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by Dctr at 8:05 PM
(8,245 Views / 227 Likes)
Hey guys - for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Dctr and I’m one of the newer members of the admin team here at Hypixel. One of my goals is to help get even more valuable feedback from the community, and use it to improve our minigames and features.

Our first step in this process is to introduce the Hypixel Player Council. Formerly known as the Elite Team, the new Player Council will consist of community members who will help test and improve new games and updates, as well as report bug fixes, suggest balance changes and more.

The Player Council will be made up of current Elite Team members, but we will also be adding new players periodically. The Player Council will operate in much the same way, except its members will be more involved with the community; expect lots of new forum threads looking for community suggestions on game updates, balancing, features and more.

The Hypixel Player Council will have an open application process, and we encourage any players who feel they could give valuable input to apply. All sorts of players are welcome - we’re not just looking for hardcore PvP players but also players who enjoy all sorts of games at various levels across the network.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Player Council and how to apply, click the link below and carefully read the information listed:

Why are we making these changes?

We felt the previous name was a poor description of what we actually wanted from this team. We feel the best way to improve games and updates is to have an open, transparent process where Player Council members regularly communicate with and get suggestions from you, our wider community. We also want to get more different types of players involved with the feedback process.


That’s all from me today. I look forward to seeing all the amazing feedback you guys will be able to give on our cool new minigames and updates!


by aPunch at 4:46 PM
(3,820 Views / 97 Likes)
We are pleased that the response to Mini Walls has been so... not-mini! To show our appreciation, here's 3 new maps crafted by our builders. And we've also fixed some issues with previous maps Towers, Skydome, and Volcanic.

The 3 maps below are available to play right now in Mini Walls in the Arcade Lobby!


This modern living space doubles as a chaotic combat zone for Mini Withers. Don't forget to pay rent!


Ascend to the top of the tower and swing from tree to tree, raining arrows down onto your enemies. Watch out for falling cocoa beans!


Defend from behind the walls or engage in open combat in the center. Be sure to protect your Mini Wither from all sides!

Each map has plenty for you to discover, from the tunnels underground to the rooftops high above. As always, you can report any issues you encounter in the appropriate forum. Enjoy!

Have you played our new maps? Let us know what you think in the comments! :D

by Tactful at 2:58 PM
(19,992 Views / 125 Likes)

Back in March of this year, several Hypixel admins packed themselves into cars, planes and trains bound for the city of Birmingham in the UK. The reason? Insomnia57 – a huge live gaming festival hosted in the UK by our friends at Multiplay, where gamers of all ages and backgrounds gather to celebrate the unique culture of video games.
With a large booth of almost 100 PCs running classic Hypixel minigames and daily Main Stage shows hosted in front of 1000s of fans, Insomnia was an exhilarating and fun experience for players and staff alike. I was lucky enough to experience it first-hand – read on for photos, funny moments and more!

Left: the Hypixel booth guarded by the man himself! Right: Players enjoy SkyWars and other minigames

"Live events can be very tricky," says Hypixel admin PixelBaker. "But also very rewarding. As an online server Hypixel sees millions of players every month, but when you get to meet those same players in person it's very humbling and cool." On the Insomnia57 show floor, PixelBaker helped manage the event team as 1000s of attendees lined up to play SkyWars, Build Battle and other games on the Hypixel booth.
"Everything went smoothly, but there were some funny moments. One time a very young girl joined in a game of solo SkyWars - and proceeded to beat all of the much older players one by one until she was the last one left!" The girl earned a shiny Hypixel badge for her epic victory.


Over on the Main Stage, admins Codename_B and MooTV were busy delivering live Build Battle showcases featuring YouTuber guests in front of a packed hall.
"Nothing makes you think on your feet like 1000 people sitting on the other side of a curtain," says Codename, who was backstage helping produce the show.
"Being able to experience a huge audience interacting with your games live is scary and exciting!" He laughs; "I've never fixed a bug faster than one we found 5 minutes before the show started."

The Hypixel booth at Insomnia Scotland
Insomnia57 wasn't the only opportunity our team had to interact with fans live. Hypixel staff attended both Insomnia Scotland and Insomnia Ireland, smaller regional spin-offs of the main festival.
"Besides getting to meet lots of Hypixel players, events like these are a great opportunity for Admins, Mods and Helpers to meet up and hang out," said Hypixel admin and map builder Vinny8Ball.
"It's hard work, but good fun catching up in person with teammates you chat to all the time online."



Tweets from staff members at the events!

All in all, Multiplay's Insomnia festivals were a very fun experience, and we look forward to meeting even more of you guys in the future.

Were you able to make it to one of the events we attended? Let us know in comments! :D