Minecraft 1.15 Supported

Login using 1.8 or 1.15!

No need to switch from your favorite version! Play together with friends on Hypixel using Minecraft version 1.8 and above.

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by Jayavarmen at 4:25 PM
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For years SkyBlock has been one of the most requested games on the Network, today we are releasing our own version of SkyBlock in the Prototype lobby!

What is SkyBlock?
SkyBlock has been around the Minecraft community for more than 7 years, longer than the Hypixel Network! Even though the game has evolved a lot through the years, the idea remains the same:
Players start on a tiny island with almost nothing and quickly start unlocking and collecting resources, expand their island, combat monsters, then create farms and explore all their options.
There are many ways to play SkyBlock, and we have decided to create our own special way.

How to play Hypixel SkyBlock?
You can go in the Prototype Lobby, or you can directly click on SkyBlock in the compass. There is also a SkyBlock NPC in the main lobby!
You can also easily join using the /play skyblock command.
SkyBlock can be played alone or with friends in Co-op! See more co-op information below.
You can play SkyBlock on any Minecraft version, but we recommend using 1.8.9 as it is still the most stable version!

Why Prototype?
The game is still in development - there are "coming soon" features and a lot of balancing to do - but during the last few weeks of testing we have been having a lot of fun playing. If we are having fun, then the game is ready for prototype!

As such, please make sure you report any bugs or exploits as soon as possible so we can fix them fast. The best way to do so is to use our bug report form.

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by ConnorLinfoot at 12:07 PM
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In a thread recently we discussed ideas for creating a "Season Pass" for the server, which would include many rewards.

Today we're happy to release the first season of the Hypixel Battle Pass! Including over 100 rewards, ranging from Mystery Boxes, to brand new cosmetics. And, we're also introducing a new feature for lobbies, statuses!

by ConnorLinfoot at 11:02 AM
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Hey all!

Today we're releasing a whole new Game Menu to the server that provides a cleaner and less cluttered layout. As well as the ability for players to be able to customize some slots to their liking!


▶ Customization
The new Game Menu features 12 customizable slots that can be changed to any game, or even a "Quick Play" icon to any permanent mode on the network just by right clicking the icon. There are 100 different icons that can be selected!

by OrangeMarshall at 6:45 PM
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We're happy to announce that the second part of the Arcade Games update has been finished! To read more about how this update progressed over the last two months, click here!

Otherwise, keep reading for all the info!

by Donpireso at 11:15 AM
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Hey Everyone!

To celebrate 1.14, and to end our Easter event with a bang, we will be running a double COINS and double EXP event this weekend, starting RIGHT NOW!

We would like to thank all of our players (you!) for making Hypixel what it is today, and we hope you will have a wonderful weekend!

I'd like to remind everyone to report any issues with 1.14 at our bug reports forum. This really helps us a lot!

by Donpireso at 7:36 PM
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Hey everyone!

As you are all aware, Mojang has released Minecraft 1.14. We are obviously very excited about everything it has to offer.

Considering this, after a lot of hard work, we can say we fully support the following Minecraft version:
1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13 and 1.14!

While we are happy to say that we intend to fully support 1.14, however, there are two things that we need to talk about. First, we have been caught a bit off-guard with the release of 1.14: while we know most of everything will be working as intended, you might experience some weirdness in some game modes. We invite everyone to report any bugs or issues on our bug reports forum located here.

Secondly, we'd like to mention something we've talked about briefly a year ago - while we are confident that 1.8 is a very important Minecraft version and will forever try our very best to keep supporting it, it is possible that we will have to drop support for 1.9 to 1.13 at some point in the future. This is obviously not something we will do without warning, but it is still on the table, to some extent.

As always, version support is a very difficult task but we are definitely committed to it.
Please make sure you report any issue you run into at our bug reports forum.