Official Hypixel Minecraft Server 1.5.2 (BETA)

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    1.5.2 Minecraft BETA Server address:

    Status: Online
    Current Slots : 6000

    Follow @HypixelNetwork for updates

    The official Hypixel Minecraft 1.5.2 server is now live to the public! The server is currently in beta so not all features are currently available though stay tuned for more updates.

    Quick Guide / FAQ to all Games

    By joining you agree to the server rules:

    Current Features:

    Main Lobby:
    • Make friends and organize events with others!
    • Have fun with parkour challenges and maze puzzles!
    • Access all other lobbies from here.
    Adventure Lobby:
    • Play Hypixel adventure maps with your friends!
    • Adventure map: Herobrine's Mansion
    • Adventure map: Wrath of the Fallen
    • Minigame: Wither's Challenge
    • Adventure map: Star Wars
    • Co-op Adventure map: Zombie Apocalypse
    • More to come!
    Quakecraft Server:
    • Unlike our original version of Quakecraft, this version has railguns which instakill your target! Just like Instagib in Quake/Unreal Tournament
    • Fast-paced railgun PVP action!
    • Earn currency by scoring kills and round wins!
    • Spend currency on cool new items and railguns via the ingame Quakecraft shop!
    • Three unique quake maps to play with one bonus map to unlock!
    Bow Spleef Server:
    • Taking a classic Minecraft game to a whole new level!
    • Ignite TNT under other's feet with your flame bow and make them fall!
    • Win rounds by being the last player standing.
    • Top scoring players are displayed on the winning podium in the lobby!
    The Walls Server:
    • Fun, action-packed, team-based PVP survival!
    • Last team standing wins
    • Earn currency by scoring kills and winning matches!
    • Spend currency on cool new abilities, perks and items in the match!
    • When the walls drop, the pvp battle begins!
    Paintball Warfare
    • Fun, team-based player vs player game!
    • Launch paintballs at your enemy to kill them, while you weave through obstacles and buildings in the map.
    • Aquire killstreaks (you don't lose these upon death!) to spend on epic abilities ingame.
    • Earn coins by winning matches and scoring kills, or purchase them here!
    • Spend your coins on new killstreaks, hats and more cool items!
    Blitz Survival Games

    • Unlike most regular survival/hunger games servers, this minigame is fast-paced, action-packed and fun!
    • Earn coins by acquiring kills and winning games, or buy them here.
    • Unlock, upgrade, and pick classes to give you bonuses when you're in the game!
    • After five minutes in the game, the Blitz Star is hidden in one of the chests.
    • Find this special token and unlock the ability to use the ultra-powerful blitz abilities, of which you can unlock more of in the Blitz shop.

    Access cool new features and perks while helping to support the server! A one time payment, and you get the rank for a lifetime:

    Images (Feel free to use these in videos etc)




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    Conmcv New Member

    I was on the server for about 15mins, then I "timed out" and cant connect again, plz help me hypixel! :(

    Xeroph19 Member

    Great server

    DREAMZii Active Member

    Are you still looking for Paintballmaps? :)

    Macko Active Member

    I can't go back from the Star Wars adventure map! When I write /lobby it's just telling me to try later. It also says

    EDIT. This is now solved.

    polychrom New Member

    I am trapped in a Quakecraft-Lobby, how can I leave? D:

    DREAMZii Active Member

    Leave with /lobby

    epikhobo Member

    whenever I try to join everybody freezes and turns into steve then I get kicked off and have to wait for 2 minutes to try again
    • Iron Supporter

    cowteal Active Member

    I left the server in the adventure world and when I try to come back on the server it says the adventure world is full and it dosn't let me redirect to spawn because it dosn't let me log in

    Memoin New Member

    Im trapped on an adventure map and I cant do /lobby HELP!!! D:

    xdeadly_godx New Member

    I went into the Adventure Lobby and disconnected there because I needed to do someting. WHen I got back I tried to get back on the server but it will not let me. It keeps kicking me saying I don't have VIP, I can't do /lobby because I can't even get into the server in the first place! Help?

    Survivalgamersz Active Member

    Same problem here --''
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    • Iron Supporter

    cowteal Active Member

    A when I try to log on it says I have to be VIP to get in! I want to be VIP but the whole reason I am trying to get in is because I want to know what you get when you become VIP
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    Unsquarable Administrator

    It's a temporary bug , Adventure Lobby was meant to be VIP only for testing on a small scale , you shouldn't of been able to enter it. Adventure Lobby will not be VIP only , it's only temporary. Once the server reboots , it should fix this problem and let you log back in the normal lobby.

    Keep in mind this is all Beta testing , VIP is currently used to limit the amount of people joining the BETA lobbies , but non-vip will have the same access to lobbies as vips in the future.
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    cowteal Active Member

    When will the server reboot
    When will the server reboot?

    Survivalgamersz Active Member

    It's allright I was just about to buy VIP :p.
    • Iron Supporter

    cowteal Active Member

    M2 I am going to b VIP too

    Grundzer New Member

    I got glitched into an adventure map and cant leave can I be tped out

    Skappasavius Well-Known Member

    I can't connect to the server :( it stayed on 'Loging in' for 20 minutes
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    Unsquarable Administrator

    VIP is life time , it's not a monthly fee. If you are interested in playing the BETA Games / Maps in advance , it's worth it , but you can always wait until it' completely finished.
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