Minecraft: Creeper Survival

Discussion in 'Official Hypixel Maps' started by Rezzus, Sep 24, 2012.

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    -You must survive 21 waves of creepers.
    -Everytime you press the start button you need to survive 3 waves before you can go back to the buy zone.
    -Every 3 waves you have 2 points (currency) you can spend on armor, weapon, potion, food, TnT (place them on bedrock to activate) and a special weapon (cost 2 points and can be purchased once you reach waves 12).
    -Weapon, armor and potion are randoms when you buy them.
    -The game become harder as you advances go through the waves.

    Special Challenge: Do not die a single time and post video response ;)
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    b0ogh0st Member

    the end is *ssssssssSSSsss* FFFFF

    jaxonnator New Member

    im a big fan of these maps
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    VebbiHD Cow

    Challenge Accepted
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    theminecraftpro New Member

    is this for single player or multiplayer
    • Iron Supporter

    VebbiHD Cow

    Both i think

    eric4444 New Member

    i cant download the map
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    VebbiHD Cow

    What a necro, try clicking on the "download" button under the video.

    The Enderhunter New Member

    Idk it it will work, but i'm going to try this with the 50,000 subscribes dungeon texture pack.

    Stone123 Well-Known Member

    Should have lightning/charged creepers, that would be awesome.

    funnyzakk New Member

    an amazing map, LOVE your maps Hypixel

    geoffros1 Member

    umm u need a reset button so i dont have to re download the map :(

    geoffros1 Member

    lol yeah i thought of that 2 hours ago
    • Iron Supporter

    VebbiHD Cow

    This is a really old map, so I dont think he will add a reset button.

    gilezboy Member

    i like wrath of the fallen

    SKULL_RA1DER New Member

    creepers arent falling!

    TheFlippyGuyz New Member

    Is this map broken with 1.5?
    I cant seem to get it to work. :/

    christopher12345 New Member

    ;) update minecraft

    christopher12345 New Member

    christopher12345 New Member

    :oops: hello butter bros

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