Minecraft: Self Building Village

Discussion in 'Official Hypixel Maps' started by Rezzus, Sep 24, 2012.

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    This is just so funny because you switch one lever and after a while you see a whole village, that's just amazing !

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    b0ogh0st Member

    gurilla warfair to a whole new level
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    minecraft roxs New Member

    how do you install it on a mac
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    markCrafter_001 New Member

    IT Cannot build houses.
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    lightning217 New Member

    i cant download this because its a .rar file
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    dinxton2 New Member

    Get 7zip then
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    foulacy New Member

    This MAP does not work no more on 1.4.2.. it doesnt build houses at all!

    ladderchair New Member

    How the heck do you do it bro!
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    I'll have to take a look, thats weird!

    AllPokemonLT New Member

    Yes look at it... Bikus it doesn't work for me too :((
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    Eragon New Member

    dude you know you don't have to sign your name at the messege but if you want to thats ok just saying.
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    kkaazzuuyyaa New Member

    Can you please add a folder download?
    I cant download other types of downloads
    (yes i know how to use 7zip and other stuff please just include a folder download.)
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  1. 1. Download The Map
    2. Click Finder
    3. Click Library
    4. Click Application Support
    5. Click Minecraft
    6. Click Saves
    7. Drag The Map Into Saves
    8. Your Done! Enjoy!
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    rapter33 New Member

    i dont have "permission" to do anything and the it crashes... please help

    telamonianajax New Member

    This doesn't work at all. why?

    thelonelygrape New Member

    hey man im sorry but for 1.4.2 it doesnt work! you did a great job dude and i took a look at the redstone, you did a lot of work man you are the best!!! :)

    adelmmd New Member

    is possible to explain how installed

    CoolSora532 New Member


    Please put this into a folder as if I could just go into "Save as" go into my .minecraft and save it into my Saves folder without having to download anything other than the folder, I would really appreciate that. Thanks, Bya.
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    Due to how the internet (at least this part) works, it's not possible to download folders.

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