Poll: Nerfing or Rebalancing Horse Tamer Kit in Blitz

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Nerfing or Rebalancing Horse Tamer Kit in Blitz

Yes, the Kit as a whole needs a Nerf 11 vote(s) 47.8%
Yes, the Kit supplies need a Nerf 8 vote(s) 34.8%
Yes, the Kit Horse's need a Nerf 4 vote(s) 17.4%

    Ace_22 Member

    As a player with over 4000 kills, and 200 wins, I have a lot of experience in Blitz. Yet, when the Horse Kit was added over the summer I noticed an immediate change, players are able to abuse the lag of servers and horses to beat other players by scoring hits on enemies while being next to invulnerable themselves. That and the ridiculous kit upgrades Horse Tamer offers, I believe a Nerf is in order, if not a total re-balancing for Blitz Kits completely.

    I've always been under the impression Hypixel is Play-to-win and not Pay-to-win, but with the Horse Kit and various other kits I'm not so sure. What do you think about this?

    Ace_22 Member

    Crap, I pressed enter and it submitted, I wasn't done, this makes me look like a troll or worse. :(

    Teddy0912 Well-Known Member

    Just don't give the axe sharpness, problem solved.

    djice777 Well-Known Member

    it hs been nerfed atleast 4 times now...... it actually needs a buff

    nutter527 Well-Known Member

    There will already be a major nerf for all kits comming up in Blitz 2.0 of I'm correct ;)

    Technoblade Well-Known Member

    Rofl horsetamer is not pay to win atm
    old astro is more like it

    Anyhow it WILL be rebalanced in 2.0 just stop making threads about it pls theres as many of them as helper apps
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    michaelkoz Active Member

    Horsetamer has recently been nerfed as their horses have less health.

    Ace_22 Member

    Sorry about this, w/e, I messed up the poll so I'm done. I'll figure out some way to beat them and their OPness

    LithUchihaX Well-Known Member

    Use bows, fire or cobweb.

    sweden_revenge Well-Known Member

    Wait, we can't vote on no nerf? I don't like the poll.

    CameraMan305 Well-Known Member

    for the 103987321748912347912374 time

    Teddy0912 Well-Known Member

    He said he messed up on it.

    ohyeah1357 Well-Known Member

    Horse tamer isn't the best kit out there, sometimes the rider AND the attacker cannot fight, most annoying thing in DM. I'd use it to Fly Away

    ymona33 Well-Known Member

    Well, is it too hard to understand that the Points of Horsetamers are to:
    Heal while your on, that's why you get Potions of Instant Healing
    and to find Enemys quicker
    Horsetamer just becomes nooby if someone fights on it, and he's way to scared to get down.
    So they are still made to fight PvP

    ymona33 Well-Known Member

    Also it's damn expensive even to buy IX, which makes it strong THEN

    Mr_Nation_12 Well-Known Member

    I have played many games using a kit other than HorseTamer and beaten people using it. It is not that difficult to beat someone using HorseTamer as long as you have the skill and knowledge of how to do it. I think if anything the kit should get a buff like adding apples so you can heal the horse.

    ymona33 Well-Known Member

    And Dood, saying you have 4000+ Kills and then you have Experience isn't normal.....
    You can have Pro Experience just by 2 Kills, I also say I am experienced, but it's because I've played this a long Time ago, and I worked also hard on those 11'000+ Kills as Non-VIP

    ohyeah1357 Well-Known Member

    That's a very nice job you have done o.o

    ymona33 Well-Known Member

    ymona33 Well-Known Member

    Prooooolin !! He doesn't come, hum what to do.....
    Pr0lin3 :p

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