Buy a phone or buy VIP?

Discussion in 'Hypixel Server Discussion' started by Draven, Aug 11, 2013.

    Draven New Member

    Straight to the point :p

    Rokku_Ryu Active Member

    25 dollar phones are terrible, whereas VIP is awesome and fun!

    AidanNC Active Member

    25 dollar phones are not that great but VIP is a good thing to get if you enjoy the server, i hope you choose VIP :)

    IlZombie Active Member

    ... Is the phone actually a potato?

    Rokku_Ryu Active Member

    Assuming you are talking about pay phones.

    Those only last a short while. VIP lasts forever. Which means in a week when that phone is in the trash, you would otherwise still have all the fun perks of VIP.

    u_uFishdu_u Well-Known Member

    iPhone! Oh wait that's not in the budget.... xD But yeah totally VIP

    TUR805L4Y3R Well-Known Member

    Depending on how desperately you need a phone, if your are getting a phone for the sake of getting a phone, them VIP

    Mangubster Active Member

    Im pretty sure that $25 dollar phones last for a week lawl totally get VIP cuz its epic but if you have even more money to spare that u wanna use get that VIP+ ^_^

    Draven New Member

    Never mind the phone, VIP IT IS!!! (now where to get the money....) :D

    ObsidianGolem_ Active Member

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