Invalid session (Try restarting your game)

Discussion in 'Need Help?' started by Mr_Bitlord, Nov 11, 2013.

    Mr_Bitlord New Member

    hi guys,
    i've search to a server and i found this great server but i cant join it,
    when i try to conect minecraft says this:
    Invalid session (Try Restarting your game)

    how can i join the server now

    Greets, Tim

    Refisio98 Well-Known Member

    Try restarting your Launcher.
    That means, exit the game, exit your launcher, then restart your launcher.

    If that doesn't work, go back to your launcher, then try logging your account off, then log it back in.

    If THAT doesn't work, then try restarting your computer.

    zmanp788 Well-Known Member

    Restart the whole game by exiting and reopening the launcher and then starting Minecraft.

    Mr_Bitlord New Member

    Yea OK
    I try that, but now it says:
    Failed to conect, bad login...

    Refisio98 Well-Known Member

    Restart your client now.
    Exit the client and re-launch it.
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    Dinosaur_HD Well-Known Member

    If you forgot the ip, it's

    NitronGamer101 New Member

    Have same error I'am going all around the website trying to find someone to fix my error

    Derpy Hooves Member

    Ok, leat6s geta teck savy!!!!

    What u neeed to do is to restart ur minecraft. If that no wrk, try loggingt out of teh launcher and loggin bak in.

    If it continues to noit werk, try and change your passwort or restart ur computer (You may has corrupted minecraft prosess running in the backgwound)

    The reason why dis error was made is becuz the Minecragt Session taht you had was invalid. It;'s caused by logging in fromn anothetr location, having a bad login, and other errors.

    Hope dis helped u!!!!
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    NitronGamer101 New Member

    srry but this did not help

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