How to donate?

Discussion in 'Hypixel Server Discussion' started by Boss12, Aug 15, 2013.

    Boss12 New Member

    Hey if I want to get VIP rank do I have to be in-game in the server or out of the game while donating for it to work?

    Please Answer :)

    LeoCodes Well-Known Member

    please dont post two of the same topics.

    Broski6813 Active Member

    As Leo said, its best if you don't post 2 posts for the same topic as it is in a manner of speaking, "spamming" and no, you do not need to be in-game to donate although if you are you will most likely not get your tag straight away, as was mentioned in your previous post.
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    busterboy1 Active Member

    Better to not be in the server than purchase than wait about 2 minutes. Than u shall have Vip+/Vips what ever u purchase.

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