Minecraft 1.14 Supported

Login using 1.8 or 1.14!

No need to switch from your favorite version! Play together with friends on Hypixel using Minecraft version 1.8 and above.

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by Donpireso at 10:24 AM
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Hey everyone!

On July 29th, the Hypixel Battle Pass Season 1 was supposed to end.
We are very happy with the results so far, however, we have decided to add an extra month to it.
The exact end time will be on August 28 2019 at 16:00 UTC (12:00 EST).

Before we explain the reasoning for this extension, here's some fun data, taken today:

by Minikloon at 10:32 PM
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Have you read one of our dev blogs before? Here's one on our use of Grafana, a tool to generate a bunch of graphs about Hypixel. In these dev posts, we talk about how the technology works on the network.

Today, we'll explain how we handle the storage of player islands on Hypixel SkyBlock.
Briefly for the few of you who might not have played: Each player owns their own Minecraft world on the game in which they can build their base, generate resources using minions and store their valuables in chests. Depending on their rank, players can create a certain number of profiles, each with their own island.

The task of storing Minecraft worlds is easily divided in two: 1. turning blocks into files 2. holding lots of files.

But first...
▶ SkyBlock Statistics (so far)
  • Game released on June 11th 2019
  • 1.73 million player islands
  • 40.2 GB of data on drives
  • 27 thousand concurrent players record
  • 75 big computers running 1500 Minecraft servers with 10 worlds each, just for player islands
  • 3300 saves and 904 island load per minute at 20k ccu
  • Started development in January with 3-4 full-time devs, with a prototype first built in a in-house game jam in November
Click read more to learn how the cake is cooked.

by codename_B at 12:39 PM
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Hey everyone, we have released our first phase of the QoL Update. We are currently working hard on the planned content for the update, but it will take some time for it to finish. We decided to break this update into multiple phases, and we're releasing the first phase to address the more troublesome issues in the game at the current moment.

by Jayavarmen at 10:46 PM
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I wonder who owns this beautiful island..

Like we said in the previous patch, we are trying to release SkyBlock content every week!
Here in this week's patch:

  • Introducing Guesting
  • New Boss Loot mechanics and more
  • New collection items
  • Fishing Achievements
  • Personal Leaderboards
  • Shops improvements (buy in bulk!)
  • Balancing and General changes
  • Bug fixes

by Jayavarmen at 9:43 PM
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Today we are releasing our first large content patch for SkyBlock. It includes:
  • Fishing Update
  • 60+ Achievements
  • Redstone testing
  • A very mysterious place
  • Skills for lvl 26 to 50
  • Jerry
  • And more!

by Donpireso at 9:59 AM
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Time to relax and get some low prices during the Hypixel SUMMER SALE!

The entire Hypixel Web store will offer a storewide discount (up to 50%!), while the in-game store will offer up to 55% discount.
Summer Bundles will offer up to 85% discount on their content.

Following last year's new tradition, we are making Golden Mystery Boxes and Golden Loot Chests available for a limited time again. This sale will last a month and a half.