Huge Holiday Update

Loads of new festive-themed content

Grinch Simulator, Christmas Build Battle, Lobby, Cosmetics, Present Hunt Quest, Maps & more

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Minecraft 1.11 Supported

Login using 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 or 1.11!

Play together with friends on Hypixel using Minecraft versions 1.8 and above.

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Spanish Language Support

We've added Spanish language translations to Hypixel! Change your language in 'My Profile' in-game

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Daily Reward Cards

Unlock free in-game items

Do you like rewards? How about a free reward EVERY DAY!? Introducing our new Reward Card system on Hypixel!

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by Tactful at 11:13 PM
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HO HO HO! It's December, and the season of giving has arrived on Hypixel in the form of this Huge Holiday Update - OUR BIGGEST SEASONAL UPDATE YET!

This year we focused our energy on creating a wide variety of content across the server including new games, new maps, a cross-lobby treasure hunt, cosmetics and more! Read on to find out all the details.

New Arcade Game – Grinch Simulator
Grinch Simulator is a brand new Arcade Game inspired by parkour and collection. You play as a Grinch – an evil Christmas creature whose only desire is to ruin the holiday for everyone.

You must steal presents from houses across a randomly generated map. The Grinch who steals the most presents by the end of the game wins!

On your hotbar you'll find a Map item which shows Presents (squared), other players (red markers) and yourself (blue marker). You also have snowballs which slow other players down, and can punch people to knock them back.

Will you ruin Christmas the most and become the ultimate Grinch? Find out by playing Grinch Simulator now in the Hypixel Arcade lobby.

New Arcade Game – Christmas Build Battle
Love Build Battle? We've created a special festive version of it featuring new Christmas maps and over 100 festive themes.

You may find yourself building a Reindeer, a Snowman, a Christmas Tree, or something else equally seasonally appropriate. If you build something awesome, make sure to share it with us on the forums or on Twitter :D

Can you be the best Elf Builder in Santa's Workshop? Find out now in the Arcade lobby!

Returning Game – Santa Says
A few members of the community asked for this, so we were happy to oblige. For the holiday months we have replaced Hypixel Says in the Arcade with Santa Says, the original festive-themed version from last year. Enjoy!

Christmas Lobby + Present Hunt Quest
It's back and snowier than ever! The Hypixel Christmas lobby returns for another year with all your favorite fun attractions.

We've also added a treasure hunt across all the lobbies of Hypixel! In the Main Lobby you'll find a Santa Claus NPC. Just right-click Santa to start your present-hunting quest. If you find all 30 presents (1 per lobby, and 12 in the main lobby) you'll get a reward! Can you help find all of Santa's 30 missing presents?

Christmas Mystery Boxes, Gifts, New Cosmetics
Last year's Christmas Mystery Boxes are back and available to buy in store with a twist - we've added lots of new cosmetic items for you to enjoy. You can find new cosmetics like Animated Hats, Suits, Gadgets, a new Emote and Gesture, and 2 new Housing Themes (COMING SOON) - all based around Winter, Christmas and New Year.



We also added Christmas Gift boxes, so you can send Christmas cosmetics to your friends. The best gift is the gift of giving! :p

Christmas Mystery Boxes and Gift Boxes are available to purchase now on Some boxes will also drop from games and be available as rewards from the Delivery Man throughout the holiday - the higher your Rank, the more boxes you'll receive.

Re-Themed SkyWars Maps
As if the above wasn't enough, we decided to spread the holiday cheer around. We've re-themed SkyWars maps Tribute and Shire with a delightful festive twist, which are available to play in the SkyWars lobby.

Later this month we will be releasing new maps for Mini Walls and Farm Hunt. Yes, you read that correctly: NEW FARM HUNT MAPS! :)


This is our BIGGEST EVER HOLIDAY UPDATE, and we'd love to hear what you think. If you find any nasty bugs or issues please let us know in the appropriate forum.

This holiday season represents the end of a really big year for us, and we'd like to thank you all for staying along for the ride - we think 2017 is going to be the most interesting year for Hypixel yet!

Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting, and thanks for playing <3 :D

by LyallPD at 2:53 PM
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We extended the sale by 24 hours to include Cyber Monday - enjoy those big discounts for another day!

Black Friday Sales have arrived! From now until November 27th we are offering savings of up to 90% OFF on the Hypixel PC Store. As well as huge discounts on Boosters, Ranks and Mystery Boxes, we've also created exclusive Black Friday Bundles offering some of the best discounts in the sale!

Black Friday Bundles - Up to 90% OFF
Ranks - 75% OFF
Boosters - 60% OFF
Mystery Boxes and Gifts - 50% OFF
Companions - Up to 80% OFF

Black Friday is our biggest ever sale, so make sure to pick up some great Hypixel deals before it ends.

by Jayavarmen at 1:52 PM
(19,513 Views / 181 Likes)

Exciting news for SkyWars fans - today we're dropping a big content patch including new Kits, Perks and a Kit Customizer plus new achievements, balancing, features and bug fixes!

New Kit Menu
We've added a new Kit Menu, featuring kit-specific statistics such as kills, wins and more, plus the long awaited Kit Customizer which allows you to re-arrange where each kit item appears on your hotbar.


Now available on a per-kit basis in every SkyWars gamemode, you can access these tools directly from the kit menu.

New Kits, Perks and changes
The community requested it, we made it:
All kits and perks that could only be found in the Soul Well can now also be bought with coins.

Prices are as follow:
Common kit price: 15,000 coins
Rare kit price: 20,000 coins
Legendary kit price: 30,000 coins

Common perks price: 5,000 coins
Rare perks price: 50,000 coins
Legendary perks price: 150,000 coins

We've added 6 brand new kits for SkyWars Solo and Teams modes:
  • Princess
  • Disco
  • Batguy
  • Energix
  • Grenade
  • Frog
We also added a Solo version of the Scout kit featuring no weapon but better potions. Find all these kits now in the Soul Well!

We have also added 3 new perks:
  • Bridger - Grants 5 to 25% chance to not consume placeable blocks
  • Environmental Expert - Reduce environmental damage by 5 to 20%
  • Lucky Charm - 2 to 30% chance to get a golden apple after a kill
All these perks are now available in all gamemodes (please note Lucky Charm is not available in Ranked).

New (and fixed) Achievements
We've added 8 new achievements for you to unlock, and fixed bugs in many existing achievements. Click the button below to reveal them all:

New achievements:
  • Kit Hoarder (Solo) IV - Unlock 15 Solo Kits
  • Kit Hoarder (Team) IV - Unlock 15 Team kits
  • Well deserved - Gain a reward from a ranked Season
  • Peacemaker - Win a game without killing anyone
  • The Siege - Win a game without leaving your island
  • 3; 2; 1; GO - Be the first player to open a chest
  • Speed Run - Win a Ranked game in less than a minute
  • Money well spent! - Get Lucky Charm to level 20 in any mode

Bug fixes:
  • Fortunate
  • Hasta la Vista
  • Trololololololol
  • Fear me mortals
  • Nick Cage
  • Well Well
  • Lucky Souls
  • Who needs teammates?
  • All Mega Tiered Achievements

Mega Kit balancing
In this patch we've focused heavily on balancing Mega SkyWars kits. Click the button below to reveal a full log of our changes:

Less protection levels overall

Baseball Player:
Added leather armor at every level
The sword is now a diamond sword after level 4, but stays knockback I at every level.

Added an enchanting table at every level

Added an upgradable set of golden armor
All potions are now splash

Added a Stone Sword at level 5

Added an upgradable set of leather armor
Added a weapon the later levels

Now gives a better armor piece

Added an upgradable set of leather armor
Increased the maximum amount of arrows
The Bow is now Power 3 at level max

New Features & General Improvements
After reviewing SkyWars on Hypixel as a whole, we've implemented many suggestions for new features and quality-of-life improvements from the Player Council and the community. See below for a full list of changes:
  • The bow and blaze rod icons are now swapped in the Insane mode pregame lobby
  • Ranked games now count for Solo Quests
  • Block explosion is now turned off on spawn islands for the first 30 seconds (this means you can still use TNT but can't break blocks/grief your island anymore)
  • Added a confirmation menu step when upgrading kits and perks
  • Improved player drops on deaths to help with fps/lag issues in all modes (mostly affects Mega)
  • Your Ranked rating will now appear in your lobby scoreboard if you played Ranked that season
  • Spawn chests in Team and Mega modes will now all contain a weapon and some blocks
  • Corrupted pearls will now have a 30s initial cooldown instead of 60s
Bug Fixes
Finally, we've included a host of bug fixes to some of those annoying SkyWars bugs and glitches. Click the button below to reveal the full list of bug fixes.

  • The Enderdragon in Onionring 2 used to just stays in the middle and would not fly around
  • Fixed Snowmen dying on desert biome maps like Onionring
  • Perks that give absorption would only give one heart instead of two
  • Ender Mastery IV would reduce Ender pearl damages by 100% instead of 80%
  • Holding an item while dying would make you keep the item as a spectator
  • Players could use the /me command in games
  • Players could use the corrupted pearl before the end of the initial cooldown using an exploit
  • Shooting your own teammates with your bow could create a silverfish apocalypse
  • Other minor bugs

And that's everything included in this new patch. We hope you enjoy the new kits, changes, features and fixes, and as always we hugely appreciate your support as a community - many of these changes came directly from you guys!

Let us know what you think about the patch in the comments or on the SkyWars forum, and we hope you have fun playing SkyWars on Hypixel :D