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    Justin518 Well-Known Member

    I seemed to be stuck in the most peculiar predicament. I got on to Hypixel today and I was already in game. I was by myself and I was gonna do /lobby. When I did it nothing happened. About half a minute later the chat says "Teleported to Lobby" but I was still in a game. I disconnected and got back on and I was at Limbo. I tried /lobby and it happened again. A few hours after that I finally was at the Walls Lobby. I used the compass to teleport to the Paintball lobby and I got into a game. In the middle of the game I was doing bad so I thought, "Why not play another game" #Noob I tried /lobby and I didn't get teleported Again! Is it a problem with Hypixel or my computer? Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Please Reply so I don't feel lonley... :(

    Program Well-Known Member

    There was an alert earlier saying something about the host of the server is having some issues causing the server to be a bit laggy. Don't worry, it is not your computer, I am sure we all experienced it. Just hang tight, it should be fine soon if not already! :)
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    Justin518 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I was really confused. Really appreciate the help! :)

    zmanp788 Well-Known Member

    This was because of lag. Happens to me when my connection is slow.

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