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by Likaos at 2:46 PM
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As part of our summer plans and my first personal addition to Hypixel, today we are releasing a brand new experimental game into the Prototype Lobby. Introducing King of the Hill!

King of the Hill is an intense Team PvP game and I hope that you guys will enjoy this version, I will be reading your feedback, suggestions and bug reports! This has been a favorite game of mine that I've worked on in the past before joining Hypixel and I'm quite excited today to share this new version.

For this summer, our plan is to release tons of updates, new features, new prototype games and guild update (which is doing very well!)- this will be a busy summer for all of us! Please note that after this summer we will be focusing more on updates and slowing down on new prototype games, there should be an announcement in the next few days in regards to this.

▶ What is King of the Hill
King of the Hill is a game with a simple objective, get on the Hill in the middle of the map and earn points for your team. The first team to reach 1000 points wins the game.

At 999 points, an Overtime starts, and the team needs to be alone on the point during a few seconds to secure the win.

There is also a second objective, the Altars.


Altars are capture points on the side of the map. Capturing an Altar gives a buff to your entire team, but be careful you will lose the buff next time the enemy team captures it.

Unlike the Hill, Altars do not give you any points, however, your team can easily invade the Hill with those strong buffs.

There are 4 different types of Altars, and 2 of them are randomly selected each game!
  • Power: +25% increased damage
  • Healing: +1 Heart every 3 seconds
  • Speed: +15% movement speed
  • Resistance: +20% reduced damage
▶ Perks

Everyone has access to a perk menu and can choose 3 perks. You can change your build at any time during the game. Perks are an important part of the game; they can help you turn a situation to your advantage or change your play style.

▶ Shop

During the game, you can use Gold to upgrade your gear and purchase powerful items permanently!
Gold is gained passively every second and by killing enemies.
The Shop Villager is located in your base.

We hope you will enjoy the game and will be following your feedback in the KotH forum subsection!
> https://hypixel.net/forums/game-king-of-the-hill.154/ <

In the future weeks, we will be working closely with the community on balancing and new perks. :)

by Dctr at 5:22 PM
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Today we've released a brand new Blitz Surival Games update including achievements, new kits, prestiges, 3 new maps, 1 legacy map returning and a lot more! Check out the changelog below or join the Blitz lobby to see them in-game.

New Maps


by ConnorLinfoot at 1:15 PM
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Today we've rolled some changes to maps within Bed Wars. We've added Orchestra which has been tweaked since its removal from rotation, and we've added a new map Dragonstar! We've also made some changes to other maps and map bug fixes.

Continue reading to see both the new maps and a list of tweaks to the other maps.

by Relenter at 11:05 AM
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Hello everyone!

We have some more bug fixes here for you today, this time for Build Battle!

Huge thanks to everyone that has reported these bugs. If you encounter any bugs yourself, you can report them here: https://hypixel.net/bugs/

Continue reading for a full list of all the bug fixes.

by ConnorLinfoot at 4:45 PM
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Hello Detectives!

We've just rolled a Murder Mystery patch to fix a lot of those pesky bugs and made a couple of small improvements! Continue reading for the full list of bug fixes!


by ConnorLinfoot at 1:53 PM
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Hello all!

Today we're releasing a new update for Bed Wars which includes a new NPC for limited time modes, that we call dream modes! With this comes the first limited time mode, Rush! Along with this also comes an all new cosmetic, Bed Destroy!

Continue reading for the full details and list of bug fixes!