Out Now!

You get a house! You get a house! Everyone gets a house! That's right, housing has now left closed beta!

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Mega Walls Update

Practice Mode, Hunter, Pirate, Squid, and more!

Fresh arrived with the Hype Train, a new mode, three new classes, new NPC and class selection system, revamps and much, much more in the biggest Mega Walls update there ever was.

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The Mystery Update

Out Now!

The Mystery Box is finally here! This update is definitely our biggest and boldest to date!

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The Return of the Adventure Lobby!


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by Plancke at 10:40 PM
(4,455 Views / 173 Likes)

Hey guys!
We are happy to present you another update to one of our beloved game modes: Quakecraft

New Mode
Team Mode
  • Chose one of the two teams you want to fight for and engage the enemy team on the battlefield!
  • First team to get 100 kills in total will win the game.
  • Every player’s armor will portray the team color.
  • Every player’s firework color is changed to the team color.
New Maps
Reactor - Team Mode



Dig Site 2 - Standard Mode



Changes and Additions
  • Scoreboard updated to the same format used across the network.
  • Base coins per kill upgraded from 1 to 3!
  • Time limit of 10 minutes introduced to both modes.
  • Respawning players will appear transparent and blink when their spawn protection is about to end. (This removes their armor temporarily)
  • Instant respawn is now toggleable in the lobby shop.
  • Added Recharge Timer in text form above the hotbar
  • Added 3 Quests into the Quest Master
  • Improved Hit Detection: Beam hit detection now happens on the location of the beam and no longer on the corner of a block. This improves the look of the beam and makes sure your shot travels exactly to your crosshairs.
  • What you see is what you can shoot: You can now shoot above and below slabs properly as well as through corners of stairs!
  • Beam range increased from 50 to 60.

  • Gun builder now shows the price for components you don’t have yet.
  • Apple corer is now obtainable with coins
    • 0.9s trigger costs 300 000 coins.
    • Case costs 200 000 coins (cosmetic upgrade for MVP only).
  • Varnished Wood Case added.
  • 4 extra laser colors added.
  • 4 extra muzzles added.
  • New Gun: Redstoner

  • Irregularities with Killsounds have been fixed
  • An issue with Killstreak statistic not being able to be saved has been fixed
  • Speed Boost now getting applied instantly
  • Space kit not being correct color in lobbies

Funny story, we almost nearly didn’t get to do this update because of hurricane Joaquin being dangerous to AgentK - glad we could deliver. Stay safe guys! (Link to the National Hurricane Center http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_at1+shtml/145823.shtml?5-daynl)

by mooTV at 9:15 AM
(5,659 Views / 124 Likes)

Skywars: Map Update

Hey guys! mooTV here.

SkyWars is one of our most popular games and we thought it could do with a little more content. To that end, we've come up with some awesome map additions.

Here's what you're getting.

1. New Mega Map: Aqueduct

This Mega SkyWars map has each team attempting to control the aqueduct that circles the entire area. The starting islands are grouped at each of the aqueduct's supports that allow for great skirmish stories as you fight for control of the loot laden chests there.
2. New Solo/Team Map: Tribal

This map looks a little more traditional until you get to the inner ring that orbits mid. The ring has tendrils of vines that connect it to the centre island. This gives players late to mid a chance to use ranged attacks to stop players stocking up on gear at the centre.
3. New Solo/Team Map: SkyChurch

With player islands arranged in groups of three next to an inclined island, this map encourages combat on a slope. This raising island can then (carefully!) be used to jump straight to mid. Again, this island also enables ranged players to get off shots at those in the centre.

4. New Solo/Team Map: Jinzhou

The mid island on this map is split using an interconnecting bridge. Each player island offers a multi level pagoda that can even allow more daring players to make a dangerous jump to adjacent islands.

We hope you guys enjoy these new maps. We'll do our best to keep the content coming.

For now... ENJOY!

by Cryptkeeper at 11:42 PM
(4,095 Views / 131 Likes)
If you're anything like me then getting 5 kills (or just a kill) in SkyWars is a big deal. So of course when that happens you want to remember that game forever - and now you can! At the end of games, we'll send you a link to a page that summarizes the game. Tweet it, bookmark it or just hang it on the fridge!

For initial release this feature is currently only available in Mega Walls, Blitz SG, SkyWars, UHC and Quakecraft. It will be expanded to other games in the coming days. :)

by NoxyD at 7:01 AM
(8,361 Views / 83 Likes)
You get a house! You get a house! Everyone gets a house!

That's right, housing has now left closed beta! Every single-player now has their own personal space where they can hang out, build a home, invite friends and lots and lots of other cool stuff!

How do I get into my house / other peoples houses?
Simply visit the Housing NPC that's in each main lobby or join via the compass!


I want to learn more about housing!
Please check out instructions covered in our previous newsposts Closed Beta Launch, Update Number 1 and Update Number 2

What is Open-Beta?
We still expect a few bugs during open beta as we let everyone into their houses, we will remove the Open-Beta tag in a few days

While in open beta, it is still possible for us to reboot houses without warning!

How do I get things like Blocks and Themes?
You get these simply by opening Mystery Boxes, which you can get at any time just by playing on our server!

Special Youtube Features!
If you have the youtube rank on Hypixel, you will find you have some special abilities
  • House Passwording - Make it so only true fans that know the password can join
  • 5 Exclusive Housing Themes - Pool Party, Disco, Auditorium and 2 Prebuilt Houses
  • Repulsor Gadget - Automatically teleport or knock back players that are interfering with your recording by getting too close to your face.
  • Increased Player Limit - Expecting a few guests? Youtubers can have up to 250 players in their house at one time. (We expect to increase to 1,000 once we are happy with stability!)
  • Build-Anywhere - Do you have a special idea for housing? Like a cool social event? Contact @noxywoxy on twitter and we can give out this feature for special cases!
What about Multi-Build and Pets?
These remain our two highest priorities for new features, but are very complex. Please look forward to them in a future update!

by codename_B at 1:42 PM
(12,428 Views / 233 Likes)
Fresh arrived with the Hype Train, a new mode, three new classes, new NPC and class selection system, revamps and much, much more in the biggest Mega Walls update there ever was!
New Classes
We added 3 new classes
  • The Squid Class is centered around healing, a lot of healing!
  • The Hunter (Hero Class) - a class with random elements, you never know what will happen!
  • The Pirate (Hero Class): Yo-ho-ho! Explode your enemies with flying parrots, arrr!
New Mode
Practice Mode
  • Designed for new players to get into the game.
  • Everyone plays a level 1 class (no health boost for prestige owners).
  • Everyone spawns with a practice kit instead of the class kit.
  • You don’t lose hunger (you don’t find food in chests), therefore Deathmatch has a shrinking border, similar to UHC.
  • You will see tips in the form of holograms on certain places. (Can be turned off in the shop)
  • You can join alone or in a party with a friend (maximum: parties of 2).
  • There will be simple maps, to help newer players to understand the basic structure of the map.
  • Iron ore drops Iron ingots to make it easier to gather Iron, some gathering talents may not work in Practice mode.
New Maps
We added 2 new maps to regular MW, and Practice Mode has a unique map

Solace - hold the fortifications of this giant palace against your enemies, while attacking them from both under and above ground. This map has a very flat mid section, so expect chaos!

Aztec - defeat your enemies in the dense jungle surrounding these ancient ruins.

Practice - this map's simple layout is designed to help new players understand the core concepts of Mega Walls. The Wither is easy to access, so watch out!

Serpents - SURPRISE! It's back! This community favourite was removed because we couldn't support too many maps on the old sign system, with this update, it has returned!

Sign Board
Mega Walls now has 3 modes, so we've updated the Mega Walls sign board to a Skywars style map rotator.

The map rotator makes it quicker to start games, as well as making it easier for us to add more maps, no more having to remove maps when we add new ones! We even added serpents back in for that reason :)!

This change means we WILL be adding more maps to Practice Mode and Faceoff Mode in a future update.

Changes and Additions
  • You can now change your class in the pregame lobby using the new class selector
  • The maximum party size for regular games has been reduced to 4 party members.
  • Jimmies stay alive for the whole preparation phase and for 90 seconds during the game.
  • Wither Strength and Resistance have been removed from Faceoff mode.
  • Death messages for Jimmies have been added.
  • Relogging debuffs have been removed.
  • Cannot do /kill 60 seconds after wither is dead.
  • When joining a game the party leader is now also the team leader.
  • You can now see people’s health in the tab list.
  • Different colored wither health has been removed to make it less confusing.
  • When you die after your wither died you will now teleport to your death place as a spectator.
  • Spectating someone now shows the class, distance and health in HP instead of percent.
  • The date has been added to the scoreboard.
  • The compass does track your team all the time in the boss bar.
  • You don’t have to choose a class to join a game, Skeleton will be assigned as the default class.
  • You can toggle off most notifications using a new setting in the Misc menu.
  • When selecting a class in the lobby, the NPC will play a related sound.
  • The skins and heads for the classes should be visible all the time now.
  • Using the command block in your hotbar you can choose your class directly.
  • Enderman’s Gathering Talent is now disabled during deathmatch.
  • Arcanist’s Beam now puts Iron Ore and Coal into your inventory instantly (not the case for Diamonds).
  • Creeper’s Detonate no longer destroys blocks below you.
  • Slowness potions are useless during the preparation time to prevent team trolling.
  • Creepers will now see a timer in the chat for their countdown on their ability.
  • You are now able to open chests and furnaces without activating your ability.
  • You now spawn with better pickaxes, whereas every pickaxe has Unbreaking III enchantments.
  • The default pickaxe is now an Iron Pickaxe.
  • Hover over your kit weapon in-game to see what your main ability can do!
  • The Quest Master has been implemented and offers you three daily quests and one weekly quest.
  • Kills and assists now give the same amount of coins: 3 coins for a regular kill / assist and 6 coins for a final kill / assist. You get 2 base bonus coins if you kill someone who is not in his own base. (E.g. If you kill a red player in the red base you get 3 coins, but if you kill a blue player in a green base you get 5 coins. You will always get 5 coins for killing someone in the middle, or during deathmatch)
  • Whenever you get an assist you see the victim’s name in the chat.
  • The workbench has been added to the kit customiser.
  • You are now able to spawn with items in your inventory, instead of only in the hotbar.
  • A confirmation for Enderchest and Prestige purchases has been added.
  • Toggles for Faceoff joins, the #rekt sign and hints during the game have been added to the shop.
  • You can now purchase new fancy kill messages and kill faces that appear when you kill someone!
New Achievements
  • We added 9 achievements you can start to hunt for!
Class Balancing
  • The ability now heals teammates for half of the health.
  • The Explosive Arrow now takes 5 hits to charge (20 EPH).
  • It also has a 5 seconds cooldown now.
  • Its Agile ability now has a cooldown aswell, it’s the same as the duration of your buffs you have unlocked.
  • The Gathering Talent now gives you an up to 45% chance to find Iron Ingots instead of 35%.
  • The Soul Destroyer skill now triggers on actual hit (no duration anymore).
  • The Valor skill has a chance of 2-15% and does not affect yourself anymore, but still your teammates.
  • Your Teammates receive the buff if they are below 20hp now.
  • The Burning Soul Bubble duration now scales from 3-5s.
  • You now receive a 8♥ Health Potion instead of 10♥.
  • The Tornado charges with 8 EPH now.
  • The Protection on the armor has been changed to Blast Protection.
  • The Wither Skulls now deal 1♥ less damage.
  • You now receive Leggings from kit 4 to 9.
  • The Wrath now triggers a short damage cooldown on the player to avoid further rumors of the so-called double wrath.
  • The helmet now also receives a Protection 1 enchantment.
  • Detonate scaling has been changed to 4-10 damage.
Bug Fixes
  • The buffs that apply when you /surface now get cancelled as soon as the walls fall.
  • Gravel no longer drops flint.
  • Compass not tracking specific teams is fixed.
  • Killing Jimmies does now give you “on kill”-buffs (for example Strength if you are a Herobrine).
  • Removed energy gain when you hit people who just respawned.
  • Class-specific heads are working now!
  • “This is not even my final form” achievement is working again.
  • Final kills do not add 1 to the regular kills anymore.
  • You can no longer edit the Pigman layout when you don't have it unlocked.
  • It now shows your selected class in the pre-game lobby.
  • The colours for the message when doing /blood have been adjusted the right way.
  • The world guard has been fixed as much as possible on every map.
  • Ladders on City’s underground don’t break anymore.
  • If you add someone to your friends list during a game, they can now access your protected chests / furnaces. Vice versa for removing someone from your friends list.
  • Completely unbalanced teams (e.g. 30v10 in Faceoff) should not be a thing anymore.
  • Any scoreboard-related bugs are fixed when using Minecraft 1.8.
  • The timer will be correct when you relog during the preparation time.
  • The ingots from the Gathering Talent do not fly around anymore.
  • The Arcane Explosion does not hit the Arcanist anymore.
  • People getting random kills with the chat message “killed by magic” is no longer happening.
  • Bubble killing people after the Pigman died is not a thing anymore.
  • Willpower activates at the right time now.
  • No kind of Fireballs destroy items anymore.
  • Leap does apply Slowness as intended again.
  • Rubberbanding when using the Leap should occur much less.
  • Spiders now don’t spawn invisible anymore.
  • Several Unbreaking enchantments have been added, to identify kit items.
  • Zombie’s Heal description is more accurate now.
Congratulations if you made it this far! This update was a lot of fun to put together, and I especially enjoyed working with the community testing the new changes in order to make sure that everything is as bug free as possible.
If you do encounter any bugs, please let me know!

Otherwise, I'll see you on the battlefield! There is no secret message.

by Cryptkeeper at 6:51 AM
(3,724 Views / 162 Likes)
Our amazingly talented community member @NinjaCharlieT has just released a Warlords Cinematic Trailer that is certainly worth a watch... or two!

Make sure to check out his Youtube Channel and Twitter (@NinjaCharlieT) for the latest and greatest of his work! :)

by AgentK at 1:01 PM
(9,697 Views / 132 Likes)
Hey everyone! The time is finally almost here for the public release of Housing, we’ve released a final update in preparation for it. Many thanks to our users for all feedback and bug reports as always! Details below

The Jukebox is now working properly for all users in your house - and we’ve given it an upgrade - making it so we have 39 total songs in housing up from 15! All of these songs are immediately accessible for anyone who has the Jukebox unlocked.

You’ll also see now that each song creator is fully credited in the tooltip now too.

Keep your eyes peeled for Noteblock song contest #3 in the coming weeks if you want your chance to be on the Housing Jukebox!

We’ve also moved jukebox to be now unlocked by default for anyone VIP and above. Spent credits have been refunded :)

Themes Revamp
  • All themes are now unlockable via Mystery Boxes
  • All players now start with 5 themes by default
  • There are a total of 25 new themes, bringing the total amount of themes to 34
    • These themes vary from the very simple, to the very complex. They aren’t just limited to floating islands anymore!
  • Youtubers have access to some special youtuber only themes! The Auditorium, Disco, and Pool Party are among them!

What about themes we already bought with Credits?
Great news for anyone - not only will you keep the themes you bought with credits, you’ll also receive a full refund of the credits you spent!

Housing Achievements
We’ve added 11 achievements to housing! Go get ‘em!

Random House Visiting
There is now a button to visit someone's house randomly, the really fun thing about this, is that the system decides who’s house is the random house globally. So if you have your house open. Be ready for a lot of visitors suddenly at anytime!

Staff / YouTuber House Filtering
You can now apply a search filter to only view staff / youtuber houses that are open.

Social Media Blocks
Want to advertise your Youtube, Twitter, Twitch or Instagram? You can now place down social media blocks that other players can click for links to the above! Remember it’s not ok to do this in lobbies, but everyone is fine to do it in their own houses! Be sure you want to share it before you do!


Build Mode Border
While in build mode, the buildable area of the plot will now show up as having a red border of wool. This will help you to understand the boundaries! When you swap to social mode this disappears!

Parkour Upgrades
It’s now possible to create 5 checkpoints for a parkour.
You can now view a parkour leaderboard with /parkour leaderboard

Sign Editor
You can now edit signs without breaking them, by holding SNEAK and then right clicking the sign!

Party warping /housing invite
You can now party warp to any house - go make friends or hang out in your own homes!
It’s now possible to invite your friends / guild members and party members to your house by typing /housing invite (username) while inside your house.

Food Category Unlocked
The food category has been unlocked! Everyone ranked VIP and above has access to that entire section of 57 textured heads to use freely.

Simplified tag sorting
We have simplified the tag selection menu to allow you to search for houses more effectively!

Rate houses by giving cookies
You are now able to give out 10 cookies a week to the houses you like the most! You can even search houses by who has the most cookies.

Can you be the king of the cookies?

That’s it folks! The hardware is here, the final patch is done. You can expect some stress tests today… and if all goes well. Who knows. We might flip the switch and move housing from closed beta into open beta.

See you on the server!

by Plancke at 5:21 AM
(10,451 Views / 135 Likes)
This housing update includes a lot of the requested features such as Parkour Blocks, a permissions system and most importantly… the jukebox works now. Read on for more information.

Our version of player housing is a completely new and unprecedented thing in Minecraft, so we really needed to see things at a smaller scale and also to gather your feedback.

Some great news is that we do have the hardware required to enter open beta now on site, once we are happy with stability and functionality we are going to open the housing for all. This could be a few days or more than a week. Let’s see what happens!

House Settings
  • House Tags
    Apply up to 3 different tags to your house, players will be able to filter all public homes by tag and thus find a relevant home much easier.
  • House Name
    Set a name for your home, this shows up in the house listing and scoreboard. Truly mark your house as your own.
    pasted image 0 (4).png
  • Permissions System
    You can now add players to the ‘Resident’ group, and set up specific settings for them. This includes allowing them to moderate your home by doing things like banning, kicking or muting.
    Other permissions you can set include: Teleport, Wood doors and trapdoors, Iron doors and trapdoors, fence gates and the permission to use Jukebox for Residents.
  • Chat Modes
    You can set chat speed in your home. Completely turn it off, instant chat or with a set delay up to 60 seconds.
  • Max Players
    To make sure your house doesn’t get too crowded you can now set a limit of players in your home, ranging from 25 up to 150.
  • Parkour blocks
    One of the most requested features was Parkour Blocks, we’re happy to announce that these were added in this update and is available for everyone without requiring to find them in the Mystery boxes. Look in the Housing menu under ‘Items’ to grab the Parkour pressure plate.
    You’re able to define up to 3 checkpoints, simply place them in order from start to finish.
  • Youtuber changes
    Youtubers are now able to join any player’s home, even if they’re offline. Helpful for them to visit their fans!
    They are also able to set a password on their home, and have a bigger amount of maximum guests. The purpose of the password is to allow only true followers to join rather than people interested in that nice gold rank name :D
  • Reporting Homes
    Ever spot a house that breaks the rules? As a guest you now have a ‘Report House’ anvil in your menu. Right-click the anvil to open the reporting menu, select one of the predefined reasons and we’ll send a moderator or helper to check it out.
General and Quality of Life changes
  • Proper sorting in block list.
    pasted image 0 (3).png
  • Allow users to rotate log blocks by right-clicking them with the nether star.
  • Allow users to rotate mushroom blocks by right-clicking them with the nether star.
  • Allow users to plant and grow seeds by using seeds.
  • Users can quickly admin other players by right clicking them with the nether star or ghast tear.
  • Allow users to make tilled soil by right-clicking dirt with the nether star.
  • Added tips above the hotbar.
  • Cleaned up scoreboard and menus
    2015-09-08_11-53-39.png pasted image 0 (1).png
  • Added commands for settings, in case you want to bypass the menu.
    pasted image 0.png

  • Fixed house reset
  • Fixed multiple world corruption bug
  • Fixed Jukebox playing sounds to the wrong players
  • Fixed players turning invisible sometimes
  • Reduce the chance of a server crashes
  • Fixed fire spread, ice melting.
  • Remove entities when house is reset.
  • Prevented falling blocks outside plot area
  • + Various other small bugfixes.

As always, these bug fixes would not be possible without your community reports. Please continue to report bugs as and when you find them! We really appreciate it.

That’s it for these update notes - Tweet us or put your creations up on housing gallery!

Regarding pets with housing, we can confirm that we will bring those in eventually - anyone will be able to summon their pets for housing, regardless of rank. Multiple Builders is also a high priority for us.

As always, more to come folks! Sorry for the lack of updates in the last 2 weeks, we had some relaxation time after a busy summer, as always - the best is yet to come!


by NoxyD at 1:00 PM
(19,757 Views / 246 Likes)
mystery_box_housing6 (1).png

The Mystery Box is finally here! This update is definitely our biggest and boldest to date - The box contains over 500 items to unlock and along with the other stuff... there is perhaps enough content to fill 6 separate news posts, so we've tried our best to condense it to this one post!

TLDR Summary

Mystery Box is Live
Hundreds and Hundreds of Things to Unlock!
Housing is Live (Beta Mode)
Your own personal space in the Hypixel server - work to unlock all the possibilities!!
Brand New Pets system!
Feed, Care for & play with pets! Send them on missions to level them up! :O
Vanity Shop Revamp
Vanity Shop has been revamped into the “Collectibles” Menu
Suits Added to Lobbies
Collect complete suits to unlock special abilities in lobbies!
Hats Added to Lobbies
50 hats to collect
Particle Cloaks Added to Lobbies
These cloaks trigger a few seconds after standing still - Now you can AFK like a boss.
Disguise System Gone - Replaced with Morphs
Morphs are much cooler, have proper animations and you can even do mob skills :O!

For those brave enough… read on, and strap yourselves to your seats just in case it’s too much to handle!

Mystery Box


Over 500 cosmetics to discover & unlock! These items are spread across a range of new systems like Housing / Suits / Pets (more on those below)
  • Earn Mystery Boxes simply by playing games on the network - Any game has an equal chance of giving you a mystery box. Go to the Mystery Vaults in the lobbies to unlock your rewards.
  • Boxes with 1-3 stars are able to be opened by everyone - 4 stars requires VIP and up. 5 stars requires MVP and up.
  • A higher number of stars on a box means higher chance of better loot - you can see the difference below. Boxes that are bought directly on the web store have no rank requirement, regardless of the number of stars.
  • However, any box has the potential to have "any" loot - there is no such thing as 5 Star exclusive content - the only thing which changes is the drop percentages.
  • Get a duplicate reward? Never fear - those become dust that you can use to create Crafted Mystery Boxes!
  • For those of you with a surplus of Credits that they want to use - you can convert credits into a guaranteed 3 Star Mystery Box - we’ve limited this to once per day for now.
Finally - the wait is over! Mystery box represents an exciting future for the server economy!

Player Housing *BETA*

houseparkour.png housing3.png singlesloth.png

Simply visit the Player Housing NPC in the main lobby to be whisked away to your own house or visit a friends house, guild members or a publicly listed house! Housing can support hundreds of players in one house - and is the result of months of work by @AgentK writing his own minecraft server from scratch (Even I don’t understand all the details on how this actually works!)

Every player, non-donor and donor alike is entitled to their own housing plot!

To join housing, simply visit the housing NPC in any main lobby. You can either join your own world or visit another players!


Once you are inside - complete the housing tutorial to receive around 27 blocks - these blocks are everything you need to get your first home up and running but lacks exotic minecraft blocks like Quartz and Diamond - find those in mystery boxes!

You can use credits to increase your plot size, unlock things like Jukeboxes, new Biomes and Themes among other things. VIPs & MVPs get special discounts for this!

Player Housing will be developed sometime in the future to guild fortresses, and will have other systems such as house parties - we have a lot of ideas with this system.

Please tweet us your homes or post them on the forums! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Please be aware that we have flagged the housing system as Closed Beta - There is a small chance your housing plots will get reset during the Beta Phase without warning - although we don't anticipate it happening. We've had to set it to VIP and above for now for testing reasons to deal with scale, further details at the bottom of the post - we will enable it for all users as soon as we can. We are also aware of a few minor issues and we wanna sneak in a few final features before launch. We expect the housing beta flag to be removed by early September.

Pets System


The pets system has been revamped and entirely improved from the ground up!

There are currently a total of 95 pets you can collect - some with achievements, others with credits and most with the mystery boxes.

General info on pets...
  • Pets require food, water and exercise in order to be happy! Happy pets level up faster!
  • Send pets on missions to have them level up! Who knows, there might also be some other things you can do with pets in the future where their level helps ;-).
  • Learn what food your pets like the most to take the best care of them!
  • You can find pet consumables inside mystery boxes! (In additon to the normal mystery box rewards)
  • You can summon your pets and rename them just like you could previously to show them off in the lobby :)!
Most importantly - your old pet collection has been completely transferred into the new system!
Morph System

Morph is a complete replacement of the disguise system that you can do special abilities with.

You become a ghost and then you can control the mob - even doing attack animations. Other players won't even see your name - it's truly the ultimate disguise!

Morph Special Abilities
(Rare) - Squeal
Cow (Rare) - Moo
Enderman (Epic) - Teleportation
Chicken (Epic) - Lay Eggs
Spider (Epic) - Shoot Webs (How Do I?)
Sheep (Epic) - Rainbow Sheep Mode
Creeper (Legendary) - Creeper Explosion
Blaze (Legendary) - Shoot fireballs
Zombie (Legendary) - Infect other players

Morphs are only obtained via the Mystery Box!

Any user who previously had bought a disguise - has received a full refund!

Crafted Mystery Boxes

You can also craft special Mystery Boxes from the Dust of any duplicate stuff you find!
Loot inside crafted chests can not be found normally in mystery boxes, and you will always get a preset list of drops. For launch we've only announced one crafted box - but who knows what will be in the future boxes? Do you save or spend?

crafty mystery dust.png

Anyone can create crafted Mystery boxes, but ranked users get discounts (VIP 50% off, MVP 75% Off)!


Collect over 50 hats and wear em as above! Simple as that!


suitflash.png suitninja.png

We are launching with 20 collectible suit pieces. Assemble a full suit to unlock a special lobby ability!

Particle Cloaks

Particle Cloaks have been added to the server, currently you can only get these via a Legendary Drop on a Crafted Chest. I won't spoil how they look though!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why can't everyone join yet?
    • We have to wait for hardware specifically for Housing - at the moment we need a special 16 bay server that can store all the data for housing. It will take a few days for us to arrange this. The reason why we need this is each house can take 2.5MB of data - considering we have 500,000 players logging in per day - we need to be able to store at least 1 million houses, which means we need 2.5 Terabytes of powerful SSD's at the very least. As soon as we have this in place we will open for everyone.
  • Where is Vanity Shop?
    • The Vanity Shop is now known as "Collectibles"
  • Where is wardrobe builder?
    • Wardrobe Builder had to go - to make way for suits.
    • MVP+'s will recieve 3 exclusive gadgets in the next few days to make up for the removal of wardrobe builder and /head
  • Why do I suddenly have more credits?
    • A percentage of players have received refunds where certain things were removed (like some of the disguises) you should have these already when you log in.
  • Where do we report housing bugs?
    • Please report them on the bug reports forum, as housing itself does not have it's own subforum.
  • Why only one credit converted box per day?
    • This is so we can closely monitor for any exploits, we intend to raise this limit once we are sure everything is ok.
  • Will my house be reset?
    • We are trying to avoid this (we would lose our houses too!) but we can't make any promises while we are in the beta phase for housing.
  • If housing is reset what happens to purchased and unlocked stuff?
    • All of that will remain, even in the unlikely case we have to reset everyones plots
  • How do I get Pet Items?
    • Every single Mystery Box opening gives you some pet items :)
  • What about pet heads and pet names?
    • These have been fully refunded.
  • I'm a non-ranked player who previously bought a pet that I could summon! What happens to me?
    • Have no fear! The pets which you already paid for are still summon-able by you even if you are a non donor - this is a special case just for people in this scenario. 2,000 Players are affected by this special case.
  • Why are VIP / VIP+ / MVP / MVP+ able to open 4 and 5 star boxes?
    • Ever since the EULA changes when we had to remove the coin multiplier- we've been trying to really make ranks super great again - we think this is going to allow that. We are free to do whatever we like cosmetically, so you can be sure we wished to use this chance to reward our supporters!
  • How can I get mystery boxes?!
    1. By Playing Games
    2. By Purchasing Mystery Box Packs on store.hypixel.net
    3. By converting Credits into boxes
  • Can pets die?
    • No you horrible person
Hope you guys enjoy the update! As always, we have multiple projects being worked on at the same time - there is plenty more to come ;-)

by NoxyD at 4:03 PM
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Want to attend Events like Minecon, Arcadia Con and the Insomnia? Paid for your work on Minecraft? A chance to move onto non Minecraft game projects? A friendly workplace with a cool multinational team?! Read on!

After the conclusion of 1st wave of the Dev training program which saw the resultant joining of @Plancke & @DeprecatedNether to the Admin team we are now accepting applications for the 2nd wave!

Essential Facts
  • The 2nd wave will start during September, you will be notified if you make a short list of candidates for interview as well as be provided more details.
  • If your application is unsuccessful you will not get a reply, unfortunately we do not have time to reply to each applicant by hand.
  • Wave 2 is specifically orientated towards creating Arcade Quality Games for the Hypixel Network, however you can also apply if your specialism is not in minigames.
  • Previous applicants may re-apply again.
  • Please tell us about your current life situation in basic terms - are you studying ? Are you looking for full time work? This is important info for us.
  • You must be aged at least 16 to apply and have a good command of both verbal and written English.
  • The position is paid on a per project / training stage basis, more details provided if you are short listed.
How to Apply
Send your application via email to [email protected]

A tip for applying: We rarely get time to look at any source code until the interview stage, videos links are best, personal websites work great too - but best is an IP we can come check out your work on ;-)! The first impression is the most important! Avoid walls of text that are too big and also avoid giving us no information!

Please note, previously this program was called "Junior Developer Training Program" we have renamed this to simply"The Developer Training Program". The reason for this - is that we expect a lot from people that wish to join the Hypixel team, as do our community (who are always hungry to interrogate you!) The word junior was simply not applicable to what still amounts to a tremendous level of responsibility.

Good luck to all applicants!