Wrath of the Fallen (Minecraft Adventure Map)

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    Do not rehost or direct link the file somewhere else.


    Wrath of the Fallen is an action role-playing hack and slash adventure map.
    Recommended players: 2

    I recommend this texture pack:http://atherys.com/threads/atherys-ascended-texture-pack.27/

    Server sponsored by MCProHosting - Click here for 25% off servers.

    Special thanks to my new epic builder Notux, you can support him on YouTube and his friends Zortron, Seahawks1001 and AnEpicPlayerName.

    Wrath of the Fallen Adventure Map Features
    • 6 unique boss fights
    • Fast paced hack-n-slash type
    • Customized monsters
    • Elite monsters
    • Custom Shops
    • Item sets and other unique items
    • No mods required
    • Custom events
    • Hidden room
    • 3 Optional mini bosses
    • Easter eggs
    • Storyline by command blocks
    • Custom potions
    • About 2 hours of intense gameplay
    Item Sets example

    Important Server Settings
    If you miss any of these settings, it will bug.
    • allow-flight=true
    • spawn-animals=false
    • pvp=false
    • enable-command-block=true
    • view-distance=15
    • spawn-npcs=true
    Extra Rules
    • Do not use beds
    • Do not break blocks
    • Do not craft
    Guide by ugster on how to setup a server: http://hypixel.net/threads/how-to-set-up-a-server.208/

    Feel free to use, modify and share on your YouTube thumbnail or website!

    YouTube videos
    Everyone is allowed to record on this map, just make sure you link the official trailer or my channel in the description of your video! Thank you and have fun!

    Q: Can I play solo or with more than 2 players?
    A: Yes but we balanced the game around 2 players, so you might die a lot if you solo.

    Q: How did you do X thing ?
    A: I suggest you check out the Herobrine's FAQ here. We pretty much used the same techniques.


    AranDragon Member

    OMG finally!!! It looks so epic! Gonna play it instantly not much time left :D.

    Edit: Cheats are On in the map. Maybe you should disable the cheats.
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    VebbiHD Cow

    Yes! Yes!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can't wait to record this:)
    And here is the last episode:
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    Torperion New Member

    I want to play the map so bad, but it's in a .rar format. Why isn't it in a .zip format like most maps?
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    Hypixel Administrator

    Fixed it's now a zip
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    romesmagi New Member

    Great job Hypixel, I can honestly say your maps are the best ones I have seen and most likely will ever see. Keep up the amazing work. I'm downloading for a Lp, right now!
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    Squirzy Guest

    Another fantastic map Hypixel!
    Looking forward to playing this
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    shadekirby321 New Member

    I just beat it on easy, death count 3! Amazing map! I did see one problem tho. on the blaze boss, if you trade for more than 1 music disc, it doesnt take them out of your inventory. hope i helped and this wasnt just my minecraft being stupid...
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    Hypixel Administrator

    When you will start a new boss fight it will remove them from your inventory :)
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    Torperion New Member

    I got another problem. I'm running on a Mac OS X Version 10.7.5, and I can't play this map. When I drag the folder into the saves folder, nothing happens. It didn't work with Herobrine's Mansion either, but all other maps work fine (I tested Quakecraft and the Blaze Boss Fight, and they worked). Anyone know why this is happening?
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    bcsnipershot New Member

    Nice map as always, but during the blaze boss battle I suggest giving us more instructions on how to release the villagers, because I did all the parkor not realising I then had to shoot the wooden buttons. I spent 30 minutes on this boss battle, and by the end if it so many things spawned in I was running at 5 fps, with optifine ( while normally playing minecraft with optifine I running around 300ish fps so this deffently annoyed me quite a bit).
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    CaptainArse New Member

    I seem to have an issue, every time I start the server and my friend tries to spawn he and I end up in a medium sized area with HEAPS of tripwire everywhere. Is there something wrong with my installation? >.>
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    Maxo1682 New Member

    Inside the folder, there should be a text file and another folder. The folder inside is the actual map.

    Command blocks are not enabled, the tripwires are supposed to teleport you to the start of the map. In the server.preferences, set enable-command-block:true
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    CaptainAether New Member

    I loved this map, my friends and I just finished it and we were wondering. These maps all have a "To Be Continued...." 'screen', does this mean that there could be, some day in the future, a continuation of the story we experienced, or just that another map that isn't related in story will be made? TBH, I would love to see something from after this map, and Herobrine's Mansion as well.
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    MasterCJ99 Member

    sadly i do not have a second player to play with :(
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    slinkystreams New Member

    My friend and I just finished the map last night(and recorded several episodes); it was wonderful. A lot of funny moments(endlessly spawning creepers) made it a blast. I can't wait until the continuation of the map. Very well done, Hypixel and his team!
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    Drobs24 New Member

    W jakim programie robione sa te mapy i jak zrobic żeby były w powietrzu ?

    ENG:What program are made ​​these maps and how to do them to be in the air?
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    VebbiHD Cow

    First Episode Recorded:)
    Dies about 5 times xD

    AranDragon Member

    Finally finished the map! Spended like 2 hours and died like 20 times xD. Played this solo and it was awesome! :D
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    Johni0702 Map Expert

    :) Finally! I wouldn't be able to wait much longer. Gonna play this now! (after doing some work:()

    Both questions: MCEdit.

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