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This fully fledged new mini-game mode puts you in the driver seat in a furious race against 11 other players.

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by NoxyD at 6:51 PM
(12,549 Views / 141 Likes)

This fully fledged new mini-game mode puts you in the driver seat in a furious race against 11 other players.
  • Race across 5 different circuits. Retro Raceway, Canyon, Jungle Rush, Olympus and, of course, the Hypixel GP.
  • Unlock an assortment of cool helmets and racing outfits
  • 15 different Karts skins to choose from
  • A Pregame lobby that helps you to get to grips with the controls
  • Visit the Mechanic where you can customize your karts and buy new features such as particle trails and horn sounds.
  • Sponsor the races by purchasing network boosters, having a network booster means that your name appears on a blimp on every single track
  • Blast your opponents with lightning, missiles, fireballs (and snowballs?), and drop the TNT!

Top Tips
  • Charge your Drift Boost by,
    • Holding Crouch when approaching a corner.
    • Twist your Kart to charge your drift boost gauge
    • Release Crouch to Ignite your engines and boost!
  • You can turn right around in your kart. If someone is about to pass you, turn and fire at them!
  • The Red Missile is best fired on a straight or close to your target.
  • If you somehow get trapped or fall off the course type /stuck fast!

You might notice a few references to Sphax and Cubik around this game! Our art team worked closely alongside Sphax (@Sphax84) in this project and he helped a lot :). You can check out Cubik - the software used to make those awesome karts at this link!

We hope you guys really enjoy this one, its definitely something different and a lot of work went into it!

See you on the track!

by NoxyD at 1:57 PM
(11,305 Views / 57 Likes)

The above two gifs are taken from the pregame Lobby. It's a place where you can learn the controls while waiting for the race to start!

As you can see, there's quite a lot going on with the Karts. They bob up and down, they tilt into corners, they slide, they leave engine trails, they are super speedy! - you can even see some of the boost drift effects starting to kick in.

Stay tuned guys, there's a lot more previewing to come. We haven't even started to show you tracks... helmets... weapons or any of the super awesome lobby systems!

As for how long until release? Soon!


by DeprecatedNether at 5:14 PM
(7,975 Views / 168 Likes)
Build Battle Update
Builders rejoice! We've released another update for Build Battle, adding some of the frequently requested features:

  • Fair voting
    We’ve all encountered players who vote unfairly to boost their score or their friends’ score. To reward players who vote fairly, we now have a system that checks how your votes compared to other players’ votes for each build. Voting the same way the rest of the group does now give a small coin bonus. You’ll miss out if you don’t play fair!
  • Multi Language support
    Since many of our players don’t have English as a first language, we have translated all of the themes to several languages. If your Minecraft client is configured to use a supported language, we automatically show the theme both in English and in your language. Alternatively, you can set a different supported language in the Nether Star menu. Languages we currently support are English, French, German and Portuguese.
  • Floor selector
    Have you ever thought to yourself, "building this would be so much easier if I could change the entire floor automatically"? Good news - the Nether Star menu now features an option to change the floor. To change the floor, simply drag and drop an item to the corresponding slot in the menu. The floor now also consists of two layers - the one affected by the floor selector is the top one. This means you can set the entire floor to one material, and then replace certain blocks with something else.
  • Banners!
    Banners have been in Build Battle since the initial release, however we rewrote parts of the system:
    • If you save a banner using the “Save Loadout” option in the Nether Star menu, the banner will now be saved properly and you will get the exact same banner.
    • We also added a Banner Creator to our website. The Banner Creator allows you to design a banner in your web browser, and then get it in game using a simple command.
    • You can also edit existing banners with both the online and in-game editors with the command /getbanner.
  • Biomes, biomes everywhere!
    You are now able to change the biome of your plot. This allows you to have different colors of grass and leaves. You can find the biome selector in the Nether Star menu.
  • Is it just me or is it cold in here?
    The Weather selector now has an option to set the weather to Snowing - ideal for your Snowman build! Keep in mind that snow is biome-dependent and as such, changing the biome will cause the snow to turn into rain (this is just how Minecraft works).
  • More custom skulls
    The custom skulls menu now has over 30 new skulls. That’s too many to list here, but you’re free to check it out yourself in Custom Skulls in the Nether Star meu.
  • More maps
    Building on the same map day after day seems boring - who wouldn’t get bored of the surroundings after a few games? The map you build on now changes every day.
  • Diamond Rain
    Builds that receive a high rating will be rewarded with diamonds raining from the sky.
  • Bug fixes
    Of course no update is complete without at least one bug fix.
    • Fixed the time in the Time menu being shown as “12 am” for both midnight and noon.
    • You couldn’t right click on a mob if it walked out of the area where you can build. This has been fixed.
    • “You can’t vote for your own plot” message is no longer displayed when clicking with nothing in your hand.
We are really excited to bring this update to you as we know a lot of these features have been heavily requested both on the forums and in game since the release of Build Battle. If you have any feedback regarding the update, be sure to let us know. Similarly, if you find any bugs in Build Battle (or any other games), be sure to post it in the bug reports section to allow us to fix them as soon as we can. :)

by NoxyD at 7:21 AM
(4,875 Views / 140 Likes)

Resident Animator / Youtuber @NinjaCharlieT has released the last episode of his epic Mega Walls series!

The final battle between the two death lords Herobrine and Dreadlord is about to end. Who will be victorious?

For Part 2 Click Here
For Part 1 Click Here
For other awesome animations by NinjaCharlieT click here


He also asked me to post the following GIF of another piece of upcoming work by him , I wonder what it could mean ;'-)

by codename_B at 3:26 PM
(3,360 Views / 104 Likes)

This minigame just got a new twist, with some awesome skills and a fun new mode that is sure to shake up even the most established of veterans!

New Gamemode : 1v1


1v1 is an UNRANKED mode which means that you can play as much as you want and it won't affect your rating. Opponents are randomly selected. Be careful which skills you bring to battle as skills which effect team mates obviously won't work in a 1 v 1 mode!

Special thanks to community member @Momica for providing the map for the new gamemode! We had a lot of fun in testing with it!

New Skills!
A total of 7 new skills have been added, some are obtainable via the shop - others via finding them in the Arena Chest!

Offensive Skills

Falcon Punch
Stand still and charge up your fists! Unleashing your power can destroy all player made structures and the enemies health bar!

Flame Sword (Found only in the key chest!)

Enchant your weapon with the power of fire! Dealing extra melee damage for the next few seconds, be careful though - while your sword blazes your energy regen is halted!

Pumpkin Launcher (Found only in the key chest!)
Launch explosive pumpkins that explode into smaller exploding pumpkins!

Utility Skills

Magnetic Impulse
A strong magnetic force draws all nearby players to you. They are then immobilzed for a duration!

Support Skills

Spirit Link
Links your spirit to a teammate, healing you every 0.5 seconds for depending on your health difference!

Cactus Shield (Found only in the key chest!)
Surround yourself with cacti that will protect you from the next few sources sources of damage. Each time damage is taken, a cacti is destroyed and damage is dealt to your attacker.

Ultimate Skills

Reflect Damage (Found in Shop)
Reduces damage taken by 50% for 8 seconds and reflects 50% damage back to your attacker for the duration!

New: Multi-buy chest discount

The Arena Challenger now offers a bulk-buy discounts for those who save up lots of coins and wish to purpose multiple magical chest keys


Chest Drop Rate Buffed
Magical chest drop chances have also been increased, so you're more likely than ever to find cool hats and skills!

New Hats!
The following new hats (complete with sayings) are now possible to find in the chest
  • Sweg Hat
  • Diamond Helmet
  • Cactus Hat
  • Space Helmet
  • Polar Bear Hat
  • Bee King Hat
Small Balance Changes!
Several balance tweaks to existing skills are also included in this update and can be read about in these threads:

Many thanks to all the members of the community who contributed to this recent flurry of updates to Arena Brawl, your opinions, feedback and ideas formed the basis of these changes.

This is the final major patch before we start tinkering with the ladder system (note we will announce any potential end of season resets!) - have your say here: https://hypixel.net/threads/arena-brawl-trophies-and-rating-my-proposal.317108/

Keep the suggestions coming in the Arena forums and enjoy the patch guys!