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Discussion in 'Official Hypixel Maps' started by Rezzus, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Server sponsored by MCProHosting - Click here for 25% off servers.

    -No client mods required to play this Minecraft pvp map.
    -Play like a Moba style game.

    Minecraft DOTA has been something we've been planning to do for quite a while, I hope you guys enjoy!

    We added our own mechanics and some from League of Legends & HoN. All that to make the gameplay much more enjoyable since we couldn't add "heroes" to the game.

    Servers currently running the map

    Watchig Active Member

    Great gameplay, now that the shops are updated on villagers.

    Thank you for adding servers in the description - So all the people wanting to play this meet and there are not 200 server without people.

    If there is a kind of a new version I would like to see a time challenge against the other team...like, only one team can upgrade the nexus - the first team wins.
    This way there would not be just PVP with everyone having full diamond in the end.

    Fabiqui Member

    Awesome! Let's play some games on da server ^^
    Thanks for including them!


    Sync Member

    I haven't tried this yet, but I will when I have time. I've watched videos of it, and it doesn't look all the creeps are hostile and don't move to enemy base, but I guess it'd be impossible to do that.

    Fabiqui Member

    I joined both servers but there were no people on it and i spawned on a platform but i can't leave it?

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    nullreff Moderator

    The game economy is still a work in progress. The next goal in development is to normalize mob spawning & drops so we have a consistent base to work from. Once that's done, I'll start balancing the shops. If you have ideas, want to contribute or even want to start up your own server running Minecraft Dota, my configuration is openly documented online.

    You have to type /red or /blue to join a team. All the commands are documented on the wiki.
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    b0ogh0st Member

    i liked this map

    ArkeeTheGamer New Member

    The server for this still works :D. So surprised because it's been a long time.
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    nullreff Moderator

    I'll continue hosting and maintaining it until someone makes a better one.
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    numericgunner50 New Member

    i cany use these maps becuz i dont have a server. but if anyone has the starwars map with a server i will be willing to play on the server!

    NeaheaPow New Member

    I tried this one out a while back really enjoyed it

    Eragon New Member

    does anyone have a server? this is a really fun map to play with freinds!

    Eragon New Member

    hypixel both of the servers are version 1.3 but all of us are in 1.4.6!

    MinecraftForumsPro New Member

    Is there a Texture Pack to go with this map?

    SADmiral New Member

    this is great for my pvp training at my server (i dont have one im forever alone)

    Ben_raubenheimer New Member

    Could I get a .ZIP variant, please? Thanks in Advance..

    FlyingFrie New Member

    I was looking for a Minecraft Moba :)

    Stone123 Well-Known Member

    I don't have anything that can unzip it:(

    Casper Active Member

    Favorite map
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    Stone123 Well-Known Member

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