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    Sean543211 Well-Known Member


    Sponsor: TOTD

    Pro Wallers is a Mega Walls / Walls only guild.

    We will be scheduling events, parties, and fit a few rewards in there.
    So, let me tell you what we are looking for. Since Mega Walls is a fairly new game, I am not requesting any high kills / wins to just join. I'm looking for anyone with a decent ration of kills / wins suited for the time period that Mega Walls has been open to the public.

    We currently have 150 Members.

    I will be personally accepting anyone that is applicable for the [Pro] Rank. If you feel that you can, personally message me your application.

    No more applications will be accepted if posted on this forum!


    In-Game Name:



    Do you have Skype?:

    What time are you on the most?:

    Do you play Mega Walls?:

    Do you play Walls?:

    PVP Skills (1-10):

    Teamwork Skills (1-10):

    Communication Skills (1-10):

    Proof of Stats:

    - Anyone who does not show proof of stats will be instantly denied -

    Rank Requirements

    Complete Application.

    50 Kills (Proof)
    5 Wins (Proof)

    Weekly Kills of 100 (Proof)
    10 Wins (Proof)

    Weekly Kills of 200 (Proof)
    20 Wins (Proof)

    Weekly Kills of 300 (Proof)
    30 Wins (Proof)

    Weekly Kills of 450 (Proof)
    40 Wins (Proof)

    Weekly Kills of 550 (Proof)
    50 Wins (Proof)

    Weekly Kills of 650 (Proof)
    75 Wins (Proof)

    Weekly Kills of 800 (Proof)
    100 Wins (Proof)

    Weekly Kills of 1000 (Proof)
    250 Wins (Proof)

    Max Out Desired Kit (Proof)
    Weekly Kills of 1000 (Proof)
    500 Wins (Proof)

    (This rank cannot be bought as an rank upgrade from the Guild Shop)

    Pro Waller
    Max Out Desired Kit (Proof)
    Weekly Kills of 1000 (Proof)
    Buy A Hero Class (Proof))
    1000 Wins (Proof)

    This rank cannot be bought as an rank upgrade from the Guild Shop

    Your kills will be added up by week. Send your proof of kills to Sean543211 when ready.

    Guild Rules

    [1] No Disrespect to other guild members.
    [2] Do not advertise other guilds.
    [3] Do not lie about ranks.
    [4] No cursing in guild events.
    [5] You may not be in no more than 1 other guilds.
    [6] Work as a team, no team grief while playing a Guild Event.
    [7] Do not steal while in Guild Event, this will cause demotion.
    [8] Do not double post rank screenshots. This will not only decrease your chances by 100% of ranking up, but it will also demote your current rank as well.
    [9] All Guild Shop purchases are final. There are no refunds unless you have a valid reason. If you feel that your purchase was not to standards, please contact Guild Admins / Owners.
    [10] Remember, we are Pro Wallers, and will rise to the top!

    The failure to follow these rules with result in...
    Demotion / Guild Ban / Guild Kick

    Forum Mod

    Forum Moderators are the moderators that manage the forum thread. They can accept and deny players. But their main job is to...
    • Personally message me players in-game usernames that want to upgrade their rank / coins and what page their proof is on.
    • Personally message me players in-game usernames that want to get their coins for achieving an achievement.
    • To personally message me any applications that have been denied and why.
    • To personally message me any other types of applications apart from Forum Mod, Moderator, and Admin applications.
    Forum Mod Application

    In-Game Name:


    How long have you been with Pro Wallers?:

    Guild Rank:

    Why do you want to be Forum Mod?:

    Are you active on the forums?:

    How many hours a day do you spend on the forums?:

    Anything else?:


    Moderators have more limitations than Admins. They can only accept players. They also may manage events, but not host them. I am looking 2 moderators currently, so 2 slots are available. You MUST be an moderator to apply for Admin!

    Moderator Application

    In-Game Name:



    How many days / months have you've been with [Pro Wallers]?:

    In what time period are you most on?:

    State one rule of the Guild:

    What do you have the right to do?:

    Why do you want to be moderator?:

    Anything else?:


    I will be picking various Administrators when the time comes. Administrators will be able to Suspend and Recruit any player under the correct circumstances. Players may report to the Owner if they believe there punishment was invalid. Administrators also have the right to accept / deny any player wanting to join the guild.

    Admin Application:

    In-Game Name:



    How many days / months have you've been with [Pro Wallers]?:

    In what time period are you most on?:

    What are the rules?:

    What do you have the right to do?:

    Anything else?:


    You can earn coins by unlocking achievements. You must provide proof of what achievement you unlocked. Each achievement unlocks a unique amount of coins.

    [OP Killer] Kill Hypixel - 65,000 Coins

    [Paparazzi] Kill a Youtuber - 15,000 Coins

    [Wither Slayer] Slay A Wither In Mega Walls - 2,000 Coins

    [Avenger] Kill An Enemy That Recently Killed Your Teammate - 3,500 Coins

    [Iron Addict] Grief With Iron Pressure Plates - 2,500 Coins

    [Diamondaire] Craft Any Type Of Diamond Armor - 10,000 Coins

    [Beacon Lover] Create A Working Beacon - 6,000 Coins

    [Creator Of Medal] Create An Iron Golem In Mega Walls - 250,000 Coins

    [Slow Pokes] Finish A Game With A Draw In Mega Walls - 8,000 Coins

    [Infamous] Be 3rd On The Mega Walls Leader Board For Any Class - 25,000 Coins

    [Slayer] ( I - II - III - IV - V - VI - V ) Kill Certain Amount Of Players ( Found In Game Mega Walls Achievements ) - 100 Coins - 250 Coins - 500 Coins - 1,000 Coins - 5,000 Coins

    [Veteran] Stay In Pro Wallers For Over 1 Month - 10,000 Coins

    [Try Hard] Complete All Achievements - 2,000 Coins

    [Infamous] Be 2rd On The Mega Walls Leader Board For Any Class - 35,000 Coins

    [Winner] Win A Game Of Mega Walls - 1,000 Coins

    [Holy Final Kills] Be 1st On The Mega Walls Leader Board For Any Class - 45,000 Coins

    If you would like to suggest an achievement, fill out the forum below.

    Name: What is the achievement name?
    Requirement: What is required by the player to earn this achievement?
    Coins: How much coins would the player be rewarded?

    Guild Store

    Now here comes the fun part. Each guild member will have the chance to receive a free donation item each month. Now this will require some work for said member. Virtual Guild Coins will be able to be obtained by winning / killing in Mega Walls Games. Here is how the system works. It is basically the same concept of the game itself. How every many coins you have, you get in Guild Coins. But, when you spend your coins in-game, you do not loose them in the Guild itself. Your coins will add up over time. Read the rewards below and the requirements below that for more information. Ok, so, here are the things you can buy with guild coins.


    Guild Rank-Up: 300,000 Coins

    Donation Item (Maximum of $20) 750,000 Coins

    Custom Tag: 75,000 Coins

    Name Color: 50,000 Coins

    Now for the Donation Item that you can buy, only 1 person may buy it each month. You also must provide proof of each game and how many coins you have earned. You must take screenshots of your current coins and your coins once they get effected in any way. For example, say I have 1000 coins. I win a game and get 200 coins. I now have 1200 Coins. I must take a screenshot of said player having 1000 coins. I must then take a screenshot of said player have 1200 coins. Etc.


    Alright, I have made up my mind on how screenshots must be uploaded for upgrading ranks / coins. First, state what kind of upgrade you want. Whether it be Coins or a Rank upgrade. Then, state your In-Game Username. I am requiring this because some people have forum names that are different from their Minecraft name. Then, put the screenshot. Make sure the screenshot is of your full screen. I am requiring this so people do not scam coins or ranks.

    Guild Website

    Website is officially open and now giving ranks. Join now!


    Schedule Update

    I will be updating every single weekend.
    I will also update whenever I have time to.

    This may seem a bit disappointing to some, but I just don't have the time to update constantly.

    I do however has rdaley100 as [Forum Mod], so he will be helping me greatly.


    February Mega Walls Mash-Up

    Date: February 15th, 2014

    Time: 3:00 PM (EST) - 8:00 PM (GMT)

    Mini-Game: Mega Walls


    We will play 10 Mega Walls Games.
    Then I will start taking requests for other mini-games.


    This tournament will be rewarding 2x coins.
    So be sure to send in your Mega Walls coins!

    I have also hidden a secret word on the thread.
    Find it, and the reward will be 10,000 coins.
    The 10,000 coins will not be effected by the 2x reward.

    Remember to send me your screenshots.



    Events will happen every month or so. Events can be scheduled upon request or officially. Scheduled events means 2x the coins. Remember, you must provide proof! Official events will mean 3x the coins. If you would like to schedule an event, please fill out the form below and personally message it to any of the administrators or Sean543211.

    Even Schedule Application

    In-Game Username:

    Event Name:



    Mega Walls / Walls:

    Team (No Yellow):




    Once you are accepted, you may take this signature. Just right click and press copy image to make it yours!


    We would appreciate it if you added this banner to your signature.
    We would also appreciate if you added a link to this thread as well!
    Thank You!

    Secret Word: Valentine


    [Leader] sean543211 ( ∞ Coins )

    [Head-Admin] Boblikesbugattis ( 8220 Coins )

    [Admin] Silvakevin54 ( 45595 Coins)

    [Admin] MCLegend_X ( 6032 Coins )

    [Admin] Delwoodzzzzz ( 5724 Coins )

    [Moderator] Scoobydoosam ( 1965 Coins )

    [Moderator] xXShamwow852Xx (5716 Coins )

    [Developer] Jeggott ( 5000 Coins)

    [Legend] J000J ( 6345 Coins )

    [Legend] LithUchihaX ( 25 Coins )

    [Legend] Avcazas ( 2475 Coins )

    [Legend] LithUchihaX ( 25 Coins )

    [Legend] RisingL3gnd ( 43,578 Coins )

    [Legend] Paide99thousand ( 3025 Coins )

    [Master] Gelekaasvlek ( 7414 Coins )

    [Master] Legaul ( 1771 Coins )

    [Master] Cemakara3 ( 359 Coins )

    [Master] BOSS_XTerminator ( 7207 Coins )

    [Master] Mage7206 ( 4002 Coins )

    [Pro] Kylethebomb217 ( 245 Coins )

    [Pro] Starxyy37 ( 1010 Coins )

    [Pro] Funerng ( 1592 Coins )

    [Pro] MakeUsayWDF ( 2468 Coins )

    [Pro] Adam_pii ( 4952 Coins )

    [Pro] BluePants321 ( Unknown )

    [Pro] cemakara3 ( 359 Coins )

    [Pro] Adminboy222 ( 600 Coins )

    [Pro] xXNullMarioXx ( 26,915 Coins )

    [Pro] CaptainTr0ll ( 3311 Coins )

    [Prodigy] Danster978 ( 9536 Coins )

    [Prodigy] IcedSlushy ( 3669 Coins )

    [Prodigy] Corwinek ( 2634 Coins )

    [Prodigy] Sad327 ( 3804 Coins )

    [Prodigy] Index_Omg123 ( 753 Coins )

    [Prodigy] MetroidFan15 ( 5000 Coins )

    [Prodigy] aRyanCH ( 30788 Coins )

    [Prodigy] Tnttendency ( 13,734 Coins )

    [Prodigy] Cameron7276 ( 1335 Coins )

    [Prodigy] PiiNiiATA ( 3076 Coins )

    [Prodigy] Takenotezz ( 6901 Coins )

    [Prodigy] xXShamwow852Xx ( 5716 Coins )

    [Prodigy] Kaity291999 ( 13290 Coins )

    [Expert] Epicpinguin ( 500 Coins )

    [Expert] Victorius_Deus ( 197 Coins )

    [Expert] Kmaster10 ( 111 Coins )

    [Expert] Eugene_Yackle ( 505 Coins )

    [Expert] Treasurific ( 3046 Coins )

    [Expert] Coolkid2361 ( 2577 Coins )

    [Expert] Iavengetheweak ( 462 Coins )

    [Expert] Jacob2000126 ( 2385 Coins )

    [Expert] Dancland ( 3633 Coins )

    [Expert] Gamebuster19901 ( 5663 Coins )

    [Expert] ChanterDolce ( 2503 Coins )

    [Expert] BlazeHunter99 ( 10,103 Coins )

    [Expert] Bobson52 ( 16,054 Coins )

    [Expert] Arcanesachin ( 8482 Coins )

    [Expert] Romnoes ( 16,193 Coins )

    [Expert] DGArchitect ( 454 Coins )

    [Expert] Enochthedoor ( 7601 Coins )

    [Experienced] Hellebaard15 ( 11171 Coins )

    [Experienced] BeastFromDaaEast ( 5154 Coins )

    [Experienced] Foeboecrack ( 12826 Coins )

    [Experienced] Cubodequatro ( 557 Coins )

    [Experienced] ZikPlayZ ( 5440 Coins )

    [Experienced] Kazedy ( 4,500 Coins )

    [Experienced] SyntheticShotz ( 6772 Coins )

    [Experienced] Nosneb20 ( 2147 Coins )

    [Experienced] EximiusBlitz ( 4937 Coins )

    [Experienced] LeFancySeal ( 5044 Coins)

    [Experienced] Jeanpi1998 ( 7210 Coins )

    [Experienced] Epicwin110 ( 883 Coins )

    [Experienced] COOKIE1799 ( 27195 Coins )

    [Experienced] Cookie1799 ( 24195 Coins )

    [Experienced] xX_EnderMage_Xx ( 1010 Coins )

    [Experienced] Conconcraft ( 1057 Coins )

    [Experienced] Survival132435 ( 1010 Coins )

    [Experienced] CLPaul ( 26,240 Coins )

    [Experienced] Deathslayer270 ( 116 Coins )

    [Experienced] Tommyb5000 ( 280 Coins )

    [Experienced] Chrizskizzle ( 2790 Coins )

    [Skilled] SnyperzRS ( 5050 Coins )

    [Skilled] Looc4571 ( 2747 Coins )

    [Skilled] DGArchitect ( 109 Coins )

    [Skilled] Switchblade24 ( 171 Coins )

    [Skilled] Yolo_Swag_Dope ( 426 Coins )

    [Skilled] Final_Spartan ( 5050 Coins )

    [Skilled] PyroKing7274 ( 657 Coins )

    [Skilled] Camero47 ( 2266 Coins )

    [Skilled] Zskennedy ( 1175 Coins )

    [Skilled] HankHammer1 ( 975 Coins )

    [Skilled] SAMUR1_ZEBRA ( 1886 Coins )

    [Skilled] MinecraftYareen ( 519 Coins )

    [Skilled] Batmac55 ( 1239 Coins )

    [Skilled] Madsreen ( 1006 Coins )

    [Skilled] DjDiamonds11 ( 17118 Coins )

    [Skilled] Epicmining101 ( 133 Coins )

    [Skilled] Jpossum ( 21625 Coins )

    [Skilled] Alexandre1156 ( 441 Coins )

    [Skilled] Infectify ( 1884 Coins )

    [Skilled] Creeper_Enzo ( 450 Coins )

    [Skilled] IncredibleIAN ( 717 Coins )

    [Skilled] Slimkirby12345 ( 570 Coins )

    [Skilled] Ben_Loe ( 200 Coins )

    [Skilled] Chinalake2444 ( 765 Coins )

    [Skilled] Joshr127 ( 835 Coins )

    [Skilled] Buba888 ( 7467 Coins )

    [Skilled] Tceikei ( 279 Coins )

    [Skilled] Spyguy1124 ( 2591 Coins )

    [Skilled] Para0234 ( 6963 Coins )

    [Skilled] Storm922u ( 8903 Coins )

    [Skilled] MidScorp ( 488 Coins )

    [Skilled] Drnose21 ( 65 Coins )

    [Skilled] LL_MO93B_LL ( 118 Coins )

    [Average] BoomPredator ( 6484 Coins )

    [Average] AJthekidCP ( 22 Coins )

    [Average] TheLegendCookie ( 569 Coins )

    [Average] WarriorFox123 ( 262 Coins )

    [Average] Military_Tom ( 498 Coins )

    [Average] Jksdf ( 241 Coins )

    [Average] WaasV ( 2540 Coins )

    [Average] Rockor1757 ( 3565 Coins )

    [Average] xXChizZzyXx ( 1166 Coins )

    [Average] Larserv ( 4993 Coins )

    [Average] Thingsinthelight ( 2020 Coins )

    [Average] Justin518 ( 5208 Coins

    [Average] TarzahLPS ( 184 Coins )

    [Average] Snugglebunny2002 ( 387 Coins )

    [Average] ShachaRo487 ( 989 Coins )

    [Average] Azn_An ( 640 Coins )

    [Average] RiceEqualsLifee ( 122 Coins )

    [Average] LOF97 ( 210 Coins )

    [Recruit] Stormwolf2004 ( 5000 Coins )

    [Recruit] Djice ( 238 Coins )

    [Recruit] Zombiep1g99 ( 5000 Coins )

    [Recruit] Gmander2 ( 5000 Coins )

    [Recruit] Redgodzilla ( 1047 Coins )

    [Recruit] Pixeal ( 355 Coins )

    [Recruit] Cambrianite ( 131 Coins )

    [Recruit] MrBindo10 ( 2312 Coins )

    [Recruit] Bryanguy10 ( 151 Coins )

    [Recruit] Rageismypower ( 84 Coins )

    [Recruit] MedicLlama ( 53 Coins )

    [Recruit] Eldiablo6666 ( 5293 Coins )

    [Recruit] Tyrands ( 2202 Coins )

    [Recruit] Jazzaus ( 412 Coins )

    [Recruit] Phasecode ( 734 Coins )

    Pending Players
    (Send me screenshots of stats)










    For all that have no coins, please send me screenshots immediately!

    Member Counter:

    [Total] One-Hundred and Forty Nine Members

    | ^^^ | Will be updated every week | ^^^ |

    We copyright the name ProWallers and Pro Wallers. We own the name and anyone using the name will be reported. We also copyright the Pro Waller's banner and signature.

    - Sean and the Pro Waller's Staff

    We hope to see you in the Guild!

    Sean543211 Well-Known Member

    Pro Wallers
    In-Game & Trainers

    Hello fellow Pro Wallers Members!
    I am glad to announce that there is a new guild update coming in-game soon.
    I would like to thank Hypixel, AgentKid, Codename_B, and KevinKool for working so hard on this!

    Anyway, for this awesome event, I am creating a whole new system.
    Sorry in advance if you do not like this update, but I am going to remove branches.
    But do not worry, you will be able to train other members!

    First off, I am going to explain how the Training system will work.


    There will be 2 Trainers for each mini-game.
    This will determine on how good your stats are in that particular mini-game.

    I will be scheduling private events for each mini-game for each trainer to lead and of course, train!
    I will message the 1-2 trainers for that mini-game personally, and make sure their times are matched up correctly, and they are available.

    This will be a key part in the guild, and will help us greatly!

    Here is the application to apply:



    Guild Rank:

    What mini-game would you like to train for?:

    Stats of preferred mini-game:


    How much are you on a day & week:

    Anything else?:


    Ok, so that is it guys for trainers!

    I hope you enjoy the update.

    Now onto the Guild Update! (in-game)

    In-Game Guild!

    Please check this out for how the guild plugin will work!
    You must read this to understand the following system.

    Slot Rankings:

    #1 Leader
    #2 Admins
    #3 Moderators
    #4 Considerations By Staff
    #5 Higher Ranks
    #6 Lower Ranks

    Guild Master & Officers:

    The Guild Master will be Sean543211, the Leader.

    The Officers will be Admins, or very-trusted moderators.

    Guild Fortress:

    This will be the Guild Fortress!

    Most likely, if it is built / editable, the Admins and Myself will create it.

    We will try to get everyone's opinions on building it, so stay tuned!


    The "Pro Wallers" name is now reserved.
    This mean no one can create a guild with that name.
    I also asked KevinKool if we can reserve the name "ProWallers" as well,
    so if someone does make a name "ProWallers", it doesn't cause any confusion.


    Expect more updates and edits onto this thread in the future!

    - Sean


    I really hope you all enjoy this!


    - Sean

    ▒█▀▀█ ▒█▀▀█ ▒█▀▀▀█
    ▒█▄▄█ ▒█▄▄▀ ▒█░░▒█
    ▒█░░░ ▒█░▒█ ▒█▄▄▄█

    ▒█░░▒█ ░█▀▀█ ▒█░░░ ▒█░░░ ▒█▀▀▀ ▒█▀▀█ ▒█▀▀▀█
    ▒█▒█▒█ ▒█▄▄█ ▒█░░░ ▒█░░░ ▒█▀▀▀ ▒█▄▄▀ ░▀▀▀▄▄
    ▒█▄▀▄█ ▒█░▒█ ▒█▄▄█ ▒█▄▄█ ▒█▄▄▄ ▒█░▒█ ▒█▄▄▄█


    | We fight like Pros!|


    antypantyplays Well-Known Member

    this seems like fun. i will aply then ;)

    In-Game Name: antypantyplays
    Age: 14
    Timezone: EST
    Do you have Skype?: nu
    What time are you on the most?: 7-10 weekdays, 5-12 PM weekends
    Do you play Mega Walls?: yus
    Do you play Walls?: yus
    PVP Skills (1-10): 6 (i can kill most withought taking much damage)
    Teamwork Skills (1-10): 7
    Communication Skills (1-10): 7
    Frizer likes this.

    Sean543211 Well-Known Member

    Accepted, glad to have you here! Just message me whenever you want to play!

    Remember to show my your stats so you can get ranked up!
    PhantomCobalt likes this.

    antypantyplays Well-Known Member

    send me a f request first ;)

    Sean543211 Well-Known Member

    Will do.
    PhantomCobalt likes this.

    Sean543211 Well-Known Member

    Alright, I followed you. I won't be able to play at this moment. It is 2:30 AM where I live right now and I am heading to bed soon. Maybe in the afternoon we could play.
    PhantomCobalt likes this.

    _Scooby Well-Known Member

    LegendX Active Member

    LegendX Active Member

    In-Game Name: MC_LegendX
    Age: 14
    Timezone: UTC (I may be moving soon)
    Do you have Skype?: Nope
    What time are you on the most?: Afternoon ( and morning depending on if I'm in the house.)
    Do you play Mega Walls?: A lot
    Do you play Walls?: Yes, but not as much as Mega Walls.
    PVP Skills (1-10):8
    Teamwork Skills (1-10):9
    Communication Skills (1-10):9

    Sean543211 Well-Known Member

    Accepted! Please provide screenshot proof of your win/kill and I will see to of ranking you up!
    PhantomCobalt likes this.

    thejust219 Well-Known Member

    You just joined my guild... you can't be in Team Void while being in another void...?

    Sean543211 Well-Known Member

    I know, I believe my guild has more potential. Your system is sloppy, and so is your thread. So I decided to continue my old guild.

    GabePlaysHN Well-Known Member

    thejust219 Well-Known Member

    Ok, next time tell us that... and you have been removed from TheVoid guild. Thank you very much for being part of TheVoid we appreciate it and hope you liked your stay
    Shachar likes this.

    Sean543211 Well-Known Member

    Thank You! Feel free to apply. We have no rules on how many guilds you can be in!
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    Justin518 Well-Known Member

    In-Game Name: Justin518
    Timezone: EST
    Do you have Skype?: Yes
    What time are you on the most?: After 3 - 10
    Do you play Mega Walls?: Yes
    Do you play Walls?:Yes
    PVP Skills (1-10): 9
    Teamwork Skills (1-10): 10
    Communication Skills (1-10): 10
    ~I will post my skills later maybe tomorow~

    Sean543211 Well-Known Member

    Accept, you will be [Recruit] Rank for the time being. Please show proof of your kills / wins. Remember, earn those coins and get a free rank!
    PhantomCobalt likes this.

    GabePlaysHN Well-Known Member

    I am in Wrek.

    Sean543211 Well-Known Member

    Oh, I heard they do have limitations on how many guilds you can be in. But like I said, feel free to join if you won't bypass that rule!
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