters ?
In a few weeks we will introduce a system for small boosters, yes.

27. I want to ask a question privately and not on this topic.
If you have any payment issues, questions related to the store or private questions, you can send an email to our dedicated support team at [email protected]

28. With regards to the global coins booster, if 2 people activate this at the same time, will it just extend (be 2 hours instead of 1) or will it add up (i.e. be 4x instead of 2x)?
You will be asked if you want to queue your booster. If you choose not to, then you keep your booster to activate it later on.

29. Will everyone be able to fly in lobbies or no one?
Even if for us the fly ability is cosmetic in lobbies, everyone will be able to fly, but it might require to do 1 quest. Just doing that because /fly command was cited as an example of what not to do. It may take a while for us to make the quest as we need to rework the system.

by Hypixel at 12:10 AM
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We are currently working on the #3 update to kit balance, you can take a look here. (CHANGES ARE NOT FINAL.)
Once again, rogue has been left out because we are not done working on the new Deathmatch system.

This will be a big Blitz update.

Here's a list of the things we are currently working on. Some of them are being added because of the changes to Minecraft commercial policies;
  • New deathmatch system - 6+ arenas randomly selected per games
  • Random Kit - Selecting the Random Kit option will give you extra coins
  • Taunts - You will be able to /taunt on players for extra coins (only if you manage to kill a player in the next 10 seconds, failing to do so will have consequences)
  • Fatalities - You will be able to do a fatality on dead players, just like Mortal Kombat
  • Auras - Unlock cool looking effects for your character
  • Custom Sounds - You will be able to change sounds of some events (deaths, etc)
  • Victory Dances - Unlock victory moves such as: your name as firework in the sky after winning
Much much more will be added in the following weeks.
You can discuss ideas, balance and give suggestions here, thanks for your support!