Minecraft: Wither's Challenge

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    Do not rehost or direct link the file somewhere else.


    Wither's Challenge is an adventure/wave mini-game that uses Minecraft 1.5 new redstone and NBT tricks! Can you fight your way to the top of the tower and beat the wither's challenge? Download now and find out!

    Recommended players: 1 to 3 players
    Recommended Texture Pack: Click Here

    Server sponsored by MCProHosting - Click here for 25% off servers.

    A massive thanks to build team Mithrintia for the epic build! Show your appreciation by supporting their channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/mithrintia

    Wither's Challenge Features:
    • No mods required
    • Features the 1.5 update
    • 4 uniquely themed floors each with 4 intense waves of enemies for you to battle
    • Ultimate wither boss battle finale
    • Death counter integrated with new scoreboard system with limited lives
    • Xp-powered custom shops
    • Customized monsters with tiers
    • 3 Unique classes; Demon Hunter, Paladin and Shadow Knight
    • Named mobs, custom gear, class suffixes and more!
    Server Settings:
    • Bukkit not recommended
    • enable-command-block=true
    • pvp=false
    • view-distance=15
    Turn OFF smooth lightning in your options to avoid lag and weird issues like not receiving items!

    Feel free to use, modify and share on your YouTube thumbnail or website!
    Special thanks to Dubleart for the great renders! See his channel here.


    More renders by Makaru35

    Feel free to record videos on this map, just be sure to link the official trailer or my channel in the description of your video to support my work :)

    Q: Can I change classes/reset the floors in the map?
    A: If you wish to play as another class or reset the floors, there is a button located within the tower, close to the shop labeled 'Reset'. This will clear all current progress, reset each floor and bring you back to the class selection panel.

    Q: How did you do X thing?
    A: It is recommended you check this post out Here as it covers many of the aspects used in the map. Anything that isn't on the list will usually fall under; using spawners, new NBT tricks, scoreboard/command block mechanics otherwise redstone which can be learned at SethBling's Channel here.

    Article en français: http://minecraft.fr/13w061-5-withers-challenge/

    If you want to improve Minecraft, please report Snapshot bugs at https://mojang.atlassian.net/browse/MC
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    JoshLmao New Member

    Awesome. This looks amazing. Gonna play it right now :)

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    YXcrazy New Member

    Does this require mcpatcher?

    Oliver Member

    This map is amazing! I have to download it NOW!:)

    DarkArial New Member

    This is really epic! Me and my brother are going to kick some butt!

    Survivalgamersz Active Member

    Mithrintia the best <3_<3

    Watchig Active Member

    do you recommend a special texturepack?

    DriftCJ New Member

    I think it's a great map for make video!

    Almkerk Member

    Awesome work, again.

    Casper Active Member

    aaaaawesome! I love maps with classes! Thx very much! waited long for a new map
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    Johni0702 Map Expert

    Since 13w02a Minecraft has build in HD support. No mcpatcher needed anymore. (At least not for HD texture packs)
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    shadekirby321 New Member

    Hypixel, you've done it again... I just wish i had the creativity to do stuff like this, keep up the amazing work!
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    RoaCH New Member

    you best)

    Howzieky New Member

    Too much lag!

    ray lee New Member

    [IMG]that was REALLY fun

    Gogetac2n Well-Known Member

    Just cleared the game :D

    I am the hero minecraftia deserves :D

    (As a Shadow Knight ;) )
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    Rezzus Administrator

    Please read the description.

    Turn OFF smooth lightning in your options to avoid lag and weird issues like not receiving items!

    This is a snapshot bug with the lightning and mojang are working on it.
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    Survivalgamersz Active Member

    ExplodingTNT, Rezzus, GameplayerHD & Hypixel :$

    Survivalgamersz Active Member

    No you can play it alone 2.

    Mojang.com there you will find the latest snapshots like 1.5.

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