Minecraft: Gladiator Arena

Discussion in 'Official Hypixel Maps' started by Hypixel, Oct 11, 2012.

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    ToS: Do not rehost or direct link the file somewhere else.

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    This is a Team Deathmatch Arena map that uses a best out of 3 rounds system.
    The map runs on the latest snapshot.
    You can choose between 3 classes: archer, warrior and rogue.
    Each has unique weapons, armours and even potions. The rogue has speed and haste, making it efficient against archers but light armor and weak weapon make it weak against warriors.
    In the middle there is a strength buff that you can get every rounds.

    Classic small map release to fill the gap until a big project :)

    Server Settings

    Known Bug
    Because of the way chunks loads, sometimes you'll get stuck between rounds or teleportations, blame Minecraft not the map! Relog and it should be fixed.

    goldenrifle New Member

    Looks good, great job as always :) Really waiting for your big project:)

    Fabiqui Member

    Epic! really wanne play it :D
    already downloading!


    zenzangzong New Member

    does anyone want to do a match, I really want to do this with a bunch of people

    Jerbo006 New Member

    Yay another map! :D <3

    Brandflakex New Member

    If this is a small map....THEN THE BRIDGE MUST BE MORE EPIC THAT THIS :O

    ArkeeTheGamer New Member

    Kyle New Member

    hypixel can you help me i am trying to download some of your maps but when i do it brings me to a word document and idk please helppppp meeeeee thanks. I love your work
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    Migrosbudget Youtuber

    Yes this is a small project, building it only took about 4-5hours

    lucas New Member

    Anyone make a server for it cause i really want to play it D:

    TheNoobWar New Member

    Sweet cant wait to play!

    Watchig Active Member


    I love the gameplay of this map, but there are some "bugs" and features I would like to see, since it is hosted on public servers, where you don't know the people you are playing with.
    • If a team chooses only archers they are nearly invincible, but I don't see a chance to avoid that
    • People are able to punch each other over the fence, before the game starts
    • If one team loses all players, without pressing the ready-button in the 2nd round, the game gets stuck
    • sadly, most people are pressing the ready button as soon as they are in the map. on a public server is this really annoying, cause not everyone is able to join -> please give us the possibility to join at every time every team or change classes.
    Thanks for reading,
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    Hypixel Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback. However this map is more like a "scrim" type of map, I suggest public server owner to modify some parts of the map if they want to make it public 24/7

    haydenhayden011 New Member

    It seems the download is quite broken for me. :(

    Rallostar New Member

    Great map :)

    Check out this video i did for it:
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    Watchig Active Member

    wrote a comment with my username ;D
    nice video

    Rallostar New Member

    Keep track of the date & time by subbing and you'll be selected :)

    Brandflakex New Member

    well its still awesome :D

    2009y1 Member

    If anyone reading this has a server it is running on could you please tell us? I really want to play this map!

    Alpha_Poster New Member

    WOW so f#$@ing COOL!!! I played this map, over looking it and it was just unbelivable!

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