Pixel Painters

New Arcade Game!

Paint a masterpiece based on a theme! Use a variety of tools to make the most creative picture! Win the vote of other players to claim victory!

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New Mode!

Be the last man standing in this Ultrafast 1.8 Gamemode, will you slay your foes with the sword or with gravity?

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Turbo Kart Racers

Out Now!

This fully fledged new mini-game mode puts you in the driver seat in a furious race against 11 other players.

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The Return of the Adventure Lobby!


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by NoxyD at 3:24 PM
(2,398 Views / 82 Likes)
Hey guys! Here's a bit of a community round up for you all!

Build Battle Live @ Minecon Video!

If you missed it when it was live, or just want to see it again, you can now check out the video from Build Battle Live at Minecon 2015 below, or as Mojang seem to be mistakenly calling it "Battle Build" :D

It was wonderful getting to meet so many Hypixel fans, hopefully including some of you here, over the weekend and we hope that you enjoyed the event.

The Build team made this gif of @mooTV at the event. He shall forever be the chickenhawk that watches over us.

Gameband Contest!


To enter this contest it's quite simple! All you need to do is enter your forum username at the link below - Gameband will then contact the winners after we announce them via the forums!

There is a total of three awesome Gamebands (worth $80 each!) to win

Don't know what a Gameband is yet? Visit their website for more information or check out this nifty video below that shows the production process.

Last day of Voting on the Art Contest!

Guys! Its the last day of voting on the community art contest!

HPBT PMC Submission!

The rather awesome Hypixel Build team have submitted an entry for the first time to a building contest! Specifically the "Underwater Wonderland contest"

Please consider visiting their entry on PMC to show your support to our lads and lassies!

by Minikloon at 10:36 PM
(10,947 Views / 314 Likes)
The Blitz update has arrived!

This update features a huge batch of quality of life changes, new kits and maps and a host of other stuff, read on for more details! We polled the community for what they'd like to see changed and were overwhelmed with the response. The vast majority of the changes came from your suggestions directly. We also took this opportunity to work with the Elite team add some new features in there. Finally we tried to aim the changes at putting Blitz back into Blitz Survival Games and make the game more fast-paced and bring some fresh air to the much loved game mode.

New Maps

Two new maps are in the game.

The first one is Mithril Revived, which is a retake on the old Mithril map. This version is much smoother and fancier. It's a 24 players solo map.
The second is is called Mirador Basin. It's a large 24 players teams map with teams of 2.

Pixelville was moved to teams, and some of the least popular Solo maps were removed to make way for the new maps.

Quest Master
The Quest Master has come to Blitz with 4 new quests!
  • Daily Game of the Day (Play a game of Blitz for 1250 coins)
  • Daily Win (Win a game of Blitz for 1250 coins)
  • Daily Kills (Kill 5 players in Blitz for 1250 coins)
  • Weekly Blitz Master (Play 60 games, win 10 games of them and kill 50 players for 4000 coins)
Check them out in-game at the Quest Master in the lobby.

After-kill Effects
These effects are gameplay powerups which you gain after killing a player. Currently in the game you gain speed II after killing another player. There are now more options for which to pick in the lobby :
  • Speed II for 20 seconds
  • Resistance II for 10 seconds
  • Regeneration II for 10 seconds
  • Infinite arrows for 20 seconds
These are cosmetic effects which trigger when you kill a player. Here are the different ones :
  • Boom (Explodes when you kill a player)
  • Lightning Strikes (Strike even more lightning on your victim)
  • Creeper Firework (Launch a creeper firework where your victim stood)
  • Infestation (Silverfishes jump out of your victim's body and eat its remains)
  • Gravestone (Pay your respects to your victims with a sweet gravestone)
  • Squid missile (Launches a squid missile in the air)
  • #rekt hologram

Kit Customizer
The kit customizer is an in-depth feature which primarily lets you change in which order you get your kit items. If you don't have any custom permutation for your kit, you will gain your items exactly as before. Otherwise, it will force your hotbar to look exactly as your specified.

The kit customizer also offers a few new features (in order of the bottom icons) :
  • Reset your customization (not a feature!)
  • Set a kit as your default kit.
  • Rename an item.
  • Auto-equip armor.
Blitz powerups - Rebuilt from the ground up.
We went through every single one of the Blitz powerups to make sure they are all appealing. This resulted in some of the blitzes getting completely removed and some brand new ones to be created. The Blitz Star itself will appear faster now too because right now, most of the games don't even see it.

The new blitzes are completely over the top with things shotguns, jedis force pushes, incredible treasures, the Angel of Death's sword, powerful spells, nukes and more!

Some of the old blitz's have been removed - you will recieve a refund for any of these your account already had unlocked :)

New kits
We added three new kits to the game. Here's what you have to look for :

Paladin : Focuses on upper body armor, gives you a sword and splash healing pots at higher levels.
Shadow Knight : Lighter-armored kit with blindness potions, a sword and an incredible mask.
Rambo: A special kit for the hardcore players out there. This kit has no item whatsoever, you can't upgrade it and won't let you pick up any armor. But you'll get bonus coins when winning a match!

Smaller features
In no particular order :
  • A new way to track your enemies and teammates. Check out this video to see how it works.
  • Scramble names for the first 15 seconds.
  • Your pet name is used for your spawned creatures in-game.
  • Assist coins. You now get 2 base coins + 1 coin per 20% damage dealt to the victim.
  • Avenge kills. Gain bonus coins for killing your teammate's killer in Team mode.
  • New cookie taunt (MVP)
  • When...

by Minikloon at 10:19 AM
(3,659 Views / 60 Likes)

We have updated Pixel Painters to include theme translations in 8 languages!
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Italian
Thanks to all translators and @Gerbor12 for making this possible!

You can select your language in-game with the nametag in the pre-game lobby :


We also took this opportunity to add 300 new themes to the game!
By the way, we just passed 1,000,000 images created so far in Pixel Painters! That's about a 14 GBs of pixels. If we wanted to display all of these images in full resolution, we'd need to line up 1582 full-hd monitors.

Finally, we fixed up the fill tool so that it can fill single pixels. No more need to switch to the pencil to fix rogue pixels.

We hope this update will let more people enjoy Pixel Painters!

by codename_B at 3:27 PM
(7,289 Views / 143 Likes)

Team Death Match has arrived to Warlords! Use the classses you know and love on a brand new style of playing.

TDM features a new spawning system with multiple spawn points to help prevent spawn camping, so you should always spawn somewhere safe and be able to jump right back into the action.

Eliminate players from the enemy team to gain points for your team! The first team to reach 1000 points or to gain a 500 points lead after 5 minutes wins the game!

With this update, we no longer consider Warlords to be in a beta state, we now consider it release.

New Quests + Achievements

Gotta collect them all! With a new mode comes a new set of achievements.
  • Eagle Eyed (Kill a player in TDM within 30 seconds of respawning)
  • Chain Kill (Kill two players within 5 seconds of each other)
  • Nifty (Survive a game of Team Deathmatch with at least one kill, without dying yourself)
  • Vexillologist (Win games of Capture the Flag)
  • Dominator (Win games of Domination)
  • Deathmatched (Win games of Team Deathmatch)
There is a new TDM related daily quest!
  • Kill or Assist 10 players in Warlords TDM

Balance Changes
  • Shaman
    • Thunderlord
      • Chain Lightning's base energy cost has been increased from 20 to 30.
        • Please be aware there was an incident last night where the upgrades for Chain Lightning accidently bumped the energy cost to 55 - this was a typo and we blame @Zumulus for it.
      • Chain Lightning's upgrades now also reduces its energy cost by a maximum of 10.
      • Chain Lightning's additional targets has been reduced from 3 to 2.
    • Earthwarden
      • Earthen Spike's base Crit Multipler has been reduced from 175% to 150%.
      • Boulder's base Crit Multipler has been reduced from 175% to 150%.
      • Boulder's impact radius has been reduced from 5 to 4.
  • Mage
    • Pyromancer
      • EPS has been reduced from 13 to 10.
      • EPH has been increased from 5 to 7.
  • Paladin
    • Protector
      • EPH has been increased from 5 to 10
Team Balancing

Balanced games are important for a sustainable play experience, so we've implemented a 3 player party limit on CTF Mini and TDM. We're also going to trial a new iteration of the team balancer that swaps high and low level players to balance out games, please leave some feedback of how your game experience has been with the balancer on!

Arcade Coin Conversion

You've been waiting for it, it's finally here. Arcade coin conversion is coming to Warlords!
You will be able to convert your Arcade coins into Warlords coins as of the 30th of July.

We hope you guys enjoy the new mode! If you are one of the players eagerly awaiting the Blitz update - get Hype! The next game update is Blitz!

by PxlPanda at 6:13 PM
(4,517 Views / 75 Likes)

We've added a few features to the website that'll excite you creative folk!

Media Gallery


With the media gallery we are finally giving the creative people within the Hypixel community a better place to show-off their amazing artwork or videos. Here is a short overview of what the media gallery offers:
  • Browse artwork and videos related to the server
  • See which media is currently popular using the “Trending” sorting
  • Like and comment media
  • Share your own creations!
The media gallery can be found as a node in the forum list or you can just click here if you don’t want to go all the way there now ;)

However, please do only add content that is related to Hypixel and that you own the rights to.

Art Contest Final Round!

Firstly, remember that Art Contest we did last month? Well one of the main reasons we did this was to actually launch the Media Gallery!

Almost one month ago we started the art contest! Everyone could show their creative side by submitting their own drawing for the theme "Hypixel". The submissions we have gotten are just mind-blowing!

Over 400, submissions were entered, and all entrants are entered into our lucky draw for 250,000 Arcade Coins + 10,000 Credits

Additionally we've been so impressed with the high quality of effort and quality of the drawings that we've decided to give all entrants 10,000 Arcade Coins Regardless of Result. These will be given out in Early August alongside us announcing the winners for the contest overall.

A jury picked the best entries consists out of Hypixel Admins & Mods. One of them being resident Artist @Xael - Thomas Frick.

You need to pick your favorite drawing(s) by liking them in our Media gallery inside the Artwork contest! The drawing with the most likes by August 1st wins the contest!

1st place, winner gets 250,000 Arcade Coins + 5,000 Credits
2nd place, winner gets 200,000 Arcade Coins + 5,000 Credits
3rd place, winner gets 100,000 Arcade Coins + 5,000 Credits
7 Runners up will get 50,000 Coins each!

If you submitted a entry to the contest - but didn't make it to the short list why not add yours to the Media Gallery now? :)

Pixel Painters Links


There has also been a small update to our recently added game Pixel Painters. Instead of an imgur link you now receive a link to a Hypixel site which shows information about the drawing, your other recent drawings, links to easily share your creation. Note that if you preferred imgur - you can still click to "view on imgur".

We hope you like the changes!