Minecraft: Creeper Dungeon

Discussion in 'Official Hypixel Maps' started by Hypixel, Oct 20, 2012.

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    ToS: Do not rehost or direct link the file somewhere else.

    This map requires the 1.4 version and you need to use the texture pack recommended otherwise it's ugly.
    The texture pack is in the zip file.

    Creeper Dungeon features
    • Wave system
    • Custom Spawners
    • Lightning Creepers
    • Shop that uses custom "Creeper Coins" and Gun Powder.
    • At each shop you have to choose between 2 ultimates
    • Invisible Creepers
    • Fast Creepers
    • Dynamic Levels
    • 2 Secret rooms that gives you the ultimate weapon
    • Custom potions

    If you are playing on a server, make sure you put animals on if you want to see the ultimate weapon

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    Watchig Active Member

    Looks really nice!
    I´m going to play it with a friend tonight.

    is it multiplayer-proof?

    edit: ahh, I just read the youtube-text whit 'it is single player', sorry^^

    2009y1 Member

    This looks awesome! I am going to try it out immediately.
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    Draconix44 Member

    Amazing! You never fail to impress Hypixel. ;)

    2009y1 Member

    Never mind about trying it out immediately, I can't get 1.4 pre to download.:(
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    Declan Moderator

    Supposedly Chuck Norris approves [AntVenom's playthrough]

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    Mrcake New Member

    Hypixel i downloaded it but theres no start button for me uhh help?
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    Hypixel Administrator

    Did you download the latest snapshot and re-install the map ?
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    Andrew enslein New Member

    i need help idk how to install maps like these or get the 1.4 :( can you post a video or gime a link ill love to play your maps if you can help :)

    Watchig Active Member

    dont worry, tomorrow 1.4 will be officially released!
    if you can´t wait use the magic launcher: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/939149-launcher-magic-launcher-100-mods-options-news/
    download the new jar-file: http://www.mojang.com/2012/10/minecraft-1-4-1-pre-release/ (client)
    and select it with magic launcher in the settings.

    @hypixel: Great map! I died. I died a lot...
    Just the start makes the map really scary - equipping with two charged creepers in front of you^^
    you are never save...
    Keep doing it, those maps are great :)
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    brando4475 New Member

    Check it out :D

    kiki7414 New Member

    How do i install the map and play it? Please help me.

    Acronums New Member

    so can u give us hints on how to get into the secret rooms ><
    i tried picking he lights that go according to the mossy cobble but that didnt work ;C


    NVMM i got into the first room and uhh...
    i like cats too but...

    lightning217 New Member

    This. is. awesome! just a thought though. maybe you could do the exact same thing just not all creepers?

    Alpha_Poster New Member

    I just beat the map not to long ago. Its a pretty good map, good job Hypixel. You always please people with your awesome work.

    hastypixels New Member

    Managed to beat this map only dying once. ^-^ Cobwebs are your friend!

    Thank you for the map! ^^

    Oh yeah, my nephew and I played this two player with a little bit of teleporting. Died a lot this way, but it was a riot. Co-op maps are great! I would love to see more maps like this!

    CoreReactor New Member

    ultimate weapon...not cats, of course :D
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    VebbiHD Cow

    Awesome! Do you need creeper protection?

    hastypixels New Member

    Ultimate weapon is ocelots, actually... and huh, of course you do. That's what Blast Protection enchant is for...

    theminecraftpro New Member

    i just downloaded 8 maps :]

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