What's Everyone's Favorite Mega Wall's Class?

Discussion in 'Hypixel Server Discussion' started by Roanteam148, Feb 10, 2014.

    Roanteam148 Well-Known Member

    Hello Everyone, I'd like to know what's your Favorite Mega Wall's Class and the Reason why u like it.

    Ex. I like the Enderman Class

    Cause of the Teleport Ability
    I've just decided to have a little fun instead of asking multiple question's :p

    Victorius Deus Well-Known Member

    dreadlord xD switching to zombie though.

    Roanteam148 Well-Known Member

    Well Im Thinking of switching to Zombie t00 :D
    By the Way what was ur favorite class before dreadlord came out?

    MagicalDiamonds Well-Known Member

    Zombie/Shaman <3

    Roanteam148 Well-Known Member

    What's ur Reason for Liking the Class?

    MagicalDiamonds Well-Known Member

    2 pru

    Victorius Deus Well-Known Member


    Roanteam148 Well-Known Member

    My Brother always use's the Skeleton Class :p

    MagnusStoffer Active Member

    Mine is Herobrine. If i had the coins id buy Shaman, but im not that pro.

    Patric_Player Well-Known Member

    Skeleton. Cuz i don't have coins to buy another classes.

    Roanteam148 Well-Known Member

    I have Level 4 Herobrine But Level 5 Enderman :p

    Victorius Deus Well-Known Member

    yes. as soon as I get 29,000 coins I can buy zombie kit upgrade 7,8 and 9. I'm using dread to save up coins, 2 weeks of hard work are coming ;)!

    Roanteam148 Well-Known Member

    I heard the Highly Upgraded Zombie's are Pretty Tough to Fight

    TT2012 Active Member

    I use skeleton, because I'm starting to get really good with a bow!

    Roanteam148 Well-Known Member

    Really? I'm Decent with a Bow I remember one time where a enemy was running away and I shot him dead while he was running

    RLM Active Member

    skeleton and the reason why is because of then i can shoot and EXPLOSIVE ARROW

    Roanteam148 Well-Known Member

    Yea I like the Explosive Arrow Ability too :)

    dragonxd1234 Well-Known Member

    Dread cause i don't have Shaman yet xD but i also like strategic games where i need to get offensive or defensive and thats when dread lord is a really good kit :D

    gremistaboss1 Well-Known Member

    Dreadlord and Shaman...

    ninjakiwimartin Active Member

    Skeleton, if you have good bow aim you can just wrek people's faces with the power III bow.

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