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Discussion in 'Need Help?' started by crazybooy11, Jul 4, 2013.

    crazybooy11 New Member

    hello hypixel me when I enter the server asks me badlogin i don t know because it happens to me only in your me please in minecraft my name is crazybooy..HELP ME

    Perry Well-Known Member

    If you're using a cracked account that's one reason why, if you're not it's probably you using the new launcher w/ an error... But it may be a Mojang bug. But most likely not a server bug.

    mrjrbacon Active Member

    There are a couple of ways that cause this problem. The most common fix is done by the following.

    1. Open Minecraft launcher.
    2. Open options and select the force update option.
    3. Type your login information and hit enter.

    Hope this helps if and if you need any further help feel free to message me and I'd be glad to help.
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