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You can now play all games and features on the network with 1.8 or 1.9 while the combat is still the same as with 1.8!

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In Smash Heroes, you become one of many unique heroes and unleash devestating attacks in a Team or Solo battle for ultimate domination.

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We're here with another Ranked SkyWars Update to help bring in the new season.
Buckets of prizes, 8 new maps, 4 new kits, and more!

You can now claim your Ranked SkyWars prizes from the previous season!

Navigate to the emerald shop in the SkyWars lobby and you'll discover that the Ranked SkyWars stats icon is now clickable, and takes you to a page where you can see what rewards were given out last season and claim any that you earned!

New Ranked Rewards Claiming System

From now on, whenever a season of SkyWars ends and everyone's rating is reset, you will be able to claim rewards in the new Ranked Rewards menu (previously the Ranked Stats icon in the SkyWars lobby shop).


There are 5 different reward tiers - 4 Divisions and a participation prize. The divisions are as follows:

Participation Prize (250 rating requirement)
  • +35,000 Hypixel Experience
  • +10,000 SkyWars Coins
  • +Epic Ender Dragonling Hat

If you've played enough games to reach 250 rating, regardless of your ranking, you will be able to claim this Participation Prize. This prize will remain the same every season, allowing new players who want to unlock the unique hat it offers, a chance to get it even if they've missed their chance in the previous seasons. Can be claimed on top of the rewards below.

Iron Division (#1501 - #5000)
  • 50,000 Hypixel Experience
  • 25,000 SkyWars Coins
  • Season 1 Iron SkyWars Banner Gadget

This gadget allows you to place a banner on the ground that will display what rank and division you were in a particular season. When you unlock it for the first time and you try to use it, a sub-menu will appear, asking you which season's banner you want to place on the ground. You must unlock every season's banner if you want to be able to place them all. Unlocking it once does not unlock every season's banner.

Gold Division (#201 - #1500)
  • 100,000 Hypixel Experience
  • 45,000 SkyWars Coins
  • Season 1 Gold SkyWars Banner Gadget
  • Blood Explosion Kill Effect

The kill effect will trigger whenever you kill someone. To equip it, open the SkyWars lobby shop and click on the new SkyWars Cosmetics button, represented by the Slimeball. Navigate to the Kill Effects sub-menu and activate it there.

Diamond Division (#11 - #200)
  • 175,000 Hypixel Experience
  • 100,000 SkyWars Coins
  • Blood Explosion Kill Effect
  • Season 1 Diamond SkyWars Banner Gadget
  • Magic Box Cage

The Magic Box Cage adds an extra cage to your cage selection. This one is made of barrier blocks and makes you appear as if you were floating in the sky during pregame!

Masters Division (#1 - #10)
  • 350,000 Hypixel Experience
  • 150,000 SkyWars Coins
  • Blood Explosion Kill Effect
  • Magic Box Cage
  • 12 hour 7x Coins Personal Booster
  • Season 1 Masters SkyWars Banner Gadget
  • Season 1 Masters Trophy (Coming Soon)
  • Dragon Rider Victory Dance

Similar to the kill effects, the Dragon Rider Victory Dance is part of the newly added SkyWars Cosmetics section in the lobby shop. Equip it first by navigating to the Victory Dances sub-menu and then from there, every time you win, you will temporarily ride an Ender Dragon, allowing you to destroy what's left of the map before you are sent back to the lobby. As for the Masters Trophy, that feature is still in development and planning stage. More info on this in the future.

For now, almost all of these rewards will return each season. For example, if you didn't get to unlock the Dragon Rider Victory Dance this season because you didn't make it to the Masters Division, you can still attempt to unlock it again during the next season.

There are however a few exceptions to this. Banners for a specific season can only ever be obtained once and the cosmetic reward introduced in the Gold Division (the Blood Explosion Kill Effect) is on a 3-season rotation. What this means is, if you didn't get the Blood Explosion Kill Effect during Season 1, it will return as a reward in Season 4, and then return again for Season 7, etc. The Gold Division cosmetic reward for Season 2 will be the Hearts Particle Trail effect, which will return in Season 5, then Season 8, etc.

8 New Ranked Maps coming for Season 3

We've pulled out all the stops to bring an unprecedented variety of new maps to Ranked SkyWars, each map has a unique twist. Will you discover all the secrets and obtain victory?

These maps will be available in Season 3 (1st of june)

4 New Ranked Kits coming for Season 3

We've worked on a fresh set of balanced kits to accommodate an even wider variety of play styles. Click for more details!

These ranked kits will be available in Season 3 (1st of june)
  • Splash Regen I Potion (12s)
  • Splash Regen I Potion (12s), Splash Instant Heal I Potion
  • Splash Regen I Potion (24s), Splash Instant Heal I Potion
  • Splash Regen I Potion (24s), 2x Splash Instant Heal I Potion
  • 2x Splash Regen I Potion (24s), 2x Splash Instant Heal I Potion
  • Fire Resistance Potion (30s), Iron Sword (Fire Aspect I)
  • Fire Resistance Potion (45s), Iron Sword (Fire Aspect I), Iron Boots (Protection I; Fire Protection II), 1x Lava Bucket
  • Fire Resistance Potion (60s), Iron Sword (Fire Aspect I), Diamond Boots (Protection I; Fire Protection II), 1x Lava Bucket
  • Fire Resistance Potion (75s), Iron Sword (Fire Aspect I), Diamond Boots (Protection II; Fire Protection III), 1x Lava Bucket
  • Fire Resistance Potion (90s), Iron Sword (Fire Aspect II), Diamond Boots (Protection III; Fire Protection IV), 2 Lava Buckets
  • Random Diamond Item, Random Enchanted Book (max lvl 1), Start the game with 3 EXP levels
  • Random Diamond Item, 2 Random Enchanted Book (max lvl 1), Start the game with 6 EXP levels
  • Random Diamond Item, 3 Random Enchanted Book (max lvl 2), Start the game with 9 EXP levels
  • Random Diamond Item, 4 Random Enchanted Book (max lvl 2), Start the game with 12 EXP levels
  • Random Diamond Item, 5 Random Enchanted Book (max lvl 3), Start the game with 15 EXP levels
  • Water Bucket, Diamond Sword
  • Drinkable Custom Strength +20% (45s) , Water Bucket, Diamond Sword,
  • Splash Speed III (4s), Drinkable Custom Strength +20% (45s), Water Bucket, Diamond Sword
  • Splash Speed III (4s), Drinkable Custom Strength +20% (60s), Water Bucket, Golden Apple, Diamond Sword
  • 2x Splash Speed III (4s), Drinkable Custom Strength +20% (90s), Water Bucket, Golden Apple, Diamond Sword

4 New Ranked Perks coming for Season 3

Each kit also comes with a unique LEGENDARY perk to unlock that makes the kit even more exciting to use! Want the details? Click the spoiler!

These ranked perks will be available in Season 3 (1st of june)
Healer Perk
  • Obtain 5 HP back on kills
Pyromancer Perk
  • Upon kill obtain 16 seconds of fire resistance, 10s of speed 1 and a trail of fire
Blacksmith Perk
  • Every kills drop a random enchanted book and give you 3 EXP levels
Athlete Perk
  • Duration of all active perks is doubled

Other Changes

We've also tweaked a few other things to balance out the game a little more.
  • Magician Perk now levels up ALL enchantments on kill as an extra effect
  • Added Lure 7 and Luck of the Sea X on the Fishing Rod of Fisherman (Solo)
  • Changed Baseball kit to Knockback I Wood Sword + Iron Helmet Protection I (Team)
  • Replaced the 32 Redstone in the Cannoneer kit with 4 Redstone Blocks (Solo/Team/Mega)
  • Enderchest kit now has an Enderchest as the kit icon (Solo)
  • Added the SkyWars Cosmetics category to host the new Ranked cosmetic rewards and more.
  • Moved the Cages into the SkyWars Cosmetics category.
  • Merged the Soul Harvesters and Soul Upgrades categories in the shop.
  • Double Fortune is now ALWAYS ACTIVE!

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UPDATE: The FLASH SALE has now ended. Thanks to everyone who helped support the server! :)

It's time for our BIGGEST EVER SALE! For this weekend only, you can support your favorite server with up to 85% OFF across the Hypixel store.

THIS WEEKEND ONLY we've got HUGE savings on Ranks, Boosters, Companions, Mystery Boxes, Gift Boxes, and epic Bundles!

For this sale only we've also activated... the MEGA BUNDLE! We are offering over $480 worth of value for only $70! This offer is so crazy, we're limiting it to 100 MEGA BUNDLES only - make sure to grab yours before they disappear forever!

If you haven't yet been able to support Hypixel, this weekend is a great chance to buy yourself some cool new items at a steep discount. Your purchases fund the server, and help our team develop cool new updates and features.

We hope you enjoy all the great discounts available this weekend only, and from the entire Hypixel team we want to give you a big THANK YOU! With your support we can keep making Hypixel a great experience for you, the players!

Let us know what cool new things you're gonna get in the comments below!

by Tactful at 3:57 PM
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It's been a long time coming, but Hypixel Mini Squad is back! In Episode 3, Mark, Kenneth and Jason try to become Ultimate Hardcore Champions... we'll let you judge how well they did!

This is the first of 3 brand new episodes. Episode 4 will be releasing next Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled for that :D

Mini Squad is an original Hypixel series created by Jak Lopsideful and produced by Proper Steeze. Mark is voiced by Mike Manor, and Kenneth is voiced by Samgladiator.

by codename_B at 10:03 PM
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Hypixel SkyWars gets even more map variety! We've just launched 15 brand new maps available for you to play right now!

9 New Teams/Solo Maps
We've crafted a grand total of 9 new Teams/Solo maps for your enjoyment, with a variety of unique twists!

Click the spoiler button below to view them all!

6 New Mega Maps

We haven't left Mega mode out - click the spoiler button below to view 6 mega new Mega maps!



As a final note, we are very close to launching our Ranked SkyWars Season 1 rewards! We'll be launching these before the end of May, and don't worry - we'll give qualifying players plenty of time to claim their rewards.

Good luck to any players taking exams right now - we look forward to welcoming you back after the revision ends for our BIGGEST SUMMER EVER! Get ready for sun, sea and lots and lots of updates ;)

by Hypixel at 12:03 AM
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Beta Season 1 of Ranked Skywars just ended!

Thank you all for participating, the mode has been way more popular than we expected to be!

Rewards of Beta Season 1
Ranked Mode being so popular, we decided to revisit the rewards and give it more thoughts - however they are not quite ready yet so you guys need to be patient! At first we just wanted to give out coins but a lot of the top players are maxed out and are seeking out unique things that no one else can have - however that requires a bit more time than just giving out coins! Don't worry, there will also be coins and experience if that's your thing :)
We do not have an ETA, but your names are written down so it's all good!

Who are getting rewards?
More than 100 people, a lot of you who played enough will receive things. We are short on time so we can't discuss the details just yet.

Edit: Just to clear the top 10% / 5% and 1% are still recieving prizes.

Winners of Beta Season 1

TOP 100

  1. Illumina,3900
  2. Shooter,3174
  3. enalala,3146
  4. Pododude,3113
  5. JohnSenile,3100
  6. Kqbi,3090
  8. WatchdogReport,2553
  9. peter_tha_gamer,2551
  10. nail181,2542
  11. SalilPT,2533
  12. Pr0,2530
  13. ILoveYouSam,2527
  14. TrumptyDumpty,2515
  15. Tinky_Winky_,2513
  16. venusjoel,2327
  17. TrueBM,2326
  18. Danish_Pirate,2309
  19. Scotteh,2304
  20. TheKid217,2300
  21. ipwnjustin_,2148
  22. Iong,2142
  23. Hardkour,2140
  24. WhySoDerpy,2130
  25. JonathanPs1,2130
  26. Maxbisson,2121
  27. Chadman,2109
  28. clarmcle,2106
  29. Momica,2103
  30. ImBach,2103
  31. Bloob,2100
  32. JumpyRoute,2100
  33. General_Lemon,2100
  34. Zephyyyr,2100
  35. CMJ,2085
  36. Spelunkain,2072
  37. Dctr,2039
  38. Zukiath,2024
  39. TeamHoneyBadgers,2014
  40. Zodus,2013
  41. Farrow,2000
  42. 2PI,1937
  43. BotiCraft07,1933
  44. Fiorida,1922
  45. _Dark_,1918
  46. Galakras,1908
  47. ComplexBow,1901
  48. R1ce,1900
  49. gig7kene,1900
  50. Mr_Minimi,1900
  51. Horou,1900
  52. TapL,1853
  53. FunkyFactions,1823
  54. xChwy,1820
  55. Noppe,1807
  56. Geppi,1779
  57. IcyFTW,1775
  58. Jraxus,1754
  59. Zhice,1736
  60. _Ainz_Ooal_Gown_,1735
  61. Hurrt,1731
  62. sk8er_bOi711,1728
  63. Kamilczak7,1720
  64. Triggerbotter,1719
  65. IGraffie,1717
  66. OrangeMarshall,1716
  67. xMatteo,1714
  68. YourAWizard_,1714
  69. xWubby,1709
  70. Kappa,1704
  71. Bakbak,1704
  72. Orlaando,1701
  73. BloodieBunnie,1700
  74. Aspix,1700
  75. BloodedBlocksHD,1697
  76. JMoneey,1615
  77. xSirAndrew,1578
  78. Jsh,1573
  79. Zufs,1571
  80. AaronKH,1568
  81. Horaeng,1566
  82. Cornii,1559
  83. JustTobiass,1556
  84. TheSpaceTrain,1554
  85. zombiehunterkill,1551
  86. kublarry,1541
  87. Ry_O,1534
  88. ShinyDialga,1528
  89. mpst,1525
  90. Jules_4LL4RT_,1524
  91. GappledOnYou,1524
  92. RyzeD,1522
  93. Romantic,1521
  94. SainsburysLocal,1520
  95. Eyes,1520
  96. Sh4deslayer,1519
  97. Who_K,1518
  98. redflame27,1517
  99. mony105,1513
  100. SnowmanHaqs,1512
To see the full list of Beta Season 1, click here!

Start of Beta Season 2
Today now marks the start of Beta Season 2. Good luck!
The requirement to play ranked has been increased from 25 kills to 50 kills.
When Beta Season 2 ends, the official Summer competition will begin, which will last longer than a month.

by codename_B at 11:30 AM
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fans rejoice! We're bringing a new balancing patch to your doorstep, as well as three new maps, an irresistible new playstreak reward, weapon skill customization, and a new team balancer. Check it out!

3 New Maps

We have 1 new map for each mode of Warlords. Whatever your preferred play style, there's something new here for you to enjoy!

Ruins (4).jpg

Weapon Skill Customization

A new feature is now available at the Weaponsmith! Spend 100 void shards to customize your currently equipped legendary’s skill bonus at any time, with no further cost. This will NOT change the specialization of your legendary weapon. Make sure you have the correct weapon equipped; a different weapon will require another 100 void shards to be customized!


New Playstreak

The playstreak has received a massive makeover! Just like the current playstreak, it increases by 20% per finished game and caps at 100%. For each game finished with a 100% playstreak, you will now earn a special kind of broken weapon.

These special broken weapons have tripled chances of epic and legendary weapons, and every weapon is guaranteed to be rare or better. As if that wasn’t enough, every epic and legendary you receive from these special broken weapons can be forged up to 2 times for epics and 4 times for legendaries - the same as crafted weapons. You will be rewarded greatly for finishing your games!

Team Balancer

A new team balancing system has been put in place. Teams will now be balanced right before the game starts, and the gates will open 10 seconds later. Please test this new system out, and take screenshots of teams before the gates open. Thank you!

The new team balancer has rid itself of the issues the previous version had, such as swap cooldowns and party stacking, as well as combats some of the former loopholes and abuse.

General Fixes

These include quality of life changes, bugged skill fixes and new game mechanics.

  • Last stand now correctly reduces damage by 50%.
  • Last stand now heals for the correct amount.
Defenders are now stronger with allies, weaker in duels.

Capture The Flag
  • Melee hits no longer deal knockback in CTF.
  • Respawn protection reduced to 10 seconds
  • You now respawn with full energy
Click the spoiler for a full list!

  • Crusader Strike’s energy restoration range is now 10 blocks.
  • The upgrade now applies to the final pulse of healing totem as well. Level 9 healing totem will now heal for 841 - 1138 health.
Ability Tooltips
  • Many abilities now have a more accurate description in lobbies as well as in game.
  • Respawn mechanics improved
  • Respawn protection reduced to 10 seconds
  • You now respawn with full energy
  • Info board updated.
Death Valley
  • Stump and Quarry no longer share the same respawn point.
This should make the map more balanced with fights less centered around Quarry.

Super Soaker Achievement

  • Health requirement changed from 5% to 25%
Total Domination Achievement
  • Achievement should now work
  • Playstreak no longer resets to 20%
Misc Map Issues
  • Domination beacons are now centered and no longer 1 block higher
  • Parkour up spawns removed in “The Rift”
  • Doriven Basin barrier blocks massively cleaned up

Class Balancing

As announced earlier this month, there have been some minor changes to the classes in order to smooth out the numbers between specializations and to give some power back to lower levels. This is the link to the original thread: https://hypixel.net/threads/warlords-april-balancing-patch-pre-release.667891/

Updated list of balance changes in the spoiler below:

  • Blood Lust Duration: 12s → 10s
  • Blood Lust Heal: 40% → 50%
  • Blood Lust Duration Upgrade: 25% → 50%
  • Blood Lust Heal Upgrade: 25% → 15%
Low level berserkers have been struggling to make good use of their bloodlust due to being forced to survive 12 seconds with lower health and healing. These changes will condense the power of bloodlust for level 0 berserkers, allowing lower level berserkers to make better use of bloodlust. Level 9 bloodlust remains unchanged.

  • Fireball Damage: 279-377 → 279-361
  • Fireball Crit Multiplier: 135% → 150%
  • Inferno Base Crit Multiplier: 40% → 35%
  • Energy Per Hit: 5 → 7
Level 0 crit multiplier is coming back, DPS on fireball remains the same (with and without inferno). The maximum crit on fireball also remains the same. 7 energy per hit is back.

  • Frostbolt Damage: 224-335 → 244-315
Narrowing the range of damage. Direct hits are now always stronger than indirect hits.

All Specializations
  • Seismic Wave Upgrade Crit Chance: 5% → 10%
  • Seismic Wave Upgrade Crit Multiplier: 50% → 25%
Reducing the massive crits from level 90 warriors.

  • Blood Lust Duration: 12s → 10s
  • Blood Lust Heal: 40% → 50%
  • Blood Lust Duration Upgrade: 25% → 50%
  • Blood Lust Heal Upgrade: 25% → 15%
Low level berserkers have been struggling to make good use of their bloodlust due to being forced to survive 12 seconds with lower health and healing. These changes will condense the power of bloodlust for level 0 berserkers, allowing lower level berserkers to make better use of bloodlust. Level 9 bloodlust remains unchanged.

All Specializations
  • Holy Radiance Crit Multiplier: 175% → 150%
Holy Radiance retains its powerful base sustain. This change paves the way for a small revert to Avenger crits and a meaningful base heal for Protector.

  • Avenger Strike Crit Multiplier: 125% → 150%
  • Avenger Strike Upgrade Crit Multiplier: 25% → 10%
Level 0 Avenger strike crits are now more impactful, and its average DPS is also higher. Level 90 avenger gains 10% more crit multiplier compared to now.

  • Holy Radiance Base Healing: 459 - 621 → 582 - 760
  • Holy Radiance Upgrades: +10% Healing removed
  • Hammer of Light Energy cost: 0 → 15
For a level 0 protector, Holy Radiance was barely better than a consecrated strike. This change brings Holy Radiance on par with other paladin specializations. To keep Protector in check, a small energy cost returns to Hammer of Light.

  • Capacitor Totem Upgrade: Crit Multiplier: 35% → 25%
  • Capacitor Totem Upgrade: Cooldown: 25% → 33%
Level 9 capacitor totem cooldown was 8 seconds longer than two lightning rods. Efficient Lightning Rod usage resulted in inefficient capacitor totems. Efficient capacitor totem usage forced delayed lightning rods. This change removes the odd cooldowns, while keeping the upgrade in check with lower crit multipliers.

Enjoy the new features, and have fun in the new maps!

by Hypixel at 10:27 PM
(8,511 Views / 281 Likes)

I've been informed by some people that we've been so busy with updates lately we let something important slip by... we forgot our 3rd birthday!

13th of April 2013 is when we first opened the Hypixel server, and what a journey it has been!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has joined us so far. To date 8.9 million unique accounts have logged into the Hypixel Server and if we were an actual game on Steam we would have been in the top 10 concurrent players online a few times in the past few years, it's CRAZY to think how far we have come! Never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined this to be possible!

Special thanks to everyone that has supported the server to date with ranks and other purchases. You guys are the ones who funded the whole thing and made it all possible, we have the best jobs in the world and it's so rewarding to see you guys enjoy the things we create.

Big thanks to our volunteers (moderators, helpers, builders, creative staff, elites, players who make guides, etc) who dedicate their time towards making the server a better place. You guys are so important for us to make this Hypixel experience as great as it can be :)

To celebrate the birthday we've activated Triple Coins on the network for the next 24 hours!

As always we are striving to deliver you guys the best possible experience, updates - balance patches, new games, new maps! Summer is planned to have some great content and experiences coming your way :)

Watchdog Stats
While we have a non update newspost, I wanted to talk a little about the great work that is happening with our watchdog project.

Watchdog to date has issued automatic bans to a staggering 128,000 users. In the month of April the effectiveness of Watchdog has almost doubled. Our puppy is improving all the time and this is down to you guys! Every time you submit a report and watchdog catches a hacker it becomes more and more effective at catching them (Since you are teaching the AI). We know its not a perfect cheat detection method yet, but it's already helping the server a lot!​

Let's not forget that these stats do not include all the thousands of bans the moderators do every week by hand based on your reports! Please keep them coming!

Join the team!
We are always looking for more people to help. With summer coming up thats even more important than ever. Check out the following links for more information

For Admin positions visit https://www.hypixel.net/jobs
For Helpers visit - https://hypixel.net/forums/apply-for-staff.40/
For Creative staff - http://hpbt.net/apply

by Cryptkeeper at 11:36 PM
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The highly anticipated Hypixel Leveling Update is out now! The goal with this update was to make leveling more fun, faster, rewarding, and most importantly, making Coin Mastery 5.0x a lot easier to obtain for everyone! Keep reading for a detailed list of all the changes! On top of that, we have decided to rename Network Levels to Hypixel Levels in order to make it less confusing to the newer players who don’t necessarily know what Network means. It is also a much more friendlier term!

The old Coin Mastery menu is no more. In its place, you will now find the Hypixel Leveling menu! This menu is represented by the Brewing Stand and can be accessed either by right-clicking the My Profile item in your hotbar, or through the Game Menu (compass).



Rewards, rewards, and even more rewards!
From now on, every time you gain a Hypixel Level, the following message will appear in chat while in a lobby:


Clicking on it will open the Hypixel Leveling menu for you, allowing you to claim your reward immediately!


At the top, every Minecart with a Chest is a unique reward and you get one at EVERY level up until level 100! Those rewards include:
  • Arcade Coins
  • Mystery Boxes
  • Mystery Dust
  • Personal Coin Boosters
  • The ability to change the color of the ‘+’ in your [MVP+] tag (MVP+ only Cosmetic)
  • Legendary Skull King Banner
At the bottom of this page, you will also find the new Coin Multipliers! These are unlocked automatically upon reaching the required level, there is no need to manually claim them.

There are now more stages to the Coin Multipliers than there used to be (1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x, etc), and they are earned much faster than before.

For higher level veteran players, there is the Veteran Rewards menu which can only be accessed by players at or above Hypixel Level 100.

Stage 1 of 2
The Rewards update is part one of two - The next part is the Leveling: Quests Update that should not be too long of a wait. This will include the ability to automatically accept quests upon joining a game lobby without having to interact with the Quest Master, a rebalance of all XP gains on the network and more!

by Tactful at 10:52 PM
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During our YUGE Mystery Box update this past weekend, we teased some brand new Companions - and we're excited to tell you they're finally here! 11 new Companions have been added to the server, available to purchase on the Hypixel Store.

You can roll around lobbies with the cutest ball-droid ever HP-8, visit the watering hole with Elephant, grab your friends and go on an adventure with Magic Dog, and collect and befriend loads more cute little critters. Click the spoiler button below to load up some animated GIFs! (not recommended on mobile)


Created by our staff, unlocking Companions is a great way to show your support for the Hypixel server. We really appreciate any support you can afford to give us - with your help we plan to release even more cool updates and generally make Hypixel an even better experience for you, the players!

We also listened to your feedback regarding cost, and we've adjusted the prices of these new companions accordingly. We hope Companions are now more accessible to players who want to start collecting.

Special thanks to our Creative Team members who helped craft some of these amazing critters. Coming soon will be our much anticipated LEVELING UPDATE!

by Tactful at 10:25 PM
(9,345 Views / 175 Likes)

The hype is real. We just added over 130 new items to Mystery Boxes on Hypixel, including 2 brand new categories AND a new Crafted Box! But that's not all - you can now craft any regular Mystery Box item you haven't yet found using Mystery Dust. Read on to find out more.

You read correctly - we've added over 130 items to the existing Mystery Box! We have 11 new suits with crazy abilities including Mermaid, Firefighter, Necromancer, Baker, Bumblebee and more! Activate new gadgets like the Flying Carpet, Diving Board, Meteorite and Grappling Hook! There's also pet Rabbits, tons of hats, and lots of other cool items for you to discover and play with.


We've also invented 2 new types of item: animated Emotes and Gestures! Both can be found in Mystery Boxes - you can activate them through your inventory, or by using the chat commands /gesture or /emote. Hover over the icons in the new Emotes & Gestures section of your inventory to find out more!

Did you know you can support the Hypixel Server by buying Mystery Box bundles on our official store? Click here to see!


Following feedback from the community, we've added a new system that gives you an easy way to craft any item found in regular Mystery Boxes using Mystery Dust.


All you need to do is open your Lobby inventory, find the item you'd like to craft, and click it! You can find out how much dust it costs by hovering over the item - if you don't have enough it'll tell you how much extra you need. This also works for Housing cosmetic items and themes that can be found in Mystery Boxes - just head to your Housing Plot and open the block selection menu to start crafting.

Mystery Dust can currently be found by opening Mystery Boxes - so even if you don't get the item you want, you still get a benefit from opening boxes!

For the hardcore collectors out there, we've added the new Crafted Box #2 featuring 7 legendary cosmetic items not found anywhere else on the Hypixel server! Can you collect all seven unique Crafted Box items?


We hope you enjoy all this great new content as much as our team enjoyed crafting it! Support for Hypixel comes from you, the players, and we appreciate any help you're able to give us - you can buy Mystery Box bundles, Ranks, Boosters and more on our store (link), and make sure to tell your friends how much fun you have playing on the server!

Coming very soon are NEW COMPANIONS and the NETWORK LEVEL update! Click below to see a sneaky teaser of one of our new little friends:

Click to reveal the Companions teaser.