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    Professional Helper Applications Guide

    Here are nine tips on how to improve/format your Helper application.

    Tip #1:
    Always use good grammar.

    Example #1:
    "My name is Josh, this server is really fun to play on."

    Tip #2:
    Don't type for words just for the sake of typing.

    Example #2:
    "I'm an independent self motivator, I like really love working with cool amazing awesome servers."

    Tip #3:
    Tell the reader why YOU should be chosen over anyone else.

    Example #3:
    "I think that all my experience that I have gained over time will help me moderate the server."

    Tip #4:
    Explain where you have been a moderator. Don't lie about how you've been modeartor on 21 servers, even if this is true you don't want to have to be divided into more than 4 servers.

    Example #4:
    "I have been moderator on 3 quite popular servers, one of the servers was called '{Blank} network" I've been working on the server for a while now. The {Blank} network has been a really good learning experience for me, I learned a fair bit about how to moderate servers professionally"

    Tip #5:
    Explain your answer, explain what it was or where it is.

    Example #5:
    "I use to play on the {Blanks}'s server. {Blanks}'s server is a hub server containing the Survival games, a creative world and spleef."

    Tip #6:
    Don't get to ahead of your self. The part about saying "Do you want this or this?" it's not in the default application format, you will be started as a Helper first then work your way up.

    Example #6:
    " Do you want Helper or Mod? : Ah, I want mod." Writing this is a no no in my eyes.

    Tip #7:
    Don't write multiple applications, There is no need to make multiple applications because you can always just edit your current one.

    Tip #8:
    Always read the format before writing your application, Make sure that you've read it and your application has all the required questions answered.

    Tip #9:
    Be yourself, set a style of writing in your application you want to be know for.

    Here are a few examples of what a properly formatted application looks like.

    Example 2 By Elebits

    Example 3 By DREAMZii

    Example 4 By Ashep

    Example 5 By Nordyalex

    Make sure at the end to leave your contact details, then end off will a nice sign off.

    Please do NOT post your application(and/or Link) on this thread.

    Thanks for reading,
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    Nice! I might use it if I get a second chance on doing a mod app! Thanks again!

    Btw, I'm 10 so I don't exactly know xD

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    [Edit] Added one more tip.
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    You should get this sticky'ed
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    I hope it does :p
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    Just send a message via forums to a mod, and ask them to sticky it :)
    This thread can really help the nooby's at making good application's

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    This Is Very Useful!

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    Thanks for the support ;)

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    No Worries!
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    It mean this will stay at the top of the first page until its un sticky'ed
  1. Thanks man, my app was already like this, but its great for the nooby applications!

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    [Update] Added a few examples of good applications.
    Note: will add more apps in the future.

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    Jxman247, Nice job on that *helper* app! :)

    Jxman247 Active Member

    Thank you.

    PhantomCobalt Well-Known Member

    Thank you Jxman247. A lot of people submit random applications for staff on many servers just for the heck of it. This shows how to actually submit a formal application really worth reading. Nice job!
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    Jxman247 how would you send or create for that matter and applacation

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    and Jxman247 who would i send it too?

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