Duels v0.5 now live

SkyWars 1v1, New maps + more

Play 4 new modes and 2 new maps in the latest Duels update

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Play MM: Infection

New Murder Mystery mode

1 Infected, 16 Survivors. How long can you survive the horde?

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Minecraft 1.12 Supported

Login using 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 or 1.12!

Play together with friends on Hypixel using Minecraft versions 1.8 and above.

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by PixelBaker at 2:01 PM
(13,188 Views / 220 Likes)

Happy Year of the Dog! As we celebrate the start of the new Lunar Year calendar on the Hypixel China Server, developers and builders have howled late into the night to bring some exciting seasonal content for you to enjoy including a new main lobby theme, Year of the Dog themed maps and new Bed Wars cosmetics. Continue reading to find out more.

by ConnorLinfoot at 7:12 PM
(38,556 Views / 234 Likes)

Hello Everyone!

Today we are releasing a new update to Bed Wars! Which includes a new beta NPC to be able to test future balance changes and provide feedback towards the future of Bed Wars! We're also releasing a new beta game mode called Capture, new maps and lots of bug fixes! Continue reading to find out more.

by OrangeMarshall at 2:09 PM
(14,468 Views / 277 Likes)

Hello everyone!

Over the past few months we've been working on Smash Heroes, slowly updating it. Today we are happy to announce the bulk of our Smash Heroes Quality of Life update is live on the server including a new mode, balancing changes and lots of bugfixes! Continue reading to find out more.

by aPunch at 2:29 PM
(17,967 Views / 235 Likes)

Hey all! Today we bring you an important update to Build Battle. Over the past few weeks, we have completely rewritten the game from the ground up in order to take advantage of our latest network systems. This was necessary since Build Battle was initially written 3 years ago, before many of our current systems were in place, so the game didn't make use of any of our newer performance-boosting technologies. Continue reading to find out more.

by JamesJ at 6:04 PM
(10,205 Views / 225 Likes)
Hello everyone,

For the past few weeks, we've been working to improve the stability of Housing. Hypixel Housing was created over two years ago as a 'proof of concept' system, for a scalable creative "house" plot building system that syncs across multiple Minecraft instances. As with the Guild system, like @AgentK wrote about here, Housing was also written a while ago and thus didn't completely align with how our network works now, compared to 'back then'. So we've updated Housing to work better with our current network.

The first part of this stability update was a bunch of bug fixes we did a few weeks ago, we're aware there are still more bugs, and we will try to fix many more over time. However we have patched many bugs that have helped improve overall stability so far.

Then, last week we received a new database machine to store all your lovely houses on, this new machine is a lot more powerful, and a lot closer to the rest of our network. Before this, the older machine was in another datacenter and sometimes the connection between the database and the machines would cut out, and your house would crash. Hopefully now this should not happen.

Finally, last night we started the migration. As some may be aware, Housing went into maintenance mode whilst we finalised the new machine and got it ready. Your house will start saving to the new database, and loading from the database if it's there. So far, over 57,000 users have had their houses moved to the new database.

Now that Housing is more stable, we're able to focus our time on fixing bugs and other improvements. We're looking forward to talking more about those as they come!