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by ConnorLinfoot at 7:30 PM
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Over the weekend we hosted our fourth Hypixel Tournament, Cops and Crims Defusal! Here are some stats from the tournament:
  • 47,740 games played & 293,362 total rounds played
  • 44,995 unique players
  • 295,589,946 total coins earned across all players
  • 1,815,381 kills of which 19,493 were grenade kills
  • 156,520 bombs placed & 43,339 of those bombs were defused
  • Combined playtime of 6 years and 2 months
You may now claim your tournament rewards at the NPC
(Right side of the Tournament Hall)
Continue reading for the top 100!

by Jayavarmen at 7:30 PM
(127,885 Views / 287 Likes)

We just released a new patch for SkyBlock, this one includes:
  • A new Spooky Event
  • New Pumpkin Collection items
  • New Halloween themed Village
  • Zealot Changes
  • Improvements to the Colosseum PvP
  • A new shop: the Bartender
  • New Music
  • Few general changes

by ConnorLinfoot at 7:30 PM
(66,630 Views / 230 Likes)

It's time for our fourth Hypixel Tournament, Cops and Crims - Defusal!
If you don't know about tournaments or the Tournament Hall, or if you'd like to know more about some of the terms in this post, make sure to take a look at the first tournament post.

If you missed out on previous tournaments, no big deal!
You don't need to have played in previous ones to participate. You are on an even footing every tournament.

▶ How to participate?
The Cops and Crims tournament will take place on October 25th.
It will last 48 hours total, from 6:00 PM EST October 25 to 6:00 PM EST October 27.

There will be a Tournament Mode NPC in the Cops and Crims lobby (as well as the tournament Hall).
You will also be reminded about the tournament in a few different lobbies across the server.

Continue reading to learn all the details!

by Sylent at 8:27 PM
(132,017 Views / 204 Likes)

The team at Hypixel Studios are honored to announce that Hytale has been nominated for 'Most Wanted Game' at this year's Golden Joystick Awards! The Golden Joysticks are one of the longest-running video game award shows in the world, and the winners are decided by a public vote. Voting has already begun, and the Hytale team would really appreciate your support!

If you'd like to vote for Hytale, you can find the 'Most Wanted' category here:

All you need to do is click 'Vote' next to Hytale and then fill out the 'Submit my votes' form. If you like, you can also go back through the rest of the categories to vote for your other favorite games of 2019!

by Donpireso at 7:19 AM
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[​IMG] Hey Everyone!

While we wait for more bigger content to be completed, here's a fun little update to keep you guys occupied. Read on to see what's new!

by Externalizable at 5:21 PM
(33,090 Views / 95 Likes)

Hey hey,

Get ready to be spooked, because this year's Halloween Event on Hypixel has finally begun! We have been working hard to add brand new content alongside all of your favorite additions from last year's event.

This spooky update contains these NEW features:
  • SkyBlock Halloween Cosmetics
  • The Hypixel Store has spooky 25% off sale! Five Spooky Bundles are available which contains a lot of items, valued at an 85% discount!
  • Updated SkyWars, Bed Wars, and Murder Mystery Spooky Loot Chests with a bunch of new cosmetics!
  • 17 brand new Halloween-inspired game achievements
  • New Murder Mystery Special Quest
  • ONE new Murder Mystery Map
  • TWO spooky SkyWars & Bed Wars Maps each (4 total)
  • Main Lobby: Reskinned lobby, random lightning returns!, 3 brand new Turbo Bat Racers courses, new Candy Basket hunt, and Spooky Scary Skeleton room
With these returning features from previous Halloween events:
  • Main Lobby: Pumpkin Smash, Turbo Bat Racers, Undead Shooting Range
  • Build Battle Halloween Hyper Mode
  • Spooky SkyWars games (formerly "corrupted")
  • Special modes and bonus quests for SkyWars, Build Battle, Murder Mystery
  • 5 reskinned maps for Bed Wars and SkyWars
  • Halloween Mystery Boxes earned from The Spooky Man
Keep reading to learn all about the spooky additions!