Zombie Apocalypse (Minecraft Adventure Map)

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    Do not rehost or direct link the file somewhere else. It gets updated frequently.


    Zombie Apocalypse is an adventure map filled with zombies, explosions and more zombies.
    Minimum required players: 2

    Required Texture Pack (The End is Extremely Nigh): Click here.
    Required MCPatcher to fix Texture Pack zombies: Click here.

    Server sponsored by MCProHosting - Click here for 25% off servers.

    Special thanks to the french build team MCFRArchitect for the amazing collaboration. Please support their channel and show your appreciation!

    Zombie Apocalypse Features
    • Fast paced hack-n-slash
    • 3 different endings
    • Explosions & Ambushes
    • Customized monsters
    • Custom Shops
    • A LOT of zombies!
    • Unique items
    • Unique texture pack experience
    • Custom events
    • Optional quests
    • Storyline by command blocks
    • About 1h30 of intense gameplay
    Important Server Settings
    If you miss any of these settings, it will bug.
    • allow-flight=true
    • spawn-animals=true
    • pvp=false
    • enable-command-block=true
    • view-distance=15
    • spawn-npcs=true
    Extra Rules
    • Do not break blocks unless told so
    • Do not break glass I said!
    • Do not craft
    Feel free to use, modify and share on your YouTube thumbnail or website!
    (Coming soon)
    (Coming soon)
    (Coming soon)
    Renders by http://www.youtube.com/user/thedarkscreative go thank him!

    YouTube Videos
    Everyone is allowed to record on this map, just make sure you link the official trailer or my channel in the description of your video to support my work :)


    Q: Can I play solo?
    A: Nope because we have some coop puzzles.

    Q: Can I play with more than 2 players?
    A: Yes.

    Q: How did you do X thing ?
    A: I suggest you check out the Herobrine's FAQ here. We pretty much used the same techniques.

    AranDragon Member

    OMG this looks so dam epic :D.
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    VebbiHD Cow

    donkeypuncher1976 New Member

    Holy Cow!! This was an awesome map to play. You out did yourself once again.
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    Johni0702 Map Expert

    Definitely wanna play it but have to wait until my friend's home...
    Minimum required players: 2
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    Piistdrei Well-Known Member

    YAY Map is out
    I play this now with 3 Friends =)

    AranDragon Member

    I hate 2 players to cause nobody i know plays minecraft. :p
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    Almkerk Member

    Awesome work hyp :)

    darklight Member

    I agree. It seems that my ability to play this map will rely on me convincing my brother to play with me.
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    Jeloxale New Member

    I would like to play but my friend doesn't want to play this kind a maps(he hates danger i think). :(

    redude24 New Member

    i really want to do this map but you need 2 players =(

    Casper Active Member

    Who wants to play with me?

    alcyonestus New Member

    Why must this be two player :( I have no one near me who plays MC, so no LAN and i am too lazy too make a server.

    Piistdrei Well-Known Member

    Im now in Chapter 6 of the Map and i can only say: BEST HYPIXEL MAP EVER!
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    maxdoss New Member

    You making it 2 player means that a lot of people can't play this map.
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    redude24 New Member

    i will

    Vlad351 New Member

    Can you make single player version of this map.I can't create server to play with friends,because i can't forward port 25565.
    P.S:Sorry for bad English.
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    Johni0702 Map Expert

    Port Forward an other port and change the port in the server config.
    Or you can use Hamachi (or similar).
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    Vlad351 New Member

    No,my friends will not install hamachi,you can read more about the first variant?
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    Johni0702 Map Expert

    If you cannot forward port 25565 for some reason just forward 25566 or 25567 and change the server port in the properties file.

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