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    Blitz Survival Games: Winter, Docks, Thorin, Island, Mithril, Ktulu

    Paint Ball: Babyland, Swamps, D-Day, Victorian, Herobrine, Oh
    Canada!, Mansion, Egypt.

    The Walls: Island, Castle, Jungle, Candyland , Dwarven, Winter, Oasis, WasteLand.

    TNT Games: Doesn’t say the maps.

    Quake Craft: HustWood, Cold_War, Mines, Forgotten, Lost World, Apex, Faarah.

    Adventure Lobby: Herobrine’s Mansion , Wither’s Challenge, Wrath Of The Fallen , Herobrine’s Return.

    Adventure Lobby Vips Maps: Starwars , Death Sentence Area/ More of a pvp mob arena , Herobrines 3 Origins, Zombie Apocalypse.

    That’s all the maps on all the server lobbiesJ. Thanks J

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    You are pretty much fully correct, but there are a few things to note, the first thing being, Herobrine 3 Origins is not out yet; the second thing being, Death Sentence Arena is classified as a PVP Mob Arena. Besides those notes, that is a good summary of maps :)
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    Herobrine 3 Origins I played today so im pretty sure its out less it was just a trial today idk. Sozzy about mistakes. But thanks for saying ill fix those up :).

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    No problem and I only stated what I can currently see about Herobrine Origin, so I'm not sure of release or when/if it was trialed.

    busterboy1 Active Member

    I just did some research on that map :). Today was just a trial so its not out yet so your right :). I edited that its a pvp mob arena :).
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