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You get a house! You get a house! Everyone gets a house! That's right, housing has now left closed beta!

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Black Friday Sales have arrived! From now until December 2nd we are offering savings of up to 80% OFF on the Hypixel PC Store. As well as huge discounts on Boosters, Ranks and Mystery Boxes, we've also created exclusive Black Friday Bundles offering some of the best discounts in the sale!

Black Friday Bundles - Up to 80% OFF
Ranks - 60% OFF
Boosters - 35% OFF
Mystery Box Bundles - 25% OFF

Black Friday is our biggest ever sale, so make sure to pick up some great Hypixel deals before it ends.

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Hello, I hope you're having an excellent day wherever you are; It's about to get better.
Blitz Map Rotation is here!

This update also comes with a brand new mode designed for new players and old alike - No Kits Mode.
chest rush.gif
Otherwise known as chest rush mode..!

Want to test your skill in a true battle of wits? Pop into No Kits Mode and try your luck. It's just like regular Blitz, except with no kits. Coin gain is exactly the same as regular Blitz too, so you don't have to worry about missing out on your grinding. This will improve new player experience as well as veterans who wishes to come back.

In addition to this, we're pleased to announce the addition of 2 new kits!

This kit comes with special spawn eggs with a 40/60 chance of spawning either a chicken or a spider jockey. Are your enemies going to be terrified, or mildly amused?

Hype Train
We promised extra hype train in this update, and boy did we deliver. Now you can literally ride a hype train of hype, while simultaneously slaughtering your enemies and dropping TNT. This fun kit is sure to bring a smile to your face.

We are now able to bring back Caelum v1! This means it's playable in both kits, and no kits mode. This map has been a long time favorite but also the most controversial map, so we will be monitoring feedback. Thanks to the map rotation system, we were able to add this map back - since all maps will be played equally rather than Caelum throwing its shadow over all the other maps.

Bug Fixes
No update would be complete without some bug fixes, so here are some bug fixes!
  • Players won't lose health when they're teleported to deathmatch on a horse
  • Random kit won't select Rambo any more (stops the Rambo bug where players could still wear armor)
  • Pixelville (teams) mobs now drop exp like they're supposed to
  • Double chests give double loot
  • Players can no longer die while using a victory dance
  • The scrolls from Invoker have had their names shortened to make them more readable, as well as now dropping beside players if their inventory is full.
  • Jedi Knight now works properly
  • Chests spawn empty much less often
  • Rambo kit is only selectable in solo mode, to prevent situations where people were abusing it to get rambo wins by having a non rambo teammate
  • To allow for a single sign for teams, all teams maps have been changed to 2 player teams
Kit Balancing
We've made an effort only to change the most necessary things here, while keeping things as balanced as possible. The changes are as follows;
  • Armorer gains more armor pieces earlier on, and stronger levels of enchantment
  • Blaze loses some armor pieces but gains much stronger enchantments and materials
  • Horsetamer loses the leather helmet and golden apple, and gains wheat to feed the horse instead
We hope you enjoy this update, and please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below.

Edit: We added Docks V1, Egypt and Winter back to the solo rotation.

by Hypixel at 12:03 PM
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For the first time ever, we are trying a 24 hours triple coins! Make sure you bring as many friends as you can, today is gonna be a lot of fun!

by codename_B at 6:57 PM
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We've got some more news to drop, Walls style! The next game to get map rotation after this, will be Blitz!
This update introduces our new map queue system to The Walls, however we also took the time to patch up bugs with the addition of some new features & awesome maps for your enjoyment!

This map is set deep in the jungle; players will come across abandoned buildings, and flowing rivers. Once the walls have fallen it will all be down to teamwork to control the central pagoda, and vanquish your foes.

An wilderness styled map set in the outback. Players will have to venture deep underground to prepare themselves against the opposing teams.

An abandoned desert village, generously populated with oases. Players will battle it out to control the water in the barren desert landscape. Teams will have to work together and overcome obstacles to claim victory.

An old favourite makes a triumphant return! Fortify your villa, or charge the middle? Your decision will bring your team to victory!

Quest Master
The Quest Master is now available for use in Walls! We've included a few daily quests and a weekly quest to complete. Reward amounts are similar to that of SkyWars and Crazy Walls!

Layout Editor
This was a highly requested feature by the community and we're happy to finally introduce it! The layout editor allows you to customize the the layout of your starter items in your inventory for every game. The layout editor is added as a new element in the shop!

Colorblind Mode
This update brings support for colorblind users. In the tab list, you will now see either a Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow prefix before your name to indicate what team you are playing on.

Scoreboard Update
After two years of using our legacy scoreboard system, we have updated the scoreboard to match the new, clean scoreboard layout used across the network!

Bug Fixes & Balancing

This update also fixes a few bugs in both the lobby & game as well as balancing to a few items in the shop:
  • Fixed 1.8 compatibility issues with anvil levels & books
  • Adjusted Bomberman price to be 3900 coins instead of level 1 price
  • Fixed who message in pregame
  • Allowed all players to interact with workbenches, enchantment tables, and anvils
  • TNT minecarts no longer cause destruction if activated before the walls fall
  • Fixed some starter items that had the incorrect enchantment levels in-game
  • Compass now updates every second instead of every five seconds
  • Fixed some starter items that were conflicting with a network level requirement
  • Shouting is no longer possible in the pre-game lobby
  • Strength potions nerfed
  • Removed damage from arrows shot over the walls before falling
We've also added map voting to Walls so you can let us know what you think of the maps, new and old!

Thank you all for the consistent bug fixes and ideas, you helped make this update a great one! ;)

Next game to get map rotation will be Blitz!

by Zanflango at 10:19 AM
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… and some new content!
We are adding the map rotation system to VampireZ and with it we are adding a new map!

Dark Valley
In this new map survivors will need to race down the length of the valley desperately searching for somewhere to hide as they are stalked at every turn by Vampires. Navigating bridges, streams and the occasional cliff will you be able to survive the night?

Quest Master
We are also enabling the Quest Master for VampireZ with daily quests of playing a game, winning a game and killing a 10 Vampires and 20 Zombies - as well as weekly quests of winning 12 games and killing a 25 Vampires and 130 Zombies! Now get out there and slay the undead!

And more!
In addition to the new map, quests and the queue system we are adding a small content update and a few bug fixes.
The most important of these is a change to the Enderman disguise. As we all know this disguise is a little glitchy with the extra height and tendency to appear to teleport around despite numerous attempts to prevent it from doing so; We decided to replace this disguise with the Witch disguise.
If you already have the Enderman disguise you will have the Witch disguise, the Witch also feels like it fits more in the theme of VampireZ.

A new perk for the Vampires named “Frankenstein’s Monster” has been added, it can be found in the VampireZ shop in the lobby. This new perk works similar to the existing Vampiric Minion perk. When the Vampire is killed it gives a percent chance of spawning a Zombie Pigman to attack the survivors. The price for this new perk has been set higher than most of the existing perks to make it something of a prestige perk.

To help out the survivors 2 new items have been added to the Loot chest and the Foresight perk has been adjusted to be more useful. The two new items are a Gold Ore block which when you attempt to place the block from your hot bar will provide you will a random amount of in game gold to purchase gear and weapons, and “The Boots” - God Gear level boots with enhanced durability so they should never break. And the Foresight has been adjusted to make it more useful. This perks works by adding up the perk level of all the players and comparing it to random percent chance to see if a second Loot chest spawns on the map - previously there was a threshold that the combined level had to be above before this perk would trigger and that has been removed so now even the smallest amount of Foresight can result in an extra Loot chest.

A few bug fixes and a minor adjustment to the survivor shop have been made. The “Piercing Splinter” sword for survivors has been reduced in price and had level of the damage enchantment increased based on suggestions from the community to make a more balanced weapon. And the bug that could occasionally result in vampires with survivor armor has been fixed.

Finally, we've also added map voting so you can let us know which maps are your favourites!

We hope you enjoy the new map, queue system, quests and content!

by Amico at 9:13 PM
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Baller news! We're working to move our older games to the new SkyWars inspired map rotation system. This process is going to begin with Paintball, and because one of the benefits of the new map rotation system is that we're not limited in how many maps we can have any more - we're adding 4 new maps to Paintball to complement this change!

1. Market
This Paintball map is an inland market village, once players arrive at mid it is a free-for-all, an open space with only market stalls and crates to protect players.

2. Octagon

A fast paced map. This map is very open with only small objects around to help protect players from the dangers of the opposing team. Players are able to access high walk-ways surrounding the sides of the maps, gain height advantage, snipe enemies, giving your team the winning advantage!

3. Courtyard
A close-quarter battle that takes place in a luscious Courtyard. Players may choose to be quick and risky, rushing past pillars to face the enemy team head-on or sly and sneaky, using side-passages and corridors to get the upper hand.

4. Outback
An Australian themed open map that takes place in the outback. A vast and remote landscape, use what little cover is given by utilising the trees and houses. Move from house to house to gain cover, working as a team is key.
Queue System!

Paintball has been changed to the new map queue system, which you will have seen in the larger games such as SkyWars and CrazyWalls.

Map Voting!
Tell us what you really think! Really love a map? Slap a big old 5 stars on there? Think it needs to get binned? Let us know! Vote with your clicks! This lets us understand better which maps you love!

The Aztec map has been removed from rotation due to FPS issues in the map, giving a cool total of 14 maps in Paintball!

We hope you enjoy this update! We're excited to add the new sign system to even more games in the near future!
(Did you get the pun at the start?)

by Hypixel at 8:15 PM
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Crazy Walls is now LIVE on the server for everyone to play and enjoy!

What makes Crazy walls different from normal walls you say? Well just about everything, it’s really it’s own entirely new game mode with the same core concept.

Walls was designed in 2012, So it's about time we re-imagined it!



In Crazy Walls, there are actually two sets of walls in a grid layout. 16 teams battle it out, but rather than expose everyone to a giant fight at the same time. First the green walls drop, then the red a few minutes later.



On top of normal crafting, Crazy Walls has a shopkeeper which you can visit to exchange things like RedStone for TNT and so on. This means that you’ll have to make important decisions about what you prioritize looking for during the mining phase.

His inventory differs per game type, be sure to plan ahead for what you need!

Golden Skulls


When making a kill or winning a game, there is a chance to get one of the rather rare Golden Skulls. You can make an offering to the Giant Zombie for a chance of shop items!

Lucky Mode


Lucky Mode has
  • A Different Shop with different rewards
  • Lucky Blocks which can be found by mining
  • Trade player heads in for more Shop lucky blocks
  • Activate the Super Lucky Blocks that are placed around the map! Be warned though, things may not always go your way
Have fun guys! Let us know what you think in the new crazy walls forum, and as always - please be sure to report bugs in the bug forum!

Fair warning: this game is hard!

See you on the server!

by NoxyD at 3:12 PM
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Credit Removal from the Store & Changes

As previously stated we are removing Hypixel Credits from our store at the stroke of Midnight server time tonight. This was based on further clarifications and new additions listed on the following Mojang blog post.

Fear not however, we think you guys are gonna like the changes. (2Spooky4UHalloween!)
  • Monthly Credit Bonuses are increasing
  • Weekly Quest Credit Rewards are improved
  • Daily Quest Credit Rewards are better.
  • The cost of items is decreasing
The changes are in effect immediately, for read on for more detailed info!

Delivery man
Rank Old Credits New Credits
Regulars 100 500
VIP 1000 2500
VIP+ 2000 5000
MVP 3000 7500
MVP+ 4000 10000
Weekly Quests
Quest Old Credits New Credits
UHC Quest 100 200
Mega Walls Quest 100 200
SkyWars Quest 25 200
Warlords Quest 50 200
Daily Quests
Quest Old Credits New Credits
SkyWars 2 5
Warlords 2 5

And here a list of the changes we made to prices ingame:

Item Old Credits New Credits
Double Fortune 2000 1000
Item Old Credits New Credits
Common Skin Change 25 20
Rare Skin Change 450 250
Epic Skin Change 2900 1500
Legendary Skin Change 8700 4000

Blitz Survival Games
Blitz Survival Games
Item Old Credits New Credits
Boom Finisher 6400 3500
Lightning Strikes Finisher 6400 3500
Creeper Firework Finisher 6400 3500
Infestation Finisher 13500 7100
Gravestone Finisher 13500 7100
Squid Missile Finisher 13500 7100
#rekt Hologram 40000 25000

Mega Walls
Mega Walls
Item Old Credits New Credits
#rekt Sign 25000 17000
Get Good Sign 25000 17000
Ur Mama Sign 25000 17000
Bad N Ez Sign 25000 17000
#noscoped Sign 25000 17000
Dreadlord Mutation 10000 8000
Shaman Mutation 10000 8000
Western Kill Message 9000 6500
Fire Kill Message 9000 6500
Love Kill Message 9000 6500
Paladin Kill Message 9000 6500
Pirate Kill Message 9000 6500
Bbq Kill Message 9000 6500

Turbo Kart Racers
Turbo Kart Racers
Item Old Credits New Credits
Hypesweggen Tranquility Kart Skin 2100 1300
Blueshell Inc Eclipse Kart Skin 2100 1300
Slothdinger Sunrise Kart Skin 2100 1300
Turbobrine Junker Kart Skin 2100 1300
Sphax Corp Glacius Kart Skin 2100 1300
Hypesweggen Commando Kart Skin 4700 2800
Blueshell Inc Dante Kart Skin 4700 2800
Slothdinger Ultraviolet Kart Skin 4700 2800
Turbobrine Frostbit Kart Skin 4700 2800
Sphax Corp Silver Shadow Skin 4700 2800

Pet Old Credits New Credits
Cow Pet 1000 750
Chicken Pet 1000 750
Wolf Pet 1170 800
Pig Pet 1340 900
Silverfish Pet 2340 1500
Zombie Pet 2340 1500
Black Cat Pet 2500 1800
Red Cat Pet 2500 1800
Siamese Cat Pet 2500 1800
White Sheep Pet 2500 1800
Gray Sheep Pet 2500 1800
Brown Sheep Pet 2500 1800
Silver Sheep Pet 2500 1800
Brown Horse Pet 3670 2200
Orange Sheep Pet 4000 2500
Magenta Sheep Pet 4000 2500
Light Blue Sheep Pet 4000 2500
Yellow Sheep Pet 4000 2500
Lime Sheep Pet 4000 2500
Cyan Sheep Pet 4000 2500
Purple Sheep Pet 4000 2500
Blue Sheep Pet 4000 2500
Green Sheep Pet 4000 2500
Red Sheep Pet 4000 2500
Farmer Villager Pet 5000 3000
Librarian Villager Pet 5000 3000
Priest Villager Pet 5000 3000
Blacksmith Villager Pet 5000 3000
Butcher Villager Pet 5000 3000
Mule Pet 5340 3150
Creamy Horse Pet 6000 4500
Chestnut Horse Pet 6000 4500
Dark Brown Horse Pet 6000 4500
Gray Horse Horse Pet 6000 4500
Donkey Pet 6340 4800
Cave Spider Pet 6340 4800
Tiny Slime Pet 6670 5000
Tiny Magma Cube Pet 6670 5000
Bat Pet 7670 5900
Black Sheep 8340 6200
Spider Pet 9340 7200
White Horse Pet 9340 7200
Black Horse Pet 9340 7200
Pig Zombie Pet 10000 7500
Skeleton Pet 10340 7800
Mooshroom Pet 10340 7800
Zombie Villager Pet 10670 7900
Creeper Pet 11670 8200
Undead Horse Pet 15000 11000
Small Slime Pet 16000 11500
Small Magma Cube Pet 16000 11500
Big Slime Pet 25000 17000
Big Magma Cube Pet 25000 17000
Enderman Pet 31670 20000
Iron Golem Pet 40000 25000

Warlords Balancing and Economy Patch
Also of note, we've rolled a small balance and economy patch to Warlords today - you can find out further information on this newspost.

Halloween Ending & Halloween Mystery Boxes
Final piece of news - the Halloween Lobby and Halloween Mystery boxes dropping are all going away sometime tomorrow.

Unopened boxes will remain in your inventory
but you will not longer be able to claim anymore from the Deliveryman or find them from playing games. He's very tired from all the deliveries and he's making his plans for what he's gonna do at Christmas.

@LyallPD a new Admin who recently joined us from Riot Games, will be on the thread to answer more questions about the changes!

We hope all our players have a Happy Halloween!

by Hypixel at 1:12 PM
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Hypixel: Pocket Edition Alpha Testing has commenced!
You can play now with Pocket Edition & Win10
Server IP:

For many months, the Hypixel team have been hard at work behind the scenes on a new project we chose to keep under wraps. This project was codenamed Bladestorm, and it could not have happened without the support of our amazing staff team and wider community.

Today we are excited to officially announce Hypixel: Pocket Edition, a brand new way to play Hypixel. Hypixel: Pocket Edition is free to play, and you can connect to the server IP using Minecraft: Pocket Edition, or Minecraft for Windows 10.

Without any promotion from us, our hidden Bladestorm server attracted over 400,000 registered players (9000 concurrent at one point), and we are excited to bring the server to the wider Hypixel community for Alpha testing. Under its new Hypixel: Pocket Edition name, we will be regularly updating the server to improve the experience for all players over the coming months.

You can experience all the fun of Hypixel on your tablet or smartphone right now! All you need to do is join now from your compatible device.

Please note that Hypixel: Pocket Edition is in Alpha testing, and you may experience instability or bugs as we continue to develop and improve the server. Check out the FAQ for “What is an Alpha?”

If you'd like more information on Hypixel: Pocket Edition or have any questions, we've answered a bunch of queries below. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you guys playing Hypixel on the go!


You sneaky sneaks! Why was this kept secret from us?
It was very important for us to make sure that we had something which lived up to the high standard the community expect from us here at Hypixel.

We still needed to test it though - so the idea of the “secret” network was born. We were hoping we could get 100-200 players online to help us test. Instead thanks to the accidental discovery by a Youtuber (and then more youtubers that followed), we got 9,000+ online at once!

Next thing you know we had 400,000 registered users. We feel really proud that Bladestorm was able to grow to this size without people even knowing it was related to Hypixel.

We feel now however is the time to let people know!

What is an Alpha?
When developing a project, Alpha is the first stage of testing. It basically means “Hey, don’t expect this to be 100% yet”

You can expect bugs, unannounced server reboots by Admins, games to be turned on and off on occasion, or even expect some games to be deemed “not good enough” as well as Rebalances without announcements.

The key thing about an Alpha is - expect change, disruption and development at any point, without prior warning.

Why make a PE Network?
Minecraft Pocket Edition has a great team working on it, and it’s come a LONG way. We see more and more people ask us for Hypixel PE and with PE now at a point where it “makes sense” for us to be on there - here we are :).

Not to mention the fact that there is also Minecraft Windows 10 Edition now (compatible with PE), offering players even more ways to play Hypixel with friends!

Will Hypixel PE affect PC New games and Updates?
Nope! PE is run by a different team! PC will remain as is - No changes whatsoever.

Who is working on the Hypixel PE team?
Gurun, Trudan and Minikloon are the core guys working on PE, supported by NoxyD and the rest of the team. Gurun and Trudan have been here secretly for the past few months, but you can expect to start to see them around publically from now. Minikloon is already well known to many players on the server.

Please join us in welcoming our new admins!

How big is the new PE Alpha Network?
The new PE network currently supports 24,000 slots, and we’ve peaked at just over 9,000 players connected so far.

How do I join?
A video guide is forthcoming, but basically you click the little “+” symbol while on the main menu and add a bookmark for - you should be able to join no problem from there.

What games are playable?
The gametypes currently playable on Hypixel: Pocket Edition are:
  • Skywars
  • Build Battle
  • Simon Says
  • Brawl
  • Survival Games
Expect more gametypes in the coming months.

Since it’s in Alpha, can you tell us what major features are missing?
The biggest missing feature at the moment is the lack of user authentication - we have to wait for Mojang to update Pocket Edition 0.13 in order for Auth to exist. This basically means that any user can join with any name, stopping us from doing a lot of the things we currently do on Hypixel PC.

We do allow users to register and “auth” their names, but until full authentication is here we can’t properly have Friends & Party Systems, Progression, Stats, and several other core features. So don’t expect the full Hypixel experience on Pocket Edition just yet.

But hey, at least you can play PE Network from the toilet right?

When can we expect those features to be added?
Once the Auth system is here - we will start adding these features over time. Some features may arrive before the auth system though, depending on our development schedule.

Can I connect with Windows 10 Edition?
Yes, you can connect using Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.

What about helpers and mods on the new PE Network?
The staff will actually be drawn from the PC network staff. Helpers will get additional responsibilities & powers on the PE Network and we have new webtools that will help with moderation. Moderators are still the same Asskicking justice bringers as before.

How will the store work on PE?
As we get closer to the release of Pocket Edition 0.13 and their new Auth system. We will be able to launch our Hypixel Mobile App that PxlPanda has been working on for the last few months.


The app opens up a whole bunch of exciting possibilities for PC users too! It’s not just for pocket edition players, so stay tuned for more information on the Hypixel App in a bigger more focused announcement.

If you guys aren’t selling anything yet, How is the server possible to keep up?
Fortunately, the new server technology that we’ve been working on (think of having to remake Bukkit AND make your own minecraft server) it means that the PE servers are more efficient than PC servers.

Basically we can have more users per server. Therefore cheaper to run. We are happy to invest our time into developing the server, and launch the store to support development at a later date.

How will ranks work on PE? Will our ranks transfer?
No, there is no method to verify that you own the account on the PE network currently (see above). Ranks will be separate from PC, more details will be unveiled when ranks are ready for purchase.

Is the EULA applicable to Pocket Edition as well?
Yes, it applies there. We can only sell ranks that will add cosmetic features and other non gameplay-affecting perks.

Can I buy Kits, Items or other gameplay affecting power ups?
It is forbidden by Mojang to sell things like Kits, Items, and special powers that help you win games. We can assure you no such things will be sold here at Hypixel on any of our platforms.

Do our stats transfer between PC and PE games?
Unfortunately not as PE is on its own specific network.

Does Hypixel PE use Pocketmine?
Hypixel PE instead uses a new technology which is developed by Gurun called MiNET combined with what we call HyPE. An easy way to think of it is that MiNET replaces the Minecraft server and HyPE is Bukkit!

What about Mojang Updating PE?
PE updates much more rapidly than Minecraft for PC at the moment - this is because Minecraft Pocket Edition is actually itself also in Alpha. This can mean that when new updates are live, service disruption should be expected as we update to match.

Will the PE Network have it’s own website?
It may in the future, but we don’t currently plan for it. Instead we will create a new page for them and some new forums, we will adapt to the needs of the PE community as it grows.

For now, the Alpha testers can go to the “PE Alpha Testing Forums” on the forum, click the area at the top right near the games section :)

Where can I report bugs for PE?
There is a specific bug reporting forum for PE - Click here to visit that forum.

Are you hiring for the Hypixel PE Team?
Yes we are! Please go check out our jobs page for a role description.

by NoxyD at 12:45 AM
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One of the games from Party Games 3 has emerged into its own Arcade Game!

We saw a lot of excitement about it from the Youtube Vids we saw as well as player feedback. We felt like it deserved its own spot, not to mention that it was fairly easy since most of the work was already done in PG3 ;-).

Here's a summary of what's different
  • New Scoring system
  • Qualifiers Stage: 16 Enter, but only the top 4 enter the finals stage!
  • Finals Stage: The Top 4 Battle it out in a more complicated arena with greater difficulty
  • "Finish Now" Lever! Slam this when you think you have your shape correct to gain more points and time.
  • Flight has been enabled to help with block placement
  • Various other improvements on the original PG3 gamemode.
  • Alignment Improvements: The two signs for build battle now line up correctly.
Show your opponents what you’re made of by completing more walls in the shortest amount of time possible!

We hope you enjoy this small project and are looking forward to the upcoming release of Crazy Walls along with our usual spree of updates for older games :)

Hole in the Wall is playable now in the Arcade Lobby, have fun guys!