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    I'm gonna be throwing out ideas for the server to make it more interactive and fun.

    1. A racing parkour either have 8 lanes and 8 players race to the end or have one map with 8 people on it all racing to the end. Example by CaptainSparklez : (maybe not as fast and as hard)
    Temple run demo i made as a single player example of this parkour race:

    2. Simple idea really people get a plot or a main topic to build a map around. They submit it and and its gone through by judges, the winner depending on what the contest was for gets a pet or tag on the server such as [WINNER]. If they built a map for things such as quake craft or SG there map gets featured maybe as a map buy like cold war on quake.

    3. the SG on the server get a little complex map wise and the chest system very ungrateful one guy can find the glory chest and win the game. also there are some bugs where shooting bows kicks you out of the game. The maps are very big and complex chest are kind of scarce and the chest in the middle are to close to the spawns. As an example as simple is this i made it myself but i don't want the hypixel server to use it becuese im not trying to advertise, there are many other examples. Maybe even remove Deathmatch and replace it with just having maps that are easier to get around.

    4. Finally just an arena where people can fight out with swords. Maybe random blocks falling from the sky changing how the map is or having terrain like arena maps with trees and grass make it harder for the players to get to each other.

    5. Other ideas very very small spawn protection on quake craft like .5 seconds. some paintball maps are kind of uneven such as one map i played one team spawns in the ocean on a boat and the other team is just out in the open and can easily spawn kill the hell out of the other team. Server Friends list. [contest tournamentishy] Layered levels of bow spleef 10 layers last person left obviously ins.

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    This is a bit "over-done. I see no "glory-chest" in SG. And the bow bug has been fixed. 10 layers of bow spleef is literally impossible. And a custom server friends list is already in the making. Contests can already be held over the leaderboards. Also parkour defies the definition "mini-game" by the slightest amount. If you could edit these to fit into my suggestions, they may grow into a bigger discussion.

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    This was posted before the arrow bug was fixed. Also before the friends list started to be created. I mean different type of contest one that allows someone's hard work to be seen by everyone and enjoyed. The parkour won't be simple/impossible parkour it will be a race a fun game for people to play against each other in the CaptainSparklez video there having fun as friends. Also i understand 10 layers of bow spleef is impossible but it could be fun as a special event is what i meant. By glory chest if someone finds one stone sword off in the beginning there gonna win or at least get really far also if you get hit from behind in SG you keep getting teleported back the the person that hit you. Also something to suggest to make things better can never be too "over-done." You also didn't exactly give suggestions you just ranted on some of my suggestions, you basically just told me to cut out half of my whole post.

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