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by LyallPD at 12:06 PM
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With high temperatures come low prices.

From today until Sunday 2nd, we are holding the Summer Sale on Hypixel!

All items in the Hypixel Store will be 25% OFF!

The sale includes deals like:

As always, we appreciate all the support you give to the network - you make it possible for us to work on stuff we love.

Thanks for reading and the Hypixel team wishes you a great start into the summer!

by TomcatEvE at 6:52 PM
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Today we've released a brand new Blitz Surival Games update including the return of a legacy map, two never before seen maps, achievements, kit balancing and more.

Check out the changelog below or join the Blitz lobby to see them in-game!

▶ New Maps



▶ Kit Balancing and Chestloot changes

Level 2 → 1 web → 0 web +1 spider
Level 3 → 2 web → 0 web +1 spider
Level 4 → 2 web → 0 web
Level 5 → 2 web → 0 web
Level 6 → 3 web → 0 web +1 spider
Level 7 → 4 web → 0 web
Level 8 → 5 web → 0 web +1 spider
Level 9 → 6 web → 0 web,
Level 10 → 8 web → 0 web, leather chestplate > Leather chestplate (Protection I), +1 spider
Level 6: + gold boots
Level 7: + gold boots
Level 8: + gold boots, + gold helm
Level 9: + gold boots, + gold helm, gold chestplate > leather chestplate
Level 10: + gold boots, + gold helm, iron chestplate > gold chestplate
Level 10: +1x Rabbit Egg
Level 6+: Leather Chestplate (Fortune III) > Leather Chestplate (Protection I)
Level 7+: Leather Boots (Fortune III) > Leather Boots (Protection I)
Level 8+: Leather Leggings (Fortune III) > Leather Leggings (Protection I)
Level 9+: Leather Helmet (Fortune III) > Leather Helmet (Protection I)
Level 10: +1x Splash potion of Nausea (10s)

- At all levels the ender eye has been replaced with a stick, in additional to this it also received bane and smite additionally at the same level of the sharpness.
- Cobwebs have been removed at all levels
Level 8: + Leather Chestplate
Level 9: + Leather Chestplate
Level 10: + Leather Chestplate
Level 10: Chain Chestplate > Chain Chestplate (Protection I)
Level 10: + Leather Leggings
Level 10: Iron Helmet (Protection I, Unbreaking I) > Iron Helmet
Level 10: + 1x Saddle, + Carrot on a stick
Level 5: Splash potion of Slowness II (8s) > Splash potion of Slowness II (6s)
Level 6: Splash potion of Slowness II (8s) > Splash potion of Slowness II (6s)
Level 7: Splash potion of Slowness II (8s) > Splash potion of Slowness II (6s)
Level 8: Splash potion of Slowness II (8s) > Splash potion of Slowness II (6s)
Level 9: Splash potion of Slowness II (10s) > Splash potion of Slowness II (8s)
Level 10: Splash potion of Slowness II (10s) > Splash potion of Slowness II (8s)
Level 9: +Leather Helmet
Level 10: Leather Helmet > Chain Helmet

Added back the following items:
- Cinderella's Slippers
- Big Boy Pants
- Apples

▶ Blitz Star Adjustments
To make blitz stars more viable and accessible for newer players we reduced the price of them by a quite bit. Besides this activatable items given from specific blitzes are no longer usable in deathmatch for more fair gameplay.
- Sweg Move now gives 5 seconds of fire resistance to all teleported players upon teleportation

▶ Kit Price Adjustments
To allow more variety for newer players and an easier time unlocking the advanced kits, some kits have been reduced in price.

▶ Achievements
After a long time it's been decided that Blitz could use some new achievements so here they are!
Tiered Achievements
Looter I: Loot 25 Chests
Looter II: Loot 250 Chests
Looter III: Loot 1,500 Chests
Looter IV: Loot 5,000 Chests
Looter V: Loot 15,000 Chests

Treasure Seeker I: Find the Blitz Star 1 time
Treasure Seeker II: Find the Blitz Star 5 times
Treasure Seeker III: Find the Blitz Star 10 times
Treasure Seeker IV: Find the Blitz Star 25 times
Treasure Seeker V: Find the Blitz Star 100 times

War Veteran I: Win a game with the Rambo Kit 1 time
War Veteran II: Win a game with the Rambo Kit 5 times
War Veteran III: Win a game with the Rambo Kit 15 times
War Veteran IV: Win a game with the Rambo Kit 25 times
War Veteran V: Win a game with the Rambo Kit 50 times

Two Man Army I: Win 10 games of Team Blitz
Two Man Army II: Win 100 games of Team Blitz
Two Man Army III: Win 250 games of Team Blitz
Two Man Army IV: Win 500 games of Team Blitz
Two Man Army V: Win 1200 games of Team Blitz
Single Achievements
Champion: Kill a player using a level X kit
Bomberman: Kill a player with TNT
No Regrets: Craft a Diamond hoe
Afterburner: Kill a player with fire
Under the Sea: Catch a clownfish
Titanium: Wear a full set of diamond armor
Rabbit’s Foot: Survive a fall of at least 50 blocks
Finally!: Get a kit to level 10
Rampage: Get 10 Kills in one game
This is not Skywars: Throw a player into the Void
Rambo: Kill a player without wearing any armor
Cooking Expert: Craft a golden apple
Invincible: Win a game without taking any damage
Unstoppable: Kill 5 players within 10 seconds
Coin Festival: Find a coin chest
Unfortunate: Get killed by your own roulette

▶ Bug Fixes
  • One Pound Fish messages now display correctly.
  • Fixed some typos in error messages.
  • Fixed issue where certain chests could not be opened
  • Fixed issue where chest refill would overlap the vault hunter loot
  • Fixed Ironman Timer
  • Fixed /nick not displaying correctly in shouts
  • Fixed rare occurrence where multiple players would spawn on the same spot
  • Fixed issue where game would sometimes not end if the last player left the game
  • Fixed issue where roulette would kill a person twice if they died right before roulette killed them
  • Fixed issue where snowmen would target spectators
  • Fixed desynced instructions for kit usage
  • Fixed issue where the Dragon Rider Victory Dance would kill the player using it.
  • Fixed incorrect items on Knight and Slimey Slime
  • Fixed #Rekt Hologram being able to pick up armor
  • Fixed rare occurrence where spawning mobs too fast wouldn’t spawn them
  • Fixed issue where the compass would sometimes not work
  • Fixed issue where the chest refill sometimes overlapped the blitz star spawn
  • Fixed Join again scroll for Team Mode

Massive thanks to @OrangeMarshall , @Plancke and the Player Council for helping out with the update! If you find any bugs please report them in the replies below.

by LyallPD at 1:28 PM
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From today until Sunday 4th, we are holding a big weekend sale!

All items in the Hypixel Store will be 20% OFF!

So visit the store and grab awesome deals like:

Also, Summer Boxes are back!
Right now you can grab these time limited boxes which contain over 100+ unique summer-themed lobby cosmetics.
If you own a rank on Hypixel you will be able to grab free Summer Boxes at the Deliveryman. He will give out up to 20 Boxes depending on rank within the next 20 days for a good start into the summer.

We appreciate all the support you give us to make Hypixel the great place it is and provide us with the opportunity to go even beyond that.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend!