Death Sentence Arena

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    Death Sentence is a competitive arena map that challenges your Minecraft combat skills and agility.
    Both Multiplayer and Singleplayer modes are available and have different gameplay.
    The goal is to survive the customized monsters that are constantly coming at you and reach level 20 as fast as you can. Kill the chest-headed monsters to gear up, avoid the invincible heavy armored zombies and don't fall in the void!
    The multiplayer mode is competitive, the first player to reach level 20 wins the game and get to choose one of the 3 death sentences for the losers. PvP has to be turned off but you can use your flint and steel or throw monsters at your opponent to disturb them!
    If you want to play singleplayer mode, your goal is to get the best timer on the clock and post it in this thread and be #1 :D

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    Game Features
    • No mods required
    • Multiplayer mode is a competition to level 20
    • The winner of a multiplayer game gets to choose the Death Sentence of other players
    • 3 different death sentences
    • Singleplayer is a time trial mode
    • Map repair mechanism that fixes melted ice
    • Controlled wave system with customized monsters
    • 6 difficulty modes (Insane mode requires level 30 instead of 20)
    • Treasure monsters that drops extra loots
    • Invincible heavy armor zombie
    • Day/Night switch
    Important Server Setting
    • pvp=false
    • spawn-npcs=true
    • view-distance=15
    • enable-command-block=true
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    Post your best Singleplayer time here!

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    AirRaid81 New Member

    Finaly!! Couldnt wait :)

    darklight Member

    Another great map! There is one observation I must make: the difficulty of the map does not come from the toughness of the monsters themselves, but from the fact that you have practically no time to manage your inventory. I've died countless times due to being knocked out of the arena while switching a few items. I've recorded myself doing a run of easy mode and will post it ASAP.
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    VebbiHD Cow

    Can't wait to record this!

    darklight Member

    What's the best way to submit my recordings?

    TeIIo New Member

    Can't record cause of my computer but still gonna play. Can't wait to see the video ;)
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    VebbiHD Cow

    <3 you TeIIo
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    darklight Member

    Here's my best run of easy mode (not insane).

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    Goblom Member

    How did you get the self-repair? did you use the ChangeEntity Filter or did you create your own filter?

    Edit: i figured it out. you did use the ChangeEntities filter. Now, all i need the answer to is the data values you put in the filter...
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    VebbiHD Cow

    Guys, do not play on singleplayer insane hard mode:
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    lotics New Member

    it was so hard that i always die at level 11 anyway it is fun i almost got push in the void when i played with my cousin

    bendragonzy New Member

    Hosting a server on join now!

    AranDragon Member

    OMG this looks so epic.

    jacobkolstad New Member

    played map :) time: 1 hour (lol) i realy suck in PVE......

    MinecraftForumsPro New Member

    AntVemon, Block_Fortress, and Hypixel great job! Hope you guys continue to make maps for Minecraft users and...well have full with it! Also happy Merry Christmas and happy holidays(and also happy new year!)
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    darklight Member

    Is it still legit if you complete a round after picking up some of the stuff on the floor left over from the previous round?

    An afterthought: It's really frustrating when you die three quarters of the way through level 29 in insane hard mode.

    DarkMoon48 New Member

    always the best

    DW10 New Member

    My time was:00:04:00:90 and I have a video file... Which I sadly DO NOT KNOW how to put it on the post. Well, here's the link.

    DW10 New Member

    Sorry for double post, it's not letting me edit. I figured it out then. lol

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