Die Rise Map (looking for a team)

Discussion in 'Map Making Discussion' started by DA Chicken, Apr 10, 2013.

    DA Chicken Member

    Hello im trying to make a die rise map on minecraft if u dont know what die rise is gtfo of this thread
    anyway u have to apply and be a builder with heaps of experience and know what die rise is.We also need expert redstoners who know how to do redstone doors, codes,command blocks and wireless spawning.
    to apply do this also need skype and a super flat server to build on so yeah pls apply.

    3.What do u want to be when doing this build eg:redstoner,builder,designer,terrorformer or a sever host
    4.Skype name
    5.What u are good at
    6.Pics of your build

    If a designer u defintaly need skype because u will be working with me designing how it will be built and stuff.
    tnx for looking and pls apply

    Jak544 New Member

    4.Can't we just use minecraft chat? If you're desperate it's Thenewguy849.
    5.Redstone, MCedit, NBTEdit(Ingame NBTEdit only, otherwise i'm clueless)

    Dark_Noodles Member

    Amazing. Your intelligence has caught my attention. May I ask, what is Die Rise?

    Jak544 New Member

    It is a Call of duty: Black Ops Zombie Mode Map.

    DA Chicken Member

    srry i havent been on lately and any1 who has applied is in just trying make the server

    DA Chicken Member

    The server is up but u need hamachi to get in

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