Cookie Clicker "Cheat Codes" (have fun!)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Clampoll, Sep 4, 2013.

    Clampoll New Member

    This website has better scripts, click here
    Updated because people were still asking me questions, I don't play cookie clicker any more so I don't know the problems with these scripts.

    Creeper_mode Member

    Erm... What is the purpose of this?

    ЋDestruc7i0n Well-Known Member

    KathyGames1240 New Member

    There are 2 cookie clicker sites does it work on this one if it does how do you save the code? chrome 2013-09-10 20-40-38-59.jpg

    Clampoll New Member

    Use F12 to open consle and it works on that version, after you do that just press the up arrow.

    Daymien1010 New Member

    What if were on Google Chrome?

    xXjackathyxX Well-Known Member

    Doesn't work for me.

    Clampoll New Member

    I use google chrome, you just have to hit enter after you paste the command in chrome.
    Internet Explorer you have to hit some button in the lower right corner.

    Program Well-Known Member

    The "cheats" unlock shadow achievements which are displayed under your regular achievements in the game. You need to post a picture of your cookie highscore along with your achievements to be in the thread. In other words, someone will know if you cheated or not.
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    ЋDestruc7i0n Well-Known Member

    How come this has so many views?!?!?!?!?!?!

    djt8000 New Member

    sweden_revenge Well-Known Member

    Because people like to cheat :)

    wiremc Well-Known Member

    LOL never interested in cookie clicker but now just has become hilarious, from 2 cookies to 79,425,135 per second oh well
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    Clampoll New Member

    People like to cheat indeed, the only reason I made this form thread was so that these scripts could be saved. People have been deleting the scripts on the Wiki but now there are better scripts on the wiki so just go to the linked website at the top of my post lol.

    Clampoll New Member

    And why would this contest matter? I've beat all of you without using any of these scripts lol

    Just give me a few hours and I'll be making trillions of cookies per second, I've been resetting with a ton of cookies too much ._.

    Just to be a little bit more fair I'm going to do a hard reset.

    Clampoll New Member

    Almost 500k views on this, I guess you guys like to cheat lol
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    KH111 Well-Known Member

    (maybe some necro, but anyway) what you can do is to make a link to a javascript code, which says osme of this. And tell the user to add it to bookmarks, then click it while in the game.

    Stevie_1010 New Member

    When i do these the game tells me that ; and } are unrecognized characters. Please help

    LiamHMine Member

    How do I make it not auto click XD

    yoyo_mind Well-Known Member

    Oh yes. I am going I use this, thank you.

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