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by Minikloon at 11:28 PM
(6,508 Views / 136 Likes)

Our third event in the Tournament Hall has ended.
Here are some stats about the SkyWars tournament:
  • 179,478 games played
  • 1,622,929 kills (570,745 from getting thrown in the void)
  • 2,353,397,076 coins earned across the board
  • 63,090 unique players
  • 23,862,789 blocks placed
  • 792,666 arrows hit / 2,968,259 arrows shot (26,7% accuracy)
  • 5,923,192 chests opened (338,595 destroyed!)
  • On average 3 players per game died from falling all on their own
  • Combined playtime of all players during the tournament: 7 years and 9 months
  • The top player had 4,666 points
  • Top 1,000 had 692 points
  • Top 2,500 had 475 points
  • Top 10,000 had 53 points
You may now claim your leaderboard rewards at this NPC
(Right side of the Tournament Hall)

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by Externalizable at 7:17 PM
(6,960 Views / 96 Likes)

Hey hey,

Winter is nearing it's end and it's time for us to spring-clean our to-do lists. Today we're releasing a brand new team mode to Murder Mystery alongside a revamped version of the Infection mode! We have also fixed some bugs and implemented Quality of Life changes in this update.

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by Minikloon at 7:07 PM
(35,205 Views / 144 Likes)
Hey! It's that time again!

We are announcing our third tournament: SkyWars - Crazy Solo.
If you don't know about tournaments or the Tournament Hall, or if you'd like to know more about some of the terms in this post, make sure to take a look at the first tournament post.

If you missed out on previous tournaments, no big deal!
You don't need to have played in previous ones to participate. You are on an even footing every tournament.

How to participate?
The SkyWars solo tournament will take place on March 15th.
It will last 48 hours total, from 6:00 PM EST March 15 to 6:00 PM EST March 17.

There will be a Tournament Mode NPC in SkyWars lobby (as well as the tournament Hall).
You will also be reminded about the tournament in a few different lobbies across the server.

Continue reading to learn all the details!

by Nitroholic_ at 12:46 PM
(5,413 Views / 64 Likes)

Hey all!

Today we have released a new patch to Duels, available to play now in the Duels Lobby. Read on below for a full list of changes and additions or play it right now by clicking the Duels Lobby NPC, game menu icon, or using the command /lobby duels.

What is in this update?
  • New Duels Seasons
  • New Map
  • Tweaked Lobby Layout
As always, if you find any bugs or issues please report them in the bugs section on the forums HERE.

by OrangeMarshall at 9:34 AM
(7,766 Views / 130 Likes)


We're happy to announce that the first part of the Arcade Games update has been finished! Over the past month we have been working closely with the community. Similar to other Quality of Life updates we have done, we presented a roadmap to the community to show our plan, to keep everyone up to date on our progress, but also to encourage feedback on every step.

by Likaos at 7:46 AM
(7,046 Views / 88 Likes)
Hello everyone!

With this update we are bringing improvements, balance changes and more content to TowerWars!

Read further for more details.