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Minecraft 1.13 Supported

Login using 1.8 or 1.13!

No need to switch from your favorite version! Play together with friends on Hypixel using Minecraft version 1.8 and above.

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by LyallPD at 3:14 PM
(5,272 Views / 84 Likes)

This coming weekend from 13th to the 15th of July (Event has now ended), we are bringing you...


for all UHC Quests, UHC Challenges, and all UHC Games played!​

As we mentioned in our last post about the Blitz 5x weekend, this will be a continuation of our attempts to interest more people in older game modes.

This time we went with UHC since Nitroholic_ released two great UHC updates recently to improve the game and add additional value for our players. To see Nitroholic_'s updates, see here and here. If you haven't been playing UHC or just felt the game was a bit too overwhelming, hop into the new Vanilla mode - it's a great way to get started in UHC! Just Vanilla UHC - no recipes, extra ultimates, perks or kits, and only 1 row of hearts!

This small incentive will help more players give UHC ago while playing with their friends and enjoying this fantastic game.

We will also be able to present the data that is gathered from these two events in one of our upcoming Developer Summaries. In addition, we will share what we could learn from the two events as well as if and what we can improve.

So throw out the plans for this weekend...

... it's time to get some UHC going!

by Minikloon at 4:41 PM
(16,459 Views / 185 Likes)

We just released The Pit v0.3.5 update to the Prototype Lobby.
▶ In a nutshell
  • New Map: Four Seasons
  • New Feature: Mystic Well (Custom Item Enhancement)
  • New Event: Robbery
  • Lots of balance changes
  • Bugfixes
Developer Note [ As spoke about in our July Developer Summary (Here) 1.13 caused a few delays to this update and to make sure you didn't have to wait any longer, we wanted to release the content we have ready.

In May, we hosted Pit Event Contest and we were overwhelmed by the response with over 2500+ submissions. Moving forward to v0.4, we plan to add more of these event ideas and fix any potential bugs that arise from this update.]
For full information, make sure to continue reading.​

by Relenter at 2:37 PM
(9,039 Views / 112 Likes)

Hi all!

It’s time for the next lab rotation which brings the return of Lucky Block mode! We also updated Lucky Block mode to include new effects, an optional resource pack, and more! Along with this, we have made some changes to Mega Doubles, added the player stats, and fixed a lot of bugs.

Continue reading for more information.

by Nitroholic_ at 12:18 PM
(5,932 Views / 97 Likes)
A small update has been released for UHC, available to play now in the new UHC Lobby. Read on below for a full list of changes and additions, or play it right now by clicking the UHC Lobby NPC, game menu icon, or using the command /lobby uhc.

▶ What is in this update?
  • Pregame improvements to help games start more consistently
  • New event mode
  • Bug fixes
As always, if you find any bugs or issues please report them in the bugs section on the forums HERE.

This update is following up after the last UHC update which you can read HERE.

Make sure you click "Continue reading" for more information on the update.

by PixelBaker at 7:41 PM
(34,256 Views / 350 Likes)

Hello Hypixelians,

Welcome to the July Development Summary, where we will be sharing insights into our past, current, and future projects.

Just a quick reminder that anything I share is subject to change during development. I won’t be able to share everything the team is currently working on in this summary, as some of the projects are in very early stages of development and we want to keep some surprises for the community. However, we are aiming to update you on these projects as soon as we can.

Previous Developer Summaries
  • June Mini #1 - Guild Update, CvC & Mega Walls - Read More Here
  • June Mini #2 - Why another BW/SW Update?, Mega Walls & Prototype - Read More Here
In this summary, I’m going to talk about the following:
  • Supporting the latest Minecraft client version 1.13
  • Guild Update Progress & Sneak Peek
  • Changing the way we release updates
  • Older Game Support
  • Some of the things to expect in July?
Make sure to hit the read more for full information.

by Externalizable at 3:24 PM
(12,669 Views / 76 Likes)

Hey hey,

Today we're releasing a small Bed Wars update which includes some new Achievements for Bed Wars and we're also bringing back Rush, which has been updated to V2 based on the feedback and ideas from the community.

▶ Achievements

We've added new achievements adding up to a total of 300 new achievement points!

  • Distraction - 5
    Get a kill while you have your glyph active
  • Rejoining the Dream! - 5
    Use the /rejoin command to warp back into a Bed Wars game
  • Prime Markmanship - 5
    Land 5 consecutive shots with a bow
  • That's a First - 5
    Win your first game of Bed Wars
  • Savvy Shopper - 5
    Change the Shopkeeper skin
  • Showoff - 5
    Destroy a bed in style
  • It's Dark Down There - 5
    Fall into the void
  • You Can’t Do That! - 5
    Attempt to break your team’s bed
  • Sneaky Rusher - 5
    Destroy a bed while being invisible
  • Mission Control - 5
    Use the Quick Communications menu to send a team message
  • Cutting It Close! - 10
    Win a game with less than 30 seconds before bed destruction
  • Minefield - 10
    Have 3 traps activated at once
  • Stay Away From Me! - 10
    Knock 5 players into the void in a single game using a Knockback Stick
  • Bomber - 10
    Use 5 TNTs in a single game of Bed Wars
  • Getting The Job Done Better - 10
    Destroy all of the beds in a single game
  • Like a Ninja - 10
    Use Magic Milk to make a trap not activate
  • The Last Of Us - 15
    Win a game by being the last player alive on your team
  • Revenge - 15
    Final kill the player that destroyed your bed
  • Out Of Stock - 15
    Purchase and max out all team upgrades in a single game
  • Collectors Edition - 5-10-15-20-25
    Collect 25-50-100-250-500 wool from each enemy team
  • Bed Wars Killer - 5-10-15-20-25
    Get 25-100-250-500-1500 final kills

Thanks to the council for the help on establishing this list!

Rush V2

We're bringing back Rush with a few changes from the feedback and ideas shared with us from the community. Don't worry - as we release new dream modes, we plan to put previous modes into the rotation again in the future! So if you missed a mode, you will have a chance to play it later on.

Due to the increased player count during summer vacation, we are adding solo for dream modes starting with Rush. Although, we may not be able to offer this in future rotations, we hope you solo players can join in with the dream during summer.


Rush V2 Changelog:
  • Added solo mode, as stated above this is only possible due to increased players over the summer holiday.
  • Stats are now tracked, just like other dream modes.
  • Doubled the price of all potions.
  • Removed obsidian from the store.
  • Sudden death will now spawn two dragons by default.
  • We've slightly increased the speed of the bridge building.
  • We've now added the ability to toggle the bridging by left-clicking while holding wool.

We hope you enjoy the new updates! As always, report all bugs here so we can fix them as soon as possible!