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    Hi, since there are a lot of questions about setting up a multiplayer server I wanted to make a tutorial. It´s really easy and all you don´t need other programs.

    I´m using Win7 64bit, it should work this way on every Windows system.

    1. Download the newest minecraft_server.exe and save it in a new folder.

    2. execute it!
    It should look this way.

    Now type: "stop" and enter. The window should close.

    If you open your folder now you will see those files:
    I will get to them later...

    3. Download the map of your choice!
    For example Herobrine´s Mansion
    Then Unzip it! Win7 does this automatically, maybe other Versions, too. If not use 7zip (free) or winrar
    You get a folder:
    In it you will find this:
    4. Replace the files in the world folder with those of your downloaded map

    now you delete everything in the "world"-folder, which you created when running minecraft_ server.exe. Now copy in everything that was in the folder of your downloaded map.

    Make sure the files in the image above are now exactly that was in the world folder and not in a folder in this folder.

    5. Edit the
    Now we are done, but we have to check the settings before starting.
    go to your server-folder:
    Now open with the editor and change whatever you want.
    often the map-makers recommend certain changes. For example our adventure map:

    hypixel: herobrine´s mansion:
    For more information about the check out

    6. Start the minecraft_server.exe and have fun!
    if you start the minecraft_server.exe now it will create the server with the right map and the right rules.

    7. Connect to your server
    Now you have to get on it. If the server is hostet on you computer go in minecraft, multiplayer and choose as server-adress "localhost":

    If you want to play with others in your LAN you have to give them the ip the server is hosted on:
    go to the commandline and type in: "ipconfig/all" - enter.

    you should find the ip to give the other players in the lan in the form of:
    ipv4: ***.***.***.** for me it is often: 192.168.***.42
    If you want to play online or via hamchi google it, there are enough tutorials out there.

    I hope you like it. Please link questions to this in the future in this thread,
    If you have questions or suggestions or found a mistake, feel free to ask.

    Yours, ugster
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    Hypixel Administrator

    Thank you very much!

    Updated the Herobrine's Mansion thread to link here :)

    jelle New Member

    Enable-command-block is not in the properties file :<

    Watchig Active Member

    jeah, but you have to write it in. Just add it :)

    jelle New Member

    Ok thank you :D
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    Jocelyn New Member

    How do I get to the "Commandline"?

    Watchig Active Member

    klick on the windows start-button, search, type "cmd" - enter.
    din´t know if commandline is the right english word, I´m from germany ;D

    Revee New Member

    i create a sever just now but when i joined it failed said too weak
    can hlp me solve this problem ?please

    feasega New Member

    i always spawn at wierd places
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    Johni0702 Map Expert

    Can you tell us exactly what minecraft says and post the text int the "Log and chat" part of the serverwindow (that one you can see at task 2)

    Jasdacool New Member

    when i enter ipconfig/all it gives me all this wierd crap about tunnel connection but no ip

    MuffinGamer New Member

    By "execute" u mean open and run it right?
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    Johni0702 Map Expert

    You can also use the following command (copy+past it; to paste into the console rightclick inside it and select "Paste"). It will give you a few IPs. Normaly you are looking for an IP not to end with 0 or 1.
    ipconfig /all > out.tmp & findstr "IPv4" out.tmp & del out.tmp
    In my case my IP is
    Here is what it looks like:
    C:\Users\UserName>ipconfig /all > out.tmp & findstr "IPv4" out.tmp & del out.tmp
      IPv4-Adresse  . . . . . . . . . . :
      IPv4-Adresse  . . . . . . . . . . :

    Jocelyn New Member

    Its giving me;
    IPv4 Address...........: <preferred>
    IPv4 Address...........: <preferred>
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    Johni0702 Map Expert

    So your LAN-IP is I think (the other one looks like an Hamachi IP to me)

    PhoenixFlier New Member

    My Server keeps crashing when I put my IPu4 Address
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    Johni0702 Map Expert

    It´s "IPv4" for "IP version 4"
    put your address where?
    Whats in the serverlog ("server.log" file in your server folder)?

    hannah Washington New Member

    how do other people join the server, do they type localhost too?
    plus how do you set up multiple servers, the ip cant surly b localhost on all of them? thanks

    hannah Washington New Member

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    Johni0702 Map Expert

    If you want to play over LAN they have to use your local IP. See this post to get it if you are on Windows.
    But if you want to play with friends not at your home you have to use
    a)port forwarding (you have to have access to your router)
    b)hamachi (a program all your friends have to install)

    to a) Just google "How to port forward <nameOfYourRouter>"
    for minecraft you need port 25565 TCP
    They then have to use your public IP (that one normaly changes once a day).
    Get it here:

    to b) Search on youtube for "Minecraft Hamachi Tutorial" and you´ll find a lot of tutorials

    PS: You can edit your posts

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