Star Wars Adventure Map

Discussion in 'Official Hypixel Maps' started by Hypixel, Sep 23, 2012.

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    No mods are required. But you need the Mine Wars texture pack.

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    Download Texture Pack:

    This is our first Adventure Map, it is quite short (about 30 minutes) but a lot of details was spent in the design and playing around with the snapshot.

    There is a class system, you can choose between the Jedi and Trooper.
    Please make sure to setup the server proprieties as advertised to prevent bugs or unbalances.


    1- Save the hostages.
    2- Repair the generator and start both canons.
    3- Disable the AT-AT.

    Side Quests

    1- Obtain the Diamond Lightsaber in the Temple.
    2- Obtain the Red Lightsaber from the wrecked ship.
    3- Find the hidden disc to trade for a powerful gun at the merchant.

    2 players minimum are required for the finale. Good luck!

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    Mischief New Member

    I downloaded the Mine Wars texture pack nto for the map, but just because its looks pretty darn awesome!
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    HyourinmaruIce New Member

    This map is just sooo awesome looking. It might just be my favorite or yours.

    Sync Member

    Nice, I'll be getting the snapshot later just to play this map.

    b0ogh0st Member

    sweet stuff man

    Jackson New Member

    i can't download the snapshot from mojang. i don't know if i'm downloading the wrong one or what? This looks like an amazing map, but i can't play until i download this snapshot!

    H E L P
    H E L P
    H E L P
    H E L P

    Link21 New Member

    Going to play this for sure!!

    Watchig Active Member

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    Jackson New Member

    Bassad New Member

    Hay there,

    i just played the map, but not for the real "adventure feeling", it was more for the "technic" part. I wondered how is it possible, that there are no monster spawning ? doMobSpawning is true and difficulty is on easy, but no monster are spawning, except the monster out of the eggs/dispenser - How is that possible ?

    One thing i know now for sure is, that it cant be the server/game settings. It has to do with the map. I tried changing some settings, but nothing helped and i could figured it out how it was made, so please, tell me, please ! :)

    see ya
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    Hypixel Administrator

    It's because it's in a mushroom island biome, we wanted full control over monster spawns, in the sequel it will be way more action packed and longer
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    2009y1 Member

    I can't wait for the sequal!

    Watchig Active Member

    Yes! Thank you

    mellenn New Member

    hi, when i play it we can't press any of the buttons from where we spawn? any help?

    hastypixels New Member

    Great map, a lot of fun. Objectives complete doesn't work... not sure why. We're going to try the deluxe version to see if it makes a difference.
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    There's no difference with the normal version. This is a feature we might include latter.

    hastypixels New Member

    Okay, what feature are you referring to?

    With regards to the objectives button, it worked just fine with the Deluxe download, though I wasn't sure what that meant. Also, I don't know if you intend on revamping this adventure map, which we both hoped was longer - we found it pretty hard to figure out what were supposed to do about the power cores. I figured it out in the end but it seemed unclear.

    Perhaps more obvious indicators would help with this.

    All in all this was a very interesting map that was fun to explore. We quite enjoyed ourselves.

    Thank you.

    bob0711 New Member

    I'm having the same problem please help.

    hastypixels New Member

    Hey Bob. All I can recommend is when you're completing the objectives, make sure all players are in the same spot next to the objectives button. I'm pretty sure having the players split up will mess up the command, especially if it's set to target all players and there are more than two on.

    bob0711 New Member

    Yeah we'll there's only 2 of us and we were standing right next to each other and it said complete all the objectives before you leave

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