How to Install, Configure, and join a TeamSpeak 3 Server

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    Hello, this is a detailed guide on how to install TeamSpeak3 (TS3 for shorts) and join servers.
    I am going to organize this in easy step by step instructions that will hopefully put you at ease.

    First, we need to install TeamSpeak.
    - Go to the TS3 Download page. (Click here)
    - Select the Operating System you are currently using (OS).
    - We are not downloading Servers! Just clients!
    I currently use the Windows 64-Bit OS
    If you do not know what OS you have you can do the following (windows only):
    Windows 7:
    - Left click the start menu on the bottom left hand corner of your screen and select CONTROL PANEL.
    It should look like this
    - Select "View amount of RAM and processor speed" underneath "System (3rd down).
    - Look at the option called "System Type" that is the one you will download for this tutorial. For the second part of this you will first need to quickly fill out the installation requirements (terms of use) etc. - When you open the program you should see a screen very similar to the one below.

    Windows 8:

    Exact same thing except with Windows 8 go down to the bottom left with your mouse and when the box pops up right click and hit "Control Panel", continue the steps above.
    [IMG] - After this in the top left hand corner you should see a tab called "Connections", click it and hit "Connect". This should bring up a window that looks like this one.

    - In the server address bar type - In the server nickname bar type your IGN (Minecraft Name).
    - Keep the Server password field blank and click connect. After this click "Setting" in the top middle and click Setup Wizard. This will configure your microphone and everything.
    Last thing, If you are a rank other than Player poke a staff member to change it, and we will do it for you. Thanks, hope this helps.
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    Wow. Kewl beans. Thank you.

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