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Minecraft 1.10 & 1.9

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by Tactful at 8:27 PM
(14,943 Views / 95 Likes)

Hey guys,

Today we want to spotlight a very awesome team in our community - Black Plasma Studios. Whether you know them in-game or from their YouTube channel Black Plasma Studios, they've been making awesome animations featuring Hypixel minigames for a long time now! You may have seen some clips featured in our recent trailer.

You can watch Parts 1 and 2 of their latest video above, inspired by original Hypixel minigame The Blocking Dead. Undead, undead errywhere! :D

If you enjoyed that animation, you can watch more on their YouTube channel (link). Some of our favs include videos inspired by MEGA SkyWars, Survival Games, and VampireZ.

The Black Plasma Team includes Arbiter 617, RoA Nitrox, Eagle Empire, Sam Small and LittleThomasKid.

If you enjoyed the vids, let the Black Plasma Studios team know in the comments :)

by Tactful at 10:42 AM
(12,936 Views / 41 Likes)

The Hypixel Zone is back! We are excited to announce we will once again be attending the Insomnia Gaming Festival, a huge live gaming event in the UK!

As you may remember, we attended Insomnia57 earlier this year as well as the Insomnia Scotland and Ireland regional events and had a blast of a time. This weekend (26th-29th August) members of our team are returning to the NEC Birmingham to run the Hypixel Zone, an area stocked full of PCs where you can compete with friends across classic Hypixel minigames.

If you're attending the event and spot a Hypixel staff member, feel free to come and say hello - and make sure to share any photos or videos you take at the event :D

Visit the official Insomnia website to find out more.

by Cryptkeeper at 10:52 PM
(36,846 Views / 417 Likes)
Howdy! We’ve been working on several improvements to help make combat more accurate and reliable no matter where you play.

To clarify, we're not changing anything related to gameplay. This has nothing to do with 1.8 or 1.9 combat. This is purely related to making improvements to our current combat system. This can be quite technical so we'll do our best to explain.

Improved: Hit detection
We've rewritten how the vanilla Minecraft server processes movement and combat to make it instantaneous instead of a 50ms delay due to how vanilla's "tick loop" works. This can improve combat accuracy by up to 1.5 blocks and helps to improve hit detection - especially when sprinting.

This means that all combat and movement on the network is now 50 milliseconds faster for all users!

Fixed: Player displacement
This fixes an odd bug that would sometimes cause players to appear in the ground or floating. They will now appear where they actually are - no more aiming where someone should be. Quakecraft players will be especially happy about this one!

Fixed: Odd food eating/potion consumption bugs
We've rewritten portions of the system used for eating food or consuming potions - this removes the bug with consuming items taking too long. In addition, it helps to make consuming items more reliable for everyone, regardless of their connection!

New: Combat Tracker
The Combat Tracker can be enabled in most PVP games using the /trackcombat command. It allows advanced players to see how their hits are (or aren’t) registering and help locate any issues.

The Miss Rate allows you to know when your hits miss due to being too far away, and a low Damage Rate means you’re hitting too quickly for Minecraft to register them. APS (“attacks per second”) measures how many attempted hits you’re sending. Lastly, ping shows changes in your ping - this way you can tell if it’s a connection issue and not a problem with your skills.

We are always working to improve gameplay on the server and fix bugs, so make sure to report any issues in the Bug Reports section. Now, go play! :)