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by Minikloon at 6:46 PM
(211 Views / 9 Likes)

Original Note Block Contest Winners!
Two weeks ago we challenged the community with the Original Note Block Song Contest. 95 of you submitted 172 pieces of musical content, which is literally giganormous! Over the past week we listened to every single one of them and we're pleased to announce the winners today.

It was hard to identify the winners considering the impressive quantity of quality songs and jingles which were submitted. To select the submissions fairly, we huddled a group of 5 moderators and admins. Everyone picked a list of favorites without conferring with each other, then we identified the winners out of the most common choices.

We also went over every submissions to identify those which we could use in our future games and compiled the list of recipients for the secondary prices.

Overall it's amazing to see the talent which lies within the Hypixel community and it's always exciting to listen to a new song. As such, we would like to thank everyone of you who participated in the contest.

Without further ado...

Original Composition Category
Grand Prize (300,000 Arcade Coins + 5,000 Credits)
Jeffak - "Feasibility"

2nd Prize (250,000 Arcade Coins + 5,000 Credits)
Werewolver - "Keeping it Kewl"

3rd Prize (200,000 Arcade Coins + 5,000 Credits)
sthebomb - "Happy"

Jingle Category
Grand Prize (200,000 Arcade Coins)
Cirtoyt - "Charge & Blast"

Runner-up (150,000 Arcade Coins)

Mr_Minimi - "Mini-song"

Honorable mentions
(50,000 Arcade Coins Each)
Jeffak 1X - "Hilly Escapades"
sthebomb 3X - "Heat of War", "Pentatonic Jingle", "Zombies"
DeadKnightlol 3X - "Turbo Hills", "System's edge", "Whistle of the Meadow"
Collectics 2X - "Cheer", "A Dose of Poison"
Jhop 2X - "Soaring", "Happy Days"
Myloit 1X - "Minecraft is my Life"
KillerYannick00 1X - "Spectrum"
Escavalier 1X - "Escavalier's Hypixel Jam"
Hyperdron 3X - "Hoppin' Blocks", "IDEC", "Similarly Similar Similarity"
DantheManinaPan 1X - "Phwee"
Needlr 2X - "Upbeat Fight", "Final Lap"
ShinkoNet 14X - "Into the Labyinth", "Victory Riot", "Gamemode 5", "Rip in Pepperoni", "Gamemode 9", "Chased by the Creeper", "When the Morning Comes", "Red Brick House", "Walking through Mesa", "Slick Sneaky Silverfish", "Building Disaster", "You did it! Fanfare", "Gamemode 8", "Gamemode 7"
ChengoFLG 4X -...

by Minikloon at 3:29 AM
(1,978 Views / 94 Likes)
Turbo Kart Racers Patch #1
Turbo Kart Racers is a game which tries to twist Minecraft as best as it is possible in order to bring a completely different experience. As such, there were a lot of challenges to solve and some things slipped under our nose for release. This patch aims at adding these things back and to bring some balance changes which have been requested by the community.

  • The Booster Blimp is now displayed in the Turbo Kart Racers lobby! When you spawn in the lobby, look in the air on your right. If you purchased a network booster, your name's going to appear up there!
  • Added a Particle Quality menu which lets you limit the number of particles displayed in the game.
  • Added a Music Selection menu which lets you disable music playing without having to turn down music volume without losing some of the sound effects within the game.
  • Added an end-game scoreboard
  • Added coins to the hotbar
  • Added times on lap completion
  • Added times on the end of game summary
  • Added total coins count to the reward summary
  • Added buttons to scrap all Basic or Super parts for VIP players.
  • You may now preview horns in the lobby by right-clicking on them.

Bug Fixes
  • Enormous work has gone through optimizing server performances to allow for the Turbo Kart Racers magic to happen. Performance fixes were shipped out as soon as possible following their discovery after release. Sorry again for the inconvenience.
  • Fixed the Suit Selector so that it doesn't flicker as much and properly displays the color selector for the Hypesweggen suit.
  • Fixed the lightning strike item so that the karts shrink and unshrink correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck if they were AFK in a game for too long prior to crossing the starting line.
  • Fixed an issue with "Taken the lead" message and sound getting spammed and used at incorrect moments.
  • Fixed an issue with the collisions which would let the players fall through the floor under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an exploit with /stuck which would let players get a head start before the game started.
  • Using /stuck will now put players back on their karts, just in case.
Gameplay Changes
  • Buffed the Notched Sword a lot so that it actually smashes players into walls. It's now worth keeping!
  • Renamed Shiny Star to Plasma Shield. Buffed it so that it now provides a constant substantial speed boost en sus of making you invulnerable for 12 seconds.
  • Increased the slowdown on snowballs substantially.
  • Increased the range at which the red missile will start homing if launched headless and added a message which displays who it targeted to the shooter.
  • Slightly reduced the number of blue torpedoes being picked up by players.
  • Reduced the 5 fire flower pickup to 3. The fire flower will now ignite players when they're hit.
  • Removed punching from the pre-game, end-game aswell as during the starting countdown.
  • Limited the number of targets of AOE effects such as the Notched Sword, Green and Red Missile to 3 victims.
  • Reduced the number of spins on the banana from 2 to 1. It'll also make you skid for a bit less time.

We really hope that everyone is pleased with these changes. Most of them are community-driven and the team is constantly looking over the Turbo Kart Racers forums for your suggestions.

Please let us hear what you think! ;)

Note: Changes were rolled over the course of the last few days and you may have noticed some of them already.

by NoxyD at 6:51 PM
(14,410 Views / 143 Likes)

This fully fledged new mini-game mode puts you in the driver seat in a furious race against 11 other players.
  • Race across 5 different circuits. Retro Raceway, Canyon, Jungle Rush, Olympus and, of course, the Hypixel GP.
  • Unlock an assortment of cool helmets and racing outfits
  • 15 different Karts skins to choose from
  • A Pregame lobby that helps you to get to grips with the controls
  • Visit the Mechanic where you can customize your karts and buy new features such as particle trails and horn sounds.
  • Sponsor the races by purchasing network boosters, having a network booster means that your name appears on a blimp on every single track
  • Blast your opponents with lightning, missiles, fireballs (and snowballs?), and drop the TNT!

Top Tips
  • Charge your Drift Boost by,
    • Holding Crouch when approaching a corner.
    • Twist your Kart to charge your drift boost gauge
    • Release Crouch to Ignite your engines and boost!
  • You can turn right around in your kart. If someone is about to pass you, turn and fire at them!
  • The Red Missile is best fired on a straight or close to your target.
  • If you somehow get trapped or fall off the course type /stuck fast!

You might notice a few references to Sphax and Cubik around this game! Our art team worked closely alongside Sphax (@Sphax84) in this project and he helped a lot :). You can check out Cubik - the software used to make those awesome karts at this link!

We hope you guys really enjoy this one, its definitely something different and a lot of work went into it!

See you on the track!

by NoxyD at 1:57 PM
(11,540 Views / 57 Likes)

The above two gifs are taken from the pregame Lobby. It's a place where you can learn the controls while waiting for the race to start!

As you can see, there's quite a lot going on with the Karts. They bob up and down, they tilt into corners, they slide, they leave engine trails, they are super speedy! - you can even see some of the boost drift effects starting to kick in.

Stay tuned guys, there's a lot more previewing to come. We haven't even started to show you tracks... helmets... weapons or any of the super awesome lobby systems!

As for how long until release? Soon!


by DeprecatedNether at 5:14 PM
(8,255 Views / 168 Likes)
Build Battle Update
Builders rejoice! We've released another update for Build Battle, adding some of the frequently requested features:

  • Fair voting
    We’ve all encountered players who vote unfairly to boost their score or their friends’ score. To reward players who vote fairly, we now have a system that checks how your votes compared to other players’ votes for each build. Voting the same way the rest of the group does now give a small coin bonus. You’ll miss out if you don’t play fair!
  • Multi Language support
    Since many of our players don’t have English as a first language, we have translated all of the themes to several languages. If your Minecraft client is configured to use a supported language, we automatically show the theme both in English and in your language. Alternatively, you can set a different supported language in the Nether Star menu. Languages we currently support are English, French, German and Portuguese.
  • Floor selector
    Have you ever thought to yourself, "building this would be so much easier if I could change the entire floor automatically"? Good news - the Nether Star menu now features an option to change the floor. To change the floor, simply drag and drop an item to the corresponding slot in the menu. The floor now also consists of two layers - the one affected by the floor selector is the top one. This means you can set the entire floor to one material, and then replace certain blocks with something else.
  • Banners!
    Banners have been in Build Battle since the initial release, however we rewrote parts of the system:
    • If you save a banner using the “Save Loadout” option in the Nether Star menu, the banner will now be saved properly and you will get the exact same banner.
    • We also added a Banner Creator to our website. The Banner Creator allows you to design a banner in your web browser, and then get it in game using a simple command.
    • You can also edit existing banners with both the online and in-game editors with the command /getbanner.
  • Biomes, biomes everywhere!
    You are now able to change the biome of your plot. This allows you to have different colors of grass and leaves. You can find the biome selector in the Nether Star menu.
  • Is it just me or is it cold in here?
    The Weather selector now has an option to set the weather to Snowing - ideal for your Snowman build! Keep in mind that snow is biome-dependent and as such, changing the biome will cause the snow to turn into rain (this is just how Minecraft works).
  • More custom skulls
    The custom skulls menu now has over 30 new skulls. That’s too many to list here, but you’re free to check it out yourself in Custom Skulls in the Nether Star meu.
  • More maps
    Building on the same map day after day seems boring - who wouldn’t get bored of the surroundings after a few games? The map you build on now changes every day.
  • Diamond Rain
    Builds that receive a high rating will be rewarded with diamonds raining from the sky.
  • Bug fixes
    Of course no update is complete without at least one bug fix.
    • Fixed the time in the Time menu being shown as “12 am” for both midnight and noon.
    • You couldn’t right click on a mob if it walked out of the area where you can build. This has been fixed.
    • “You can’t vote for your own plot” message is no longer displayed when clicking with nothing in your hand.
We are really excited to bring this update to you as we know a lot of these features have been heavily requested both on the forums and in game since the release of Build Battle. If you have any feedback regarding the update, be sure to let us know. Similarly, if you find any bugs in Build Battle (or any other games), be sure to post it in the bug reports section to allow us to fix them as soon as we can. :)