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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by oscarvdhooft, Dec 1, 2013.

    oscarvdhooft Well-Known Member

    As of now kits are solely balanced around items, but I feel like there are some factors that could be used.

    • Time it takes to receive kits
    • Cost to level up kits
    • Downsides
    • Unlocking
    With these 4 factors, kits can be balanced around more than just items. Let's use level I non-VIP kits for reference:

    The relation between Knight and Meatmaster is clearly broken. Meatmaster has a sword just like knight but gets a steak, looting and a pig egg. When knight is upgraded to level 2 it gets a gold sword which only has higher enchantability and lower durability. At that point meatmaster I still beats knight II. At III knight gains a golden helmet, making it on par with meatmaster I, they both have a sword but one has food, looting and a pig egg and the other some armor. So Knight III=Meatmaster I. Besides buffing knight(I was thinking to remove level I and replace it with what is now known as Knight II, so it would start with a golden sword and knight II would already receive a golden helment) something that could be done is that you don't get to use Meatmaster until you unlock it, maybe by spending some coins(less than 100 should be fine) or getting a certain amount of kills(around 40 should do).

    With these new factors, I believe it is possible to make a kit that gives you bread(baker) and a kit that gives you a sword(knight) on par with eachother. This would add more depth and balance to the game, and make kits less braindead than just different items.

    Thank you for your attention.
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    Moudiz Well-Known Member

    1 min for time is good no need to change.

    ojaiike Well-Known Member

    This isn't going to change at all. It's uniform upgrading. They will never change when you get your kit. Just face it this will never change.
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    oscarvdhooft Well-Known Member

    Please learn to read.

    This is NOT something you can buy in the shop or anything, this is a concept that can be used to balance kits. Kits could have more properties than just items.

    djice777 Well-Known Member

    i think having a required number of kills to use Horse Tamer less OP

    maybe 25000 kills?

    oscarvdhooft Well-Known Member

    That is a bit too much if you'd ask me but yes this is the kind of stuff I'd like to see.
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    noobsinapie Active Member

    I actually think this is a pretty good idea, but it just needs some tweaking to make it great.

    ojaiike Well-Known Member

    That ridiculous there is a single player with over 25000 kills. It would have to be 4000.

    ojaiike Well-Known Member

    Horse isn't even a powerful geared kit. You paper weak armor, a sharp 1 stone sword, diamond horse armor, 4 instant health pots, and a horse for about 1.5 million coins. Now compare this to astronaut you get elite armor, good enchants, a clean stone sword, and 4 potions of damage resistance 2 for 10 secs. In the D-match these potions are insanely OP.

    oscarvdhooft Well-Known Member

    Please note that this thread is not about the listed examples but the concept of using other factors other than items to differentiate kits from eachother.

    ojaiike Well-Known Member

    Was Not Constructive Idea Shame On Self.

    KingSteveHD Well-Known Member

    On the contrary, Blitz is not Vanilla AT ALL. I've never gotten insane no-cheat, lag back while running in vanilla, nor have I died with 6 hearts from 1 bow shot. Also, I extremely agree with these ideas. It supports the concept of the server not wanting to be a pay-to-win server, and it is very friendly to free players. Like you said, baker, is one of the weaker kits, so I would agree it would be helper to get it say, 15 seconds before more powerful kits. I enjoy the idea of having a way to "earn" a kit by doing a specific feat in Blitz. Say you kill a guy while shooting a bow, this will allow you to get the chance to purchase the next archer kit upgrade. These are very sound ideas, but Im afraid to say if this is considered, then it will not be implemented until the this Blitz season is over. This gives all players a chance to hop on this. :D Thanks for the ideas and I thoroughly enjoyed them

    - KingSteve and Team Wrek
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    oscarvdhooft Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it. I wasn't referring to unlocking levels but unlocking kits. People could start out with most kits but for example won't get meatmaster until 25 kills.

    ojaiike Well-Known Member

    The kit locking code name won't implement because he will have to refund kits. He said NO even when we were rebalancing every kit in the game. Scrap that idea . Also by 1000 you will have to have been allowed to unlock everything because just giving good kits to good players is gonna make people more angry. You can't get kits early because every kit gets a weapon by lv6 or lv7 so it has to stay at 60 seconds. Baker gives you building blocks, quite OP. It gives you enough food for almost the whole game. And at higher levels gives a golden apple.

    oscarvdhooft Well-Known Member

    People who already have the required kills or spent bought the upgrades will have access to the kits ofcourse. And the faster kit receiving could be lowered in later levels to keep it balanced, I'm using the level I kits for reference. And please learn to use the term OP, it means overpowered, as in too powerful, why I feel like the baker is even slightly underpowered, or else everyone would be using it like people do with toxicologist.

    ojaiike Well-Known Member

    The kits are rather balanced at higher levels but there is a great disparity at lower levels. Horsey is strong at low levels and who doesn't like riding a horsey. I must admit toxic is ridiculously OP at 10. Full gold with an iron chest plate, a stone sword, and a ton of OP potions. This kit is stronger than knight and creepertamer 10 combined.

    oscarvdhooft Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'm mainly talking about the level I kits here for reference. And please ignore the examples, this suggestion is not about them but the concept.

    ojaiike Well-Known Member

    Maybe make it so you can use all of the kits that rank allows you to by 100 kills.

    SuperSoggyChips Well-Known Member

    Don't agree with this at all. Basically the people with more kills get better kits than people with less. Seems unfair to new players.
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    ojaiike Well-Known Member

    :) ;) :)
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