Minecraft: Snakes and Ladders

Discussion in 'Official Hypixel Maps' started by Rezzus, Sep 24, 2012.

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    This is the most complex thing we ever build...
    Needless to say, there is still a lot of bugs and I won't fix them. :(

    -No mods required
    -Supports up to 4 players
    -Supports up to 3 computer players
    -Menu is aware of maximum players allowed, for example you cannot pick 2 bots if you have 3 -players.
    -Over 250 000 redstone wires
    -Ladders and Snakes are working
    -Built entirely by rezz

    ****--READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD---****
    -Change the server view to 15 in server properties.
    -If you want to reset, reinstall the map fresh. (The reset button was removed)
    -Press start when the map is fully loaded.
    -If you try to play with 1 player and 0 cpu, it will bug.
    -It need at least a total of 2 players, which can include a CPU.
    -It is possible to play a full game without any bugs!
    -Don't spam buttons!
    -The complexity of this project makes it very hard to keep track of all bugs, this is an alpha version!
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    b0ogh0st Member

    so much redstone
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    Josef27 New Member

    Yay!! Its fun :D
    Yeah.. so much redstone....

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    LOL WUT? :confused:

    zombiechunter New Member

    i cant play it wont open as a folder. it opens as a word document. why?????

    Kratoz New Member

    it's right click on file>7zip/zip/winrar...>open archive and copy what's there is to saves
    maybe your rar is automaticaly opening in word :)
    sorry for grammar if there are mistakes - i'm from Latvia
  1. Awesome Map Im Gonna Make A Video Of It!!
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    Johni0702 Map Expert

    So what's the problem with .rar?
    Get either a OS that can handle .rar or a program that can do that (7zip) and stop spamming that maps are in .rar format!
  3. Yea i got unrarX so its .zip

    icools Well-Known Member

    If I was better at redstone I would try to fix some bugs and hide some of the circits, mabey I will try some time...:cool:

    Ben_raubenheimer New Member

    oh,ok sorry. i said this @ the dota and maybe the self-building village...:(
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    Johni0702 Map Expert

    :D I didn't mean you: I replied to Ghost_Rider007.

    Ben_raubenheimer New Member

    I was just pointing out that i did this before i noticed that post, but its cool...

    lord enderman New Member

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    Ben_raubenheimer New Member

    thanks bro!

    ShadeMetall New Member

    what mc is this for? 1.4.7? or 1.5?

    Ben_raubenheimer New Member

    I think it is for both as no restone has been changed apart from added

    litlejtex Member

    minesettimi New Member

    the dice didn't work

    death7086 New Member

    I was playing this game on minecraft at one point it started snowing on the borad for me and when i selected 0 CPUs it gave me 2

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