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by Nitroholic_ at 4:06 PM
(9,756 Views / 111 Likes)
A new patch has been released for Duels, available to test now in the Prototype Lobby. For information on what changes are included, check out the details below.

New Map

We added a new map for the new 4v4 Duels modes featuring a larger area to fight on. Let us know what you think!

▶ General Updates

  • Soup Duels has been removed
Developer Comments: Concurrent player stats and community feedback showed that Soup Duels was one of the least popular modes, so we have removed it. This gives us space to add a new mode: MegaWalls duels
  • Guild Tags now display on all daily leaderboards
Developer Comments: Now you can represent your guild in the daily leaderboards, and work together to dominate the leaderboard.

  • Weekly guild leaderboard have been added to all of the new team and doubles modes
Developer Comments: The new weekly guild leaderboards will only display in the new team and doubles duels, and will only change when you enter a duel as a full team (e.g. your entire team is in the same guild). The score is determined by the total number of wins minus the total losses. We added this in to add another competitive aspect while we work on other features.

  • Solo win - loss leaderboards have been added to all of the solo duels modes
Developer Comments: We have added a solo wins minus losses leaderboard to all solo duels modes, which will reset weekly. On this leaderboard, you can compete against other duels players to have the best overall win/loss score! We hope this will add a new competitive aspect to Duels!


5 New Modes

Five new modes have been added to Duels, including a new kit and a bunch of team modes, the new modes are:


MegaWalls Duels - Solo, Double and Teams:
The new MegaWalls duels mode allows you to 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 any player with any maxed MegaWalls class. You can use all of the class abilities and get all of the classes items.

Developer Comments: We have ported over MegaWalls mode into a solo or team duel, and have maxed all of the class abilities and kit items. Currently you can only use the primary abilities (not alternate) and no stats gained in MegaWalls duels will effect your actual MegaWalls stats. As all of the kits don't provide armor and weapons, we have added a base kit which you can see below.

  • 1x Water Bucket
  • 1x Lava Bucket
  • 64x Wood
  • 1x Bow
  • 15x Arrow
  • 1x Iron Sword
  • 1x Iron Axe
  • 5x Cooked Beef
  • Iron Armor
UHC Doubles and UHC Teams:
You can now play UHC Duels as a team of 2 in UHC Doubles or a team of 4 in UHC Teams. The kit items are the same and the layout can be edited in the Layout Editor for UHC Duels.

  • Diamond Armor
  • 1x Diamond Sword (Sharpness 3)
  • 1x Bow (Power 3)
  • 1x Diamond Axe
  • 3x Golden Head
  • 2x Water Bucket
  • 2x Lava Bucket
  • 128x Wood
  • 24x Arrow
  • 6x Golden Apple
  • 1x Fishing Rod
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed losing your win streak if the game ends due to there not being enough players
  • Fixed layout editor not saving your kit properly
  • Fixed item dupe in layout editor
  • Fixed parties gaining exp or guild coins
  • Game won't be counted as a party game if there are no other members in the party other than the leader

by OrangeMarshall at 10:42 AM
(9,645 Views / 124 Likes)
Here's some great news for Mega Walls fans! A new patch with lots of bug fixes, new additions and balance changes just rolled out - ready for you to play!

▶ General Changes

Log Regeneration (Normal Mode)

During the preparation time in Normal mode broken logs will regenerate shortly after if there is no player nearby. This allows most players to gather the amount of wood they want / need, independently from the map!​

Blood Particles

The blood particles you could already see in the shop are now implemented :)
The /blood command now opens the menu to select which blood effect you want to see when someone takes damage in Mega Walls!​

Double Energy "Bug"

This has been an issue due to Minecraft's combat system since the very beginning. Under certain circumstances you are able to damage a player while he's invincible, which gives the player Energy Per Hit once again.
We enabled support to modify the energy give in this circumstance. You will now get half of your normal Energy Per Hit whenever this situation occurs, so don't be surprised when you suddenly have 30 Energy as an Enderman, for example!
This is an experimental change and there will be a thread in the Mega Walls subforum to vote if you want to keep it, have its values adjusted or remove it again.

Class Kit Items

Most class kit items will have the Unbreakable tag and Unbreaking enchantment - so they never break and they are glowing so you can differentiate them from crafted items! A big thanks to @GermanWizard for spending his time to help do these changes, let us know if we missed any items :)
Note: This does not apply to the pickaxe you can buy in the shop.​

▶ Class Balancing
The class balancing already took place, but here you get an overview of what had been done!
Discussions take place here:
  • Skeleton
    • Explosive arrow damage reduced to 6
  • Enderman
    • 10 second cooldown added to Soul Charge
  • Herobrine
    • Aqua Affinity returned to helmet
  • Spider
    • Boots gain Protection I & Blast Protection I
    • Sword gains Bane of Arthropods IV
    • Deathmatch EPS reduced to 14
  • Squid
    • Rejuvenate now heals the same amount, but in a shorter time
  • Dreadlord
    • Shadow burst damage reduced to 7
  • Shaman
    • EPH increased to 8
  • Golem
    • Blast Protection on Chestplate replaced with Protection I (at max)
  • Blaze
    • Protection II added to Leggings (max)
    • Added 1 arrow to the kit (was missing)
    • Fossil Fuels Cooldown reduced to 10
  • Pirate
    • Added Absorption I to the Potions
  • Phoenix
    • EPH increased to 12
    • Power I added to the bow
    • Replaced Regen potion with 2 Health Potions (8 hearts) unlocked at kit 5 and 9
    • Added two drinkable Speed II potions (15 seconds) unlocked at kit 4 and 8
    • Cleansing Flames healing reduced to 6 HP
    • Cleansing Flames duration decreased to 25 seconds at max
    • Molten Lava chances increased to 20% at max
    • Inferno cooldown reduced to 20 seconds
  • Moleman
    • EPS in deathmatch set to 2
    • Gunpowder barrel has been replaced by:
      • Stockpile:
        When finding a chest there are 150-300% more iron ingots found inside.
    • Sharpness levels added to all levels of the shovel (allowing the lowest levels to be viable)
▶ Bug Fixes

General Bugs
  • No more invincible and duplicated Timmies when getting kicked
  • Timmies will now be removed and drop items if their team is eliminated, this means you cannot rejoin a game when you are the last one alive on your team
  • When drinking a potion with the same effect already active it does now refresh the timer properly
  • Several particles and sounds were not properly executed (e.g. Creeper ticking, explosions, ...)
  • You cannot apply Slowness to you or any teammates anymore
  • Cleared up /surface and /kill mechanics and shown messages
  • You don't get energy from players that are invincible anymore
  • Bugs with the shop for YouTubers have been fixed
  • Fixed glitching out of Forsaken's pregame lobby by switching classes at a certain spot
  • Faceoff pregame now shows selected class
  • You cannot change your class in the pregame lobby if the countdown is lower than 3 seconds, to avoid issues where players get kicked from the game when the game starts
  • The lines of rekt signs are not inverted anymore

Achievement Bugs
  • Tiered achievements are now properly incrementing and will synchronize with your current stats upon joining the lobby next time
  • Some achievement descriptions updated to now properly reflect how to obtain them
  • Ninja 7s achievement (7 finals with a crafted Iron Sword without dying) fixed, it required those 7 finals to happen consecutively before
  • Gotcha (2 Final Kills with one Dig ability) fixed

Class Bugs
  • Blaze's kit has no more issues saving the kit layout
  • Squids Rejuvenate passive activates at the correct health and now heals the correct amount
  • Pirate's parrots do deal 2 true damage instead of 1
  • Pirate's parrots die when touching blocks and now respawn shortly after (3 seconds or faster) instead of 30-60 seconds depending on their skill level
  • Skeletons salvaging skill now provides 2 arrows instead of 1
  • The abilities from Creeper and Shaman cancel as soon as their owner dies
  • Spiders Leap gives enemies Slowness I instead of II now
  • Spiders dropshock cap is now 14 as previously intended
  • Moleman does now also receive the normal buffs (regen and absorption) from consuming a golden apple
  • Enderman's gathering does not have a chance to find chests anymore
  • Inferno cooldown now starts when shooting a player and not everytime you shoot an arrow
  • Sea legs activates at the right time now
  • Phoenix gathering talent description updated
  • No more rekt signs when the player respawns due to Resurrect
  • Resurrect can only save a player once, as the description says
  • Squid's Inner Ink does not activate on Water Bottles anymore

by Vinny8Ball at 12:30 PM
(26,533 Views / 88 Likes)
More good news for Bed Wars fans - we just released 3 new Bed Wars maps for Solo/Double mode. This brings the total maps available in Solo/Double mode up to 5 maps.
Don't forget, our MVP+ users can use the Map Selector to pick these maps and be the first to try them out!

For more information on the Prototype Lobby, visit the Introduction thread.

▶ How to Find and Play PTL Games
The Prototype Lobby (PTL) is a space on Hypixel where you can test all our in-development minigames and give your feedback, helping to shape the minigames of Hypixel's future!

To access the PTL, do any of the following:
  • Open the Game Compass (compass icon on hotbar) and click the Anvil icon (PTL)
  • Or click the Prototype Lobby NPC in the Main Lobby
  • Or type the command /lobby PTL into your chat window and send it
We hope you enjoy and look forward to bringing you more content soon!

▶ 3 New Maps

▶ Guild Coins and Experience
Playing Prototype games will now earn you Guild Coins and Experience, effective immediately.

Developer Comments: Guild Coins are used to upgrade the perks available for your Guild, such as Guild Tag and Guild MOTD. Experience provides several benefits, including perks and in-game shop items. Having both of these available to earn through the Prototype games adds additional value to the testing experience while also continuing to allow us to focus primarily on game-play.