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Discussion in 'Map Making Discussion' started by Kovi, Jan 25, 2013.

    Kovi New Member

    Okey so what i would need is something that kill every mob on the map without getting the player or the map damaged.
    I had an idea to make a custom spawner that spawns a creeper with biger explosion range and faster fuse, that would spawn on the player and immediately blew up.
    You can turn off the map damage by the mobGriefing command and you can give the player armor that have explosion potect.

    But that just doesnt work cause if any mob hide behind a wall it gives lesser damage and the mob wont die.

    So please help me if you guys have any idea! :)
    (sry for my terrible english...)

    RainbowSquid Member

    I had an idea for this. You could set a command block to teleport the player to a far place, to make the previous chunk unload. And a new chunk load. The new chunk will load and the old chunk will remove all the mob data. SIMPLE! :D

    Casper Active Member

    /difficulty 0
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    Johni0702 Map Expert

    You could realize that using a command block with "tp @a ~10000 ~0 ~0" using relative coordinates.
    But what if there are mobs with PersistenceRequired?
    I guess he wants to remove all mobs. Including passive ones which don't despawn on peaceful.

    Kovi New Member

    Thanks for the idea!
    But it only work in singleplayer or i would need to tp all the players on the map to 1 place but that would just break the moving of the game.

    May it helps if i tell you that would be a "nuke" thing, that 1 player can activate and it kills the mobs (there would be only custom spawned mobs)

    Casper Active Member

    Industrial craft (Ic2) has a nuke in it's modpack, maybe idea?
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    Johni0702 Map Expert

    Why would that break the moving of the map?
    As I mentioned above you can use relative coordinates to teleport the players relative to their coordinates away and back to their old place. Just like hypixel did in the zombie apocalypse map, you can notice that when playing in multiplayer.

    Kovi New Member

    Oh really i can tp them beack? Well that would be cool and thanks for the idea then im gonna check this out :)

    HerroDerp New Member

    use this command in a command block:
    /kill @e[type=!Player]

    COOKIE1799 Well-Known Member

    Next level necro.
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